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  • "ПАТ ""Сумський завод продтоварів"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    42350,Сумська обл.,Сумський р-н, с.Бездрик, вул.Зарічна, буд.1

    "1. sunflower oil, species: refined, deodorized, frozen, brand p. purified by refining and dissolving, freeze-dried without changing the chemical composition, not cheese, corresponds to dstu 4492: 2005, intended for use in the beverage industry, 22070l in bulk in flexic tank producer : pjsc "sumy pl

  • "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""Морган Феніче"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    35350, Рівненська обл.Рівненський р-н,смт.Квасилів,вул.Індустріальна 12

    1.- sofa bed angle poll-2f.rec / bk, fabric olimp 69 / alabama 08 non-assembled.number: 22229208. only 10 pieces. novi- sofa bed angle volute rev., fabric surprise anthracite / madryt 920 white, non-assembled.number: 22079067. only 5 pcs. novi- sofa bed smile-2f rf.rec rf, tissue phoenix

  • "ТОВ Ф ""АЛЕФ"" ЛТД"

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1 organic corn pp big bags, ukrainian origin crop for feed 2016 targets for processing podalshoyitehnichnoyi not nasinnyeva.vaha net: 22070 khyakisni factors: humidity, 13.87% waste impurities: 1.86% broken grain-3.84 % 1.55%-damaged grain impurity, 7.21% iso 4525: 2006henetychno nemodyfikovan


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    20751, Черкаська обл., Смілянський р-н, с.Ташлик, вул.Богдана Хмельницького, буд.103

    "1. meat of domestic chickens carcasses of broiler chickens, neobvaleni: wings of broiler chickens (ulnar part) frozen, date of manufacture: 12.04.2017r., 13.04.2017r., 14.04.2017r .; term storage when not t higher than -18 degrees c, no more than 3 months, tu 15.1-00419880-040-2003, net weight - 22

  • "ПАТ ""Кременчуцький завод дорожніх машин"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    39600, Полтавська обл.,м.Кременчук, просп.Свободи, 4, Україна

    1.chastyny ​​to asphalt: mesh ds-1857 4831605 -1sht, dc-letter bronevyy 1584510118n -120sht, hood ds61 1102002 -4sht, sieve ds117-2k 4702018-8sht, crushed stone gate dc-2205000 -1sht 61a, the shutter rubble dc-61a 2206000 -1sht, zatvorpeska dc-2207000 -1sht 61a, sieve ds-168 b-5802003 -2sht, sie


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    01601, вул Шовковична, буд.42-44 м.Київ, Україна.

    1. brushes paint coating the surface of a wind turbine, b /: -art.213830 - brush - 1 piece. - art.220794 - brush - 1 piece. - art.220795 - brush - 1 piece. - art .220810 - brush - 1 piece. - art.233868 - brush - 2 sht.torhovelna mark - brodrene dahlvyrobnyk - brodrene dahl a / s herning

  • "ТОВ ТПК ""Укрхімекспорт"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    49044, м.Дніпро, вул. Січових Стрільців , буд 11, каб.22

    "1-m ethyl acetate" "a" "as a clear colorless fluid gost 8981-78nomer cas 141-78-6, packaging - bulk in tanker truck container, total - 22079 kg. producer - tpi" "perechyn lhk" " ukraine (ua); country of origin - ukraine (ua); origin - ukraine (ua); trade mark of the manufacturer uncertain "

  • "ПрАТ ""Руськополянський меблевий комбінат"""

    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    19602 Черк.обл., Черк.р-н, с.Руська Поляна, вул.Чигирина, 111

    "1. furniture for seating with wooden frame upholstered: chair" "isku" "oak frame decorated with oil, the back decorated with white paint, soft seats, white leatherette - 6 shtstilets" "diana" "oak, finished oil, soft seats, leatherette fly 2230 - 12 shtstilets "" diana "" oak, finished oil, soft se


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine

    04073, м. Київ, проспект Московський, буд. 9, корп. 3-В, оф. 703

    "1. kidney beans, small white (phaseolus vulgaris), dried, shelled, not broken - 22074kh in big bags, harvest 2016., edible intended for human consumption, not for sowing. the manufacturer: open company '' agro victory" . "trade mark: no data. country of origin: ua."


    ukraine  Exporter of Ukraine


    "1.kontsentrat iron ore sintering tu 13.1-00191023-001: 2007.faktychni options: fe = 66,22%; moisture content = 9.79% - 1519300kh.fe = 66.04%; moisture content = 9.85% - 2207000kh. "

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