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List of Uv Printing Importers in Russia

  • Ltd. "The first printed YARD"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Paint printing uv curing press machine co alcohol dampening, colorless (invisible) with a yellow glow rays the ir and green fluorescence under uv-light (for printing on pvc and polycarbonate, followed by lamination


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Paints printing, color, without ethanol content: paint for uv bases used in the printing industry all flexographic printing


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Lacquer based oligomer additives, hardens under exposure to uv radiation, for industrial printing work without alcohol content.


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Lak gloss uv curing, made on the basis of acrylic polymers, water-soluble, does not contain ethanol for duplicating printing equipment, icp. to give the glossy effect or matt, the reduction of the drying of prints:


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Electric machines, having individual functions: unit fotopolimerizator - uv lamps. designed for machining after printing 3d thermal printer, transforming them into

  • Ltd. "The Count IMPEX"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Rolls hard pvc, without plasticizers, non-cellular and not reinforced, not layered, unsupported, a thickness of no more than 1 mm, used for offset printing with uv inks, flexographic printing, digital, screen printing or gravure printing.

  • Ltd. "Acces RU"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Plastic contactless smart card with a chip nxp slix2, c termopolosoy, rewritable, c4-colored uv-printing on two sides. card thickness 0.9 mm maksimmalnaya range 0.5m intended for access limitations

  • JSC "Sun Chemical"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Lucky uv-curable flexographic printing and applied to the printed surface to protect it from the external environment and to give high gloss, ethyl alcohol contains not for retail sale, are used in


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Lac uv drying trademark wessco, series protector 37.389.17, liquid without sod. ethanol is not enamel, approx. as top coat to protect the circuit printing products


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Paints printing tsvetnae, thin, non-concentrated, which is a uv-curable pigment dispersion based on acrylate and is designed for use on wide range of materials, including plastic films c

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