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  • "ТОВ з ІІ ""Проктер енд Гембл Україна"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04070, м.Київ, в.Ігоревська/Набережно-Хрещатицька, буд.13/5, літ.А, Україна

    "1.Farba printing (ink) for labeling packaging women's sanitary pads. Black color. Concentrated. In the liquid state. Manufacturer:" "Markem-Imaje SAS" ". Country of origin: France. Trademark: Markem-Imaje SAS"

  • "ТОВ ""В.М."""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01010 Київ, вул.Івана Мазепи,4/6

    "1.Chornyla BARVA for inkjet printers packaged for retail sale: Inks CLI 521 / CLI 426 MG5140 / MG7140 B LACK 90 g C521-285 BARVA-40sht; CHORNYLACLI 521 / CLI 426 MG5140 / MG7140 BL ACK 180 g C521-056 BARVA- 120sht, INK CLI521 / CL 511 MG2140 / MP230 / MP25 0 / MP280 CYAN 180 g C521-057 BARVA-40sht,

  • "ТОВ ""МТІ"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01023,м.Київ,бул.Лесі Українки,4

    "1.Chastyny ​​and supplies for printers and copiers aprativ not electronic: inkjet cartridge UltraChrome DG Black T725100 (600ml) art.C13T725100-2sht .; inkjet cartridge UltraChrome DG Cyan T725200 (600ml) art.C13T725200-1sht inkjet cartridge UltraChrome .; DG Magenta T725300 (600ml) art.C13T725

  • "ТОВ ""ЛОРЕАЛЬ Україна"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    03038, м.Київ, вул.Миколи Грінченка, буд.4,Україна

    "1.Vyroby made of sheet plastic, black plastic insert for testerstendu for decorative cosmetics (160.5 mm width / height 77.5 mm) plastic inserts under lipstick testers Rouge Pur Couture Verne A Lyevr (12 shades (18 holes), shyr.160.5 /vys.83 mm) Double plastic insert for testerstedu Rouge Pur Coutu

  • "ТОВ ""ХАДО-Технологія"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    61103, м.Харків, пров. Двадцять Третього Серпня, буд.4, Україна

    "1.Ruchky plastic ball, handle lo hotypom" "XADO" "SMART NANOTECHNOLOGY FORYOUR CAR helovym of ink with variable black core of the core-100sht.Vyrobnyk: Ningbo Hamorson International Trade LTD. Pen logo" "XADO" "SMART NANOTECHN OLOGY FOR YOUR CAR helovym of ink with variable sterzhnem- (yellow-hot)


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04073, м.Киів, вул.Кирилівська, 160

    "1.Chornyla for cartridges to printers .The water-based. Do not contain inits part of narcotics, psychotropic substances and precursors. The composition chornylvhodyt: demineralized water (main solvent 65-97mas.%), Pigment black abokolorovyy synthetic organic dyes (2 -35 wt.%) sorozchynnyky (dietyle

  • "ТОВ""Візаж Дістрібюсьон"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01010,м.Київ ,вул.Дніпровський узвіз,1

    "1.Sumochky kosmetykty for polymeric materials (with filling): Rizdv'yaninabory: art.040160A001 Pupa Sets Set beautician in red (ink + pencil Vamp) 1pc .;-60sht art.040161A001 Pupa Sets Set in black beautician (ink Vamp + pencil) 1pc .;-60sht art.040162A001 Pupa Sets set beautician in the red (+ tus

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ПЛАНЕТА-ІНКС"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04071, м.Київ, вул.Костянтинівська, 32Б, Україна

    "1.Farby printing ink drukarskiriznoho -yavlyayut a color other than black, in concentrated form, in ridynopodibnomu condition: Printing inks PON-106 Process purple S-25kg; Printing inks PON-206 Process Yellow S-25kg; Printing inks PON-306 Process Blue C -25kh, printing inks PON-312 Reflex Blue C-20

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