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  • "ТОВ ""Торговий дім ""Аеростар"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01001, м. Київ, вул. Архітектора Городецького, 11-Б

    "1. systems for air with no built-in refrigeration at ustanovkoyu.d includes fans and devices for changing the temperature (as nahrivtak and cooling) and humidity. tsentralnoyiustanovky used as ventilation and air conditioning housing and promyslovyhprymischennyah. do not contain ozone-depleting sub


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01042 м.Київ, вул. Іоана Павла ІІ, д.16, кв.12, Україна

    "1. devices for submission and distribution of hot air from the fan and recovery tepla.obladnani electic (water) heater. inas central units are used for ventilation and air conditioning zhytlovyhta industrial facilities. ventilation systems globalstar 3 of ka (5349 rb) -1 pc. ventilation systems glo

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ДЖІНЕС УКРАЇНА"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    03150, м. Київ, вул. Антоновича, 172

    The product is free of dairy fats, sucrose, isoglucose, glucose, starch, no alcohol content of dietary supplements etylovohonabir finiti set (finiti -2 pcs) - 1shtsklad: each capsule contains: vitamin c - 25 mg vitamin e1mo, vitamin b6 -0.5mh, folic acid - 64mkh, choline bitartrate - 121.9 mg extrac

  • "ТОВ""ФАВОР"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    40020, м. Суми, вул. Курська, 18 Україна

    " tin for chemical products with a capacity of less than 50 liters, with a wall zavdoshki less than 0.5 mm: - shell №3 with a lid, varnished in the middle, d99mm * h75.5mm (volume 541cm3) -7070sht.-tin rectangular no. 9k (5l) with a drooping bottom at the bottom, lithographed "spectrol10w4 0

  • ТОВ 'Белла-Центр'

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    07541, Київська обл., м.Березань, вул.Комсомольська, 15а, Україна

    "1. sanitary pads for women bella: gaskets bella perfecta ultra global orange a12-20160up; gaskets bella perfecta ultra green a'10-6048up; -013-rw10-225 gaskets bella for teens ultra sensitive a10-15120up; gaskets bella for teens ult


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    61022,м.Харків,вул.Сумська,37 Україна

    "1.lebidka electric power transmission lines, 0.75 -1sht., electrically dvyhunom.pryznachena to pull and move vantazhiv.torhovelna brand: globalpromvyrobnyk llc" "scientific-production ent cos" "hlobalprom" "country of origin: ua"

  • "ТОВ ""АФГ"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    08623, Київська обл., Васильківський р-н., смт. Калинівка, вул.Залізнична, 49Б, Україна

    "1.reklamni materials for display, demonstrations and free distribution of visitors during the exhibition" "seafood expo global 2017" ", brussels, belgium for ukrainian exhibitions - stand ltd" "ukrharchopromkompleks" ": - chips s / m loyinsy - fillets , portions -hvostyky samples (a p / e packaging


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01103, м.Київ, проїзд Військовий, 1

    1.insha equipment and devices for routing and switching network drotovohozv`yazku that contains incorporates a wireless transmitter and receiver: cisco equipment for service replacement, not for sale: art.�a903-rsp1a-55 =, asr 903 route switch processor 1, base scale, module protsesorakomutatsiyi /


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    1. devices used with satellite dishes: gi-fibremduoptical lnb & psu satellite converter with optical output -3sht.�pryznachenyydlya transmission received signals from the antenna suputnykokovoho tv dopryymacha on otptychnomu fiber (converter connects both vertically polarized signals horyzontalnoyi

  • "ТОВ ""Камянка Глобал Вайн"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    03022, м. Київ, Голосіївський р-н, вул. Васильківська, будинок 34, корпус Г, офіс 202

    "1. drink red wine semi-sweet" "pomegranate" "- 9000 sq., 750 box., the actual alcohol concentration of 10.3%, 0.75 l. (6750 l.) trade mark:" "tree of life "" manufacturer: llc "" kamyanka global wine "" country of origin: uakrayina origin: ua "

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