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    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04119, м.Київ, вул.Дегтярівська,36 Україна

    1. TVP. Set of spare parts for aircraft type MiG-25 in accordance with the roll component № USE-17.3-179-K / KE-08-05: Joints MN-MOE-BP -2 pcs. (Connection cable with plug connectors)

  • "ТОВ ""Авіакомпанія ""АЕРОДЖЕТ"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    65049, м. Одеса, вул. Фонтанська дорога, 49/1, пр. 1-Н

    1.Kotushka plugs for civil aircraft, model 4068T11R02 being in use. Designed to support the work of spark plugs civil aircraft type SAAB-340B, derzh.reyestr.№UR-ALC, ser.№340B-163, 1989 model year. For civilian use.


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    49052,Україна м.Дніпро, вул.Щепкіна,53

    "1.Chastyny ​​moving equipment: MOD16766-B MODULE DP A DOIGTS x4 LCCFP02 / 030 -1sht; MOD16760-B MODULE DP A DOIGTS x4 LCCGP72 / 030 -1sht; MOD16443-B MODULE DP X4 DOIGTS LCC GT03 / 030 -1sht; is part of a production line moving standard ISO pallets on a conveyor line to the packaging. The modul

  • "ТОВ""СКНО"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    40020,м.Суми,пр-кт Курський,б.26

    1.Zapasni parts for fluid pumps, such PЭ- zubchataN17.183.100.10- lining 3pc., Laying N17.183.100.09- 2 pcs., Throttled prystriyM-6516- 2 pcs., Construction of comb 806.11.100.01- 1pc., Laying 806.03 .100.10-1sht. SЭ- wheel type working 819.07.13.10- 2 pcs., Runners 819.07.13.10-01-2sht. 12NA-ty


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    61099,м.Харків,вул.Лодзька,8-А Україна

    "1. Parts of steel to liquid pumps, sealing plug NPS65 / 35-500-17 -1sht. Sealing plug draws. NPS 65 / 35-50 0-18 -1sht., Vtulkaserednya NPS 65 / 35-500-1.7 - 1 pc., draws a final plug. NPS 65 / 35-500-1.9-1sht., plug draws. NPS 65 / 35-500-1.3 -1sht., Protective Hylza NPC 65-35-500-37-2sht., Hrundb


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    61052 м. Харків, вул. Слов 'янська буд.3Україна

    "1.Zapasni parts s / d tractors: D24.079 High Voltage Wire PD 100 kt; -KOMPLEKT wires for spark plugs and other types of wiring sets used in motor vehicles -other Manufacturer: Inter-RTI, trade brand: UMZ, Country of origin: UA; "

  • "ТОВ Завод низьковольтної апаратури ""Лідер Електрик"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    69041, м. Запоріжжя, вул. Вавілова ,б.19, оф.15,Україна

    "1.poz.8.Power cable jack fixed GS 32A / 4 3P + PE / stationary Nest force cable connector GS 32A / 4 3P + PE - 5sht.Nominalna voltage - 380V, rated current - 32A, the degree of protection - IP44 .Zastosovuyetsya the operation of in-mischennyah and the open povitrisumisno mobile electrical equipment

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