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List of Fruit Mix Importers in Russia

  • Ltd. "TM DV"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Frozen fruit blend (blackberries, strawberries, apricots, plums) (frozen mixed fruits) 100 cdf-ok, for sale on the domestic market, net weight boxes 10kg, total net weight 1000.00kg (pvc): 91 6521

  • Ltd. "SWEET"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Mixtures of tropical fruit: canned fruit smoothies tropical in light syrup (pineapple -45%, red and yellow-papaya 45%, guava, 10%), free of alcohol, gmo, the sugar content of 14-16%, trademark "lorado "the iron pot obe

  • Ltd. "NUT"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    -suhofruktovaya mixture of dried fruit-4012kg. it is packaged in a p / propylene bags of 17 kg-236meshkov. -suhofruktovaya mixture of dried fruit-1500kg. is packaged in a p / propylene 15 kg bags, 100meshkov. suhofruktovaya compote mixture composition: apples 55%, apricots

  • Ltd. "VEGAFRUT"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    -suhofruktovaya mixture of dried fruit-1995kg. is packaged in a p / propylene 15 kg bags, 133meshkov. -suhofruktovaya mixture of dried fruit and 5kg. it is packaged in a p / propylene bags of 5kg-1meshok. suhofruktovaya compote mixture composition: apple 25%, 5% pear, plum


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Frozen fruit mixture, manufactured in china, packed in cartons c p / e liner the bulk for wholesale total 500 cartons location net weight 1 10,00kg; intended for food, quick-frozen fruits

  • Ltd. "IAB TRADE"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Mixture juice (vegetable mix with addition of fruit juice) unquenched, c brix not more than 67 value exceeds 30 per 100 kg net weight, no additional ingredients alcohols gmo not contain added sugar, ready for use. number b

  • "Trade House RKS"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Soft drinks, non-carbonated juice content with 20%: coconut water with mix of fruit juices in tetra packing for 250 ml not contain gmo


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Mixture juices, fruit, marked "malee", with the number of brixen not more than 67, contain no added sugar, gmo, do not contain alcohol, not concentrate, in the range, not frozen, in tetrapaketah capacity 1000ml

  • SP Kasyan Alexander V.

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Fruits and berries ice cream (mix of berries zamorozhennyh dlyakompota - 60 boxes), nepodvergnutye heat treatment, with no added sugar, dop.dobavki absence, for human consumption

  • Ltd. "Ante"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Sugar confectionery, unfilled not contain cocoa, intended for human consumption, labeled "skif" gmo: lollipops (tasteful: mix fruity flavor, strawberry, apple, grape)

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