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  • "ПП ""ЮРІС ПРОФ АРТ"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    69121 м.Запоріжжя, вул.Товариська 39/137

    "1.reproduktsiya pictures: 50 * 100dr-150sht 50 * 70dr-100 pieces, 33 * 70dr-50sht, 50 100 pieces * 100pl-50 * 70pl-50sht 40 * 50pl-50sht 24 * 30pl-50sht 95 * 70mdl (reproduction paintings on canvas stretched on stretcher) -240shtreproduktsiya painting is an image created by computer "" books method


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    09100 Київська обл. м. Біла Церква вул. Петра Запорожця,359 Україна

    "1. vulcanite non-porous rubber: ring 011-016-30-1-4 -31,500 -850 sht.kiltse 012-016-25-2-2 pc. ring 013-017-25-2-2 -12,750 pcs. kiltse014-018-25-2-2 -1250 units. 016-021-30-2-2 ring -2000 units. 017-021-25-2-2-70000 ring pc. ring 017-022-30- -1250 2-2 pc. ring 020-025-30-1-4 -34,000 -12,750 sht.kil

  • ФОП Поліщук Віктор Іванович

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    09100 Київська обл. м. Біла Церква вул. Примакова,62 Україна

    1. production of vulcanised rubber reinforced,-metal cuffs (metal-rubber): 1.2 25-42-10 n / a cuff humoarmovana 3000 sht2.2 35-58-10 n / a cuff humoarmovana-1500 sht2.2 38-62-10 n / a cuff humoarmovana 500 sht2.2 50-70-10 n / a cuff humoarmovana 500 sht2.2 55-80-10 n / a cuff humoarmovana-1500 sht2.


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1. milk powder in powdered fat content of 1.25%, not containing added sugar and other sweeteners packaged in paper multiwall bags 25kg each. label on a bag on which the language of the anhlyyskoyu name and address of the manufacturer, product names, country of origin, net weight, production date or

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