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Sample Bill of Lading

Date 26-Oct-2017
Exporter Name Sr Tech Co.
HS Code 85177021
Product Description GH97-20898D # & Cluster ĐTDD-GH97-20898D components (speakers, screws, tape, motors, printed
circuit assemblies software for phones, protective nylon membrane, by polyseter labels, function
keys, shell previous # & VN
Quantity 1800
Unit Box/Packet/Crate
Fob 18632.96
Country of Destination Viet Nam
Country of Origin Viet Nam
Vietnam Export Port Domestic (CFS)
Unit Price Usd 10.35
Payment Condition TTR
Condition Of Goods Delivery DAP
Import Country Viet Nam
Company Code 2300896937

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Shipment Details of Sr Tech Co.

Date HS Code Product Description Quantity Value Exporter Importer Foreign Country [10] More Fields
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26/Oct/2017 85177021 GH97-20898D # & Cluster ĐTDD-GH97-... 1800 18632.96 Sr Tech Co. View Importer Viet Nam

26/Oct/2017 85177021 GH97-21073A # & Cluster ĐTDD-GH97-... 1200 37974.49 Sr Tech Co. View Importer Viet Nam
26/Oct/2017 85177021 GH97-21073B # & Cluster ĐTDD-GH97-... 1000 31395.5 Sr Tech Co. View Importer Viet Nam

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