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  • Federal State Institution of Science Institute for Nuclear Research

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Multiphase ac motors, voltage 36v, number of phases - 4 engine type - hybrid stepper, power 151vt, used to build meter forms bunches linac iss not scrap electric:

  • "Henkel Rus" Ltd.

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Polyurethanes, in primary forms not foamed; gross weight pallet c-2612.880 teroson pu 8590 cg uhv / m (terostat 8590 uhv / m) - one-component, high-viscous sealant based on polyurethane hardens by reaction with the humidity paying

  • Ltd. "ELEKTREYD-M"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Part of the device (instrument) model ws40 for manipulation allows you to translate hand movements through the vacuum housing in device be used technology magnetic coupling of linear, rotary and the gripping movement, mark. at upak. 125-43483915


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Feedthrough linear displacement worm gear with hand drive, made of stainless steel, by the rotation of the arm is a rotation of the worm shaft in that part peremeschyaetsya casings, which leads to the sbl

  • BINP

    russia  Importer of Russia

    New parametric current sensor npct-cf4 "-1 / 2-47.7-120-uhv -1komp. is a device for contactless measurement of the direct current to 20 ma. new parametric current sensor npct-cf4" 1 / 2-47.7-120- uhv includes: - sensor with 47.7mm inside.


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Synthetic monofilament linear density of more than 67 dtex cross-sectional dimension less than 1 mm: nylon fishing lines for fishing, of different diameters, on bobbins (coil) individually wrapped every, length 30m. total 10,500 pieces.

  • Ltd. "Modern vacuum equipment"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Vacuum valves with linear actuator vertical, stainless steel for vacuum systems shutoff civil shutter gvbb-ss-cf63-p / shutter uhv (series b) c double acting pneumatic actuator, silphium

  • Ltd. "Phoenix Contact Rus"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Articles of plastics, manufactured combined method (casting, cutting, stamping) using industrial electronics and automation: terminal cover phoenix contact phoenix contact phoenix contact 2130457 uhv-ah 95 400


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Installing the issuance of dosimeters, intended for storage and issue of (in id cards) and the account of personal dosimeters .oblast application: nuclear station installation issuing dosimeters uhv 400-2sht, sosotoyaschy from:. cabinet for installation o


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Gate gate stainless steel tight shut off and adjust the pressure in the vacuum system civil xib. shutter uhv with electromechanical. drive with sylphs. upl-em, ccd-200b (iso-k), 304ss, art. 1508 chuanbei vacuum technology (bei

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