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  • "ТОВ ""ТІСЕР"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1.Vyroby with steel for use in steel, used in sugar mills: -Rebro OBV" "bandages krystallizatora (disassembled to transport a) -4sht.Vyrobnyk Ltd. 'TISER'Torhova mark" "Tiser" " Country of UA "

  • "ТОВ""Новомосковська трикотажна фабрика"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    Дніпропетровська обл.,Новомосковський р-н с.Орлівщина,вул.Куйбишева,61.

    "1.Vodolazka wear knitted of synthetic yarns, machine" "in bandages GOST ISO 2056-92Vyrobnyk LLC" "Novomoskovsk Knitting Factory", "Ukraine."

  • "ТОВ ""Сміласахсервіс"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    20700 Черкаська обл., м. Сміла, вул.Н.Світличної, 27

    "1.Chastyny ​​machines for sugar production: Rama knife PRB-24 - 46sht (designed for mounting on her knives beet) Bandage top SCB-12 - 4 pieces, bandages bottom SCB-12 - 5pcs (designed to seal the gap between summer and drum beet); semicircle SCB-12 - 8 pieces (designed for sealing gaps between


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    21034 м. Вінниця, Немирівське шосе, 201-А Україна

    "1.Lisomaterialy from pine, (Pinus sylvestris L.) sawn lengthwise, boards, sawn, natural humidity, non-planed, unpolished, not connected to the spike, dimensions, thickness / width / length in mm / m3: 14h72- 95h1100mm - 28098sht / 35,328m3, packed in timber called "" bandages bezpiddonnym way at th

  • "ТФ ""Барко"" у формі ТОВ"

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    Україна,41600,Сумська обл., м.Конотоп,вул.Семашко,4.

    "1-boards of wood oak uncircumcised, sawn lengthwise, unpolished, those that do not have the" "unity, svizhorozpylyani: brand A- m3.Rozmiry 0.449 mm, 30h140 h1800-3000.hatunok B + 0.683 m3. Dimensions, mm: 30h140 h1800-3000.hatunok C + 9.013 m3.Rozmiry, mm 30h140 + h1800-3000.hatunok m3.Rozmiry D- 6

  • "ТОВ ""МТК ""МАКСІМЕД"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    м.Вишневе, вул.Жовтнева,11, кв.133 08132, К-Святошинський р-н.

    "1.Pov'yazky impregnated with pharmaceutical substances, put up for retailtrade for use in medicine. Netkannohomateriala of reducing traumatic bandages, sterile, art.4993368, Grassolind neutral (on 30sht / up.) 10 x 20sm.-7upakovky.Torhova Brand: GrassolindVyrobnyk: PAUL HARTMANN AG at the plant ""

  • "ТОВ ""ГОЛДВУД"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    Україна, 65031, м. Одеса, вул. Пестеля, буд. 6А.

    "1. The timber processed sawn lengthwise, non-planed, unpolished, without socket connections thickness exceeding 6 mm: - edged, softwood - pine (Pinus sylvestris L.), varietal, Size: - 2nd class 18 x 98 x 1105 mm. - 18,814m3 - 2nd class 18 x 98 x 1145 mm. - 11,287m3 - 2nd class 18 x 78 x 1145 mm. -

  • "Приватне Акціонерне Товариство ""Трубний завод ""Трубосталь"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    11500, м.Коростень, Житомирська обл., вул.Шатрищанська, 65, Україна

    1.Truba Electrical profiled steel with black metal (not junk) square cross-section: -40h40h3h6000mm - 18000kh / 921sht 8 connection. (№№ 4/156, 4/158, 4/162, 4/159, 4/149, 4/152, 4/153, 4/251) .pryamokutnoho cross section: -80h40h3h6000mm - 3985kh / 130sht 2 conn bandages. (№№ 133, 128/1)

  • Руденко Валерій Броніславович

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    м.Луцьк, вул.Саперів,10/66

    "1.Ocheret water, one-year, pulled tape: -okruzhnist" "in bandages 105cm length without the blossoming of the 359v 190-210sm," "main roads, length of flowering without 140-190sm-34v" "bandages, -okruzhnist in" " bandages 61cm: reed roofs in length without the blossoming of the 454v-130-180sm "" band

  • ФОП НАЗВАЛЬСЬКИЙ БОГДАН ВАСИЛЬОВИЧМС 510327 вид.30.07.1999 Тернопільським РВ УМВС

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    47728,Тернопільська обл.,Тернопільський р-н, с.Острів, вул. Шевченка, буд.6

    "1. Religious articles of wood: pine -Hroby upholstered with lacquered inserts 2,05h0,68m size - 41 sht.Torhova mark there danyh.Vyrobnyk PE NAZVALSKYY B.V.Krayina production Ukraine / UA. Packaging - called '' bandages. "

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