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  • "ТОВ ""Ергономіка Україна"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    03087, м. Київ, Чоколівський б-р, буд. 40, кв. 171

    "1. furniture for sitting, rotating with adjustable height, m" "are that mayutspynku with wheels - office chair: - office ergonomic chair, model diamond (equipment: pipe derev'yana.pidholovnyk ergonomic mechanism with adjustable tilt vysoty.ozdoblennya and design. ekoshkira decoration material, brow


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    Україна,01135,м.Київ, вул.В'ячеслава Чорновола, буд.12

    "1.horilka in glass bottles mitsn.40% yemn.0,7l" diamond from madoff (diamant by medoff) - 600 bottles yemn.0,5l" madoff (medoff) platinum export "-4000 bottles yemn.0 , 5l "madoff (medoff) royal export" -4000 bottles yemn.0,7l "madoff (medoff) royal export" -750 bottles yemn.0,5l "dimensional mil

  • "ТзОВ ""ІРЕСТ"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    вул.Д.Галицького,169.м.БолехівІвано-Франківська обл.Україна

    1.pyla disk for cutting metal, with working parts of steel, size: 250 / 350h2,5h32 mm.kilkist-7 shtuk.danyy product without the working surface coated with natural aboshtuchnyh diamonds.


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    80074 Львівська обл., Сокальський р-н,м.Великі Мости,вул.Львівська,2Б

    "1.vyroby designed for cutting or spraying with artificial diamonds izzv" "yazuvalnymy synthetic substances ol cm. cut diamond wheels. almazsyntetychnyy tool as a basis applicabl e l superhard composite yshedlya technical purposes and can not be used as a raw material for manufacturing yayuvelirnyh

  • "ТОВ""ДІ-СТАР"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1.kruhy agglomerated synthetic diamonds (synthetic diamond powder) used in electromechanical machines for cutting stone and ceramic tiles, wheels type 1a1r turbo, 1a1rss; circles grinding type fat agglomerated synthetic diamonds (synthetic diamond powder) used in electromechanical machines for grin


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    Україна,36023, м.Полтава, вул.Ціолковського, 34.

    1. circles grinding of synthetic diamonds.used on the machines.designed for grinding.comply tu 00222373.027-97.

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Резалт Україна"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    ю.а.:Україна, 04070,м.Київ,вул.П.Сагайдачного,11ф.а.:Україна, 11501,м.Коростень,вул.Жовтнева,11-Б

    1. laminated floor, with plate hdf boards, dry process manufacturing, high density 0.88 g / cm3, 1st grade, size: - 8h1380h191mm 900 pcs 1898.1 m2, 15.185 m3, class 32, color - oak manor - 8h1380h191mm 900 pcs 1898.1 m2, 15.185 m3, class 32, color - oak trend - 8h1380h191mm, 300 units, 632.7 m2, 5.0


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1.vyroby of wood: cushion krisloavtomobilne" "massager" "-27par; product zdereva belt body" "massager" "-1230sht, product of wood foot" "massager" "- 949sht; wood product with manual for body "" massager "" -180sht; ruchnyydlya wood product with body "" hackle "" -60sht; dlyakupazhu buttons (100 pc

  • "ДЗП ""ІНТЕР-ІСМ"" наук-технолог.алмазного концерну ""АЛКОН"" НАН України (ДЗП ""Інтер-ІСМ"")"

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04074, м.Київ, вул.Автозаводська, 2. Україна.

    "1.kruhy for cutting, the working of which agglomerated powder synthetic diamonds: 1a1r 320h2,2x5h32 ac65 250/200 m08 50% 24ct circle cutting, the working of which agglomerated powder with synthetic diamonds - 24sht., (circle-shape 1a1r, size cut-off wheel, 320mm outer diameter, thickness of the dia

  • "ТОВ""Інватех"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    02222,м.Київ,бульв.Висоцкого 7,кв. 47 Україна

    "1.instrumenty for milling with a working part of synthetic diamond for industrial use: mills for grinding stone f50 (№0-3) 4sht.v complete 1kompl .;-mills for grinding stone 30mm (№0-6) 7sht.v complete -1kompl .; frezadlya grinding stone 30mm m14 (№0-6), 7sht.v complete -1kompl .; dlyashlifuv

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