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  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""УКРАЇНСЬКО -РОСІЙСЬКЕ ПІДПРИЄМСТВО ""БОЕЗ УКРАЇНА"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    49000, Дніпропетровська обл., м.Дніпропетровськ, пропект Героїв, буд.46, кв.415

    "1.Zernosusharka type L 150 CE, passport number №092017 - 1pc., New, year 2017, in the unassembled for easy transportation on 3 t / a. Acquisition: remote code EC477Z pipe 1 pc, code VEC0041 1 fan pcs, code VEC0043 regulator for fans 1 pc, code EC121-L800 drive for regulation GXI 1 pc, code EC306

  • "ТзОВ ""Inter Cars Ukraine"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    м. Хмельницький, вул.Толстого, 1/1Україна

    1. Spare parts (parts) for cars, electrical apparatus for a voltage not exceeding 60V, terminal fittings, 11sht. Producer (brand): AMC (AMC).


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    03141, м. Київ, вул. Солом'янська 27,кв.78

    1.Mikroshemy integrated monolithic, not memories prystroyamy.Pryznacheni for amplification. Do not contain radio transmitters tapryymachiv. Art. MCP6004T-I / SL -500sht.Torhovelna brand: Microchip TechnologyKrayina production: TWVyrobnyk: Microchip Technology Use in civil, electrical ARE. .

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Ваєрворкс"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    79018 Львів вул.Городоцька, 128 а

    "1.Chastyny ​​(details): special sensor designed specifically for cars (8462) Industrial, multifunctional that handles flexible electrical conductors marks" "insects" "in the amount of 1 pieces.."

  • "ТОВ ""ВІАКОМ"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    02091,м.Київ,вул.Тростянецька,49 Україна

    1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining electrical circuits or elektrychnyhkolah, voltage 250V connectors for civil electronics industry, notcontains in its composition and transmitters and receivers: MF30-SHE1-10 -200sht.Torhovelna Brand: AmphenolKrayina production: NLVyrobnyk: Amphenol.

  • "ТОВ ""НВП ТЕКО ЛТД"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    61177,м.Харків,вул.Залютинська,буд.10. Україна.

    1.Povitryani axial fans without the filter does not contain RECs and RIP, not for industrial assembly of motor vehicles not for civil aviation: -Ventylyator RJH8038B2 model, size 80x80x38mm, AC voltage 230V, 3000rpm speed, air flow 40.1cfm, pidshypnyk- two ball bearings, wire length 300mm: -840sht,


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    м. Київ,вул. Предславинська, буд.39 оф.509

    1.Obladnannya that have no electrical connections, insulators and other electrical contact elements: OIL SEAL / Seal party number: 50033980 -1,00sht.Vykorystovuetsya avtonavanazhuvachah.Torhivelna brand of forklifts JUNGHEINRICH (AMEISE) Brand JUNGHEINRICH (AMEISE) Country of TW.

  • "ТОВ Завод ""Ремпобуттехніка"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    м. Тернопіль, вул. Текстильна, 32

    "1.Hnizdovi" "with connectors for joining electrical circuits: - Socket Power socket E-08 black Kohl Ouro - 500 pieces, size: 49.7 * 50 * 40,5mm; Set on electrical apparatus and used for the General pidklyuchennyado 250V network voltage, amperage to 10A m, made zdielektrychnoho material strength - 1


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    04050, м.Київ, вул.Мельникова, буд.81, корп.20,(оф) 403

    1.Elektrychna apparatus for joining electrical circuits or elektrychnyhkolah relay for a voltage not exceeding 60V and amperage than 2A, not mistytperedavach s and receivers, relay (12V voltage, current 10A) art.973-12VDC-SL- C -10000sht. Use-ARE in civil elektrotehnitsi.Torhovelna Brand: NHLCKrayi

  • "ДП з ІІ ""ДеЛаваль"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    04112, м.Київ, Україна, вул. О.Теліги, 6

    "1.Vymykach-contactor" "20" "to protect electrical circuits for amperage 4 A; art.5356012903-1sht. (Used only for repair milking machines) Trademark: DeLaval.Vyrobnyk: DeLaval International AB.Krayina production: SE .. "

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