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List of Aab Importers in Russia

  • Ltd. "YUNIPRO"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Confectionery products flour, frozen: wafer, with a moisture content more than 10%. total net weight 308 upak.chisty 1108.80 contain gmos. the goods are intended for retail sale.

  • Ltd. "AVTODIK"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Carburetor engines used over 3y.o., with attachments and ppc partially assembled for transportation facilities, in volume 1781-2370ss. model audi: aab-393 289, aeb-320 462.

  • Ltd. "FATF-AUTO"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Diesel engine former. the ingestion. combustion piston of ci for the repair of cars of mark volkswagen transporter t4 2,4d, 1995g.v, №dvigatelya aab 0,316,293, power 57kw / 78l.s. - 1 pc

  • Ltd. "The Sun"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Engine assembly (intake manifold trunking air cleaner and other functional elements) with ppc vw-audi dyzel / used, № aab357180, volume 2400sm3 55kwt 1997g.prednaznachen repair of motor vehicles.

  • "Electrolux Rus" Ltd.

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Dishwashers household, capacity 9 place settings, 5 washing programs, the trademark "electrolux", mod. esf9420low, art. 911059009 - 24 pcs. classes: energopotr / washing / drying:. aab

  • Ltd. "ARTI-AUTO"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Diesel engine, b / c, without presales without naves.oborudovaniya, fitment for a / m vw transporter c poln.massoy less 3.5t: 2370 cc, 57 itc 1992 gv .: aab 187,136.

  • Ltd. "CABLE COMPANY" Askold "

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Electrical conductors (power cable) with aluminum insulated cores, 1 kv voltage, free of precious metals not fire resistant not equipped with the connecting apparatus. code ok 005 (okp) 3000. 35: aabl-1 4 xx power cables 185


    russia  Importer of Russia

    Engines for vehicles, diesel, used. designed for car repair. : no transmission for vehicle your volkswagen, volume 2370sm3, power 57kw / 78 hp, model and part number: 290092 aab, identification factory

  • Ltd. "KAEM"

    russia  Importer of Russia

    Mechanical device for throwing, dispersing or spraying: jet from steel nerzhveyuschey liquid spraying spraying systems deutschland gmbh spray aab10000auh-03-nc pulsajt noz no cord 5

  • "Megatex TRADING" Ltd.

    russia  Importer of Russia

    New spare parts for cars - laying head block combustion engines, a total of 60 pcs. cylinder head gasket uchiyama manufacturing corp. kibi aab040013 10 uchiyama manufacturing corp. kibi aab040024 20 uchiyama manufacturing corp

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