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  • "Приватне акціонерне товариство ""Край Керама"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine


    "1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, borders, inserts, decor, panels, baseboards, degree PIDSTUPENOKPLYTKA CERAMIC coated, 1 Quality: -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL 30H60, 30H60 -KE

  • "ТОВ ""БЕЙКЕРІ.РУ"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    08500 Київська обл., м.Фастів, вул.Інтернаціональна 6 А,1

    "1. Foods containing cocoa: 9225530-50T Variyehato Biscotti cookies-4,300 kg - 12,9kh; Ingredients: sugar, sunflower oil, hazelnuts, cocoa flavored cookies (15.6%) (wheat flour, sugar, margarine ( refined palm oil, water), eggs, low-fat cocoa powder, whole milk powder, raising agents E450, E500, sal

  • "ТОВ ""Торгівельна компанія ""ОКЕАН"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    01001, вул.Грушевського, 10, м.Київ

    1. Frozen fish, sea - spotted mackerel (Frozen Spotted Mackerel W / R / Scomber Australasicus) whole, with head and tail, not patrana without dodannyaharchovyh additives and components of mixtures, without adding salt, seasoning and spices, preservatives and other food additives not canned, not subj

  • "ТОВ ""Хухтамакі Фудсервіс Україна"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    вул. Оболонська 47 м. Київ, 04071, Україна

    1.Stakany paper for hot drinks without lids with plastic pokryttyamschilnistyu 210h / m2: KUB DW12 OKKO NEW 300ML art. CGRVA4151-297000shtSpivvidnoshennya paper and plastic cups in the wall thickness is: 93.15% and 6.85% of paper production polietylenu.Krayina PLVyrobnyk HUHTAMAKI FOODSERVICE POLAN

  • "ПП ""Здоровий продукт"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    02091, м.Київ, вул.Тростянецька 47, кв.154. Україна

    1.Ovochi (raw or cooked in water or pi pa), frozen, packed in polyethylene bags, aart.SMLM-PL-B-KT2x5 spinach, cut, pressed portions for 30hr (kart.korobky2h5kh) - 3150kh.Torhovelna marka- Quadrum FoodsVyrobnyk- Quadrum Foods Sp. z oo Sp.k.Krayina vyrobnytstva- BE.

  • "ТОВ ""А. ІМПОРТ"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    Україна, 03078, м. Київ, вул. Пітерська, буд. 5-А

    "1.Hotovi foods from raw materials of headings 0401-0404, without vmistukakao with milk fat content of more than 1.5% by weight. Not for children and not dlyadiyetychnoho food, containing less than 70% sugar (sugar content 3.5 %) is soboyukombinovanyy product (COMBI) mixture of skim normalized milk

  • "ТОВ ""МАРІНУС"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    52001, Дніпропетровська обл., Дніпровський район, м.Підгородне, вул.Геологів,67.

    "Frozen Sea Fish, Blue Bird frozen mackerel (genus Scomber australasicus), without a head, patrana without tail dimensional number 600-800 gr. / Item - 140.00 kg - 7 korobiv.rozmirnyy number 800-1200 gr. / Pcs - 18220.00 kg - 911 series 1200+ korobiv.rozmirnyy gr. / pcs - 6400.00 kg - 320 korobiv.Da

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ГЛІКОН"""

    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    49102 Дніпропетровська обл., м. Дніпро, вул. Фосфорна, буд. 8, офіс 4

    "1.Salo frozen pork-21016,5kh including: frozen pork fat cap-5351,5kh, frozen pork fat-side 15665,0kh, scraps (in blocks) without skin, not preserved, free of additives and food spices, cooking without heat, collapse, different shapes and tovschyny.Data production: frozen pork fat cap-04.2017r., fro


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine


    "1.Soyeva edible fiber hranulomeriyeyu (% through a sieve): - 100mesh - 24000,00 khYavlyaye a byproduct of the production of soybean oil and soy protein isolate in the form of white powder koloru.Mistyt composed of: - fiber - 68.5 % - crude protein (in terms of dry matter) - 18.2% - humidity - maks.


    ukraine  Importer of Ukraine

    48100 Тернопільська обл. Теребовлянський р-н, м.Теребовля, вул.Шевченка, буд.21, кв.7.

    1. Salmon belly s / Frozen (Salmo Salar), measuring 1-3 cm, total net vaha- 3000,00 kg. -300 packaging cartons. With fins, small bones, skin. Without food additives and seasonings. Not subject to heat cooking. Date of manufacture, 01-03 / 2017. Shelf life at -18hrad.S -18-24 months from the da

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