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    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Flakes 4 cereals (oats, rye, barley, wheat) of instant received in peeling (obrushivaniya), steaming, flaking and drying oats, rye, barley, wheat (in equal proportions) .hlopya not welded and are not subjected to the swelling before upot

  • JSC "Moscow Brewing Company"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Honey beer (beer drink) malt light pasteurized filtered, ala. 4.5 vol.%, in pet / rut omk. 1.1 a "footless coast" - 2025 rut (cdf 225 x 9 pcs). ingredients: water, plant material (the malt, wheat, hops), med

  • Ltd. "brewing company" Baltika "

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Beer made from malt in bottles of 0,44l., 0.47 l, 0,48l. - baltika №5 strong -5184 bottles baltika №8 wheat -800 bottles zhatetsky goose black bottle -1600, -6400 zhigulevskaya bottles baltika draft -800 bottles

  • Ltd. "Flour ingredient"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Wheatmeal crushed poltavskaya the p / e package on 600g packed in a shrink film as 12 paketov.vsego 15 upakovok__1.0__: __1.1__ manufacturer -ooo femeli stokes brand -family bins number vo180 pcs

  • Ltd. "LIFE"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Cereals oat from the cutting cereals, flaked, content of starch 39.1% to 48.9%: -hlopya oat thin with wheat bran rasf.v pet.pak. 0.4 kg. in the sm. annex kart.kor. with 14 pcs., 64 kart.kor.-896 ​​pcs. for human pischu__1.0


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Cereal grains: ovsyanyegerkules-6000kor.po 0.4kg. ovsyanyeekstra-6000kor.po 0.4kg. oat (40%) - wheat (30%) - barley (30%) - 2560kor.po 0.4kg. oat (30%) - wheat (23%) - barley (24%) - rye (23%) - 2560kor.po 0.4kg. oat (24%) - wheat (19%) - barley (19%) - rye


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Wheat grains, hulled, unprocessed in chaff, droblenoe__1.0__: wheat groats 1h fair / 10p / 600g, 100p, us $ 4.55 / p. __1.1__ manufacturer -ooo company trading house fair brand -lack number vo100 pcs

  • LLC "Southern rice company"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    7 flakes cereals: oat (25%), wheat (20%), barley (15%), buckwheat (15%), rye (10%), wheat (10%), rice (5%). packed 14 cartons with net weight for 0,5kg in boxes. total gofrokorobok 10, 140 cartons. __

  • Ltd. "YUGTR"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Cereals requiring to be boiled, goods for retail sale in a cardboard box: __ 1.0__ bystrov oat flakes, rye, wheat, barley 15h350g __1.1__ manufacturer -ooo russia nestle brand -quick number vo375 pcs

  • Ltd. "Saffron Azov"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Cereals flaked, wheat, cereal pshenichnye__1.0__ cereal wheat altaisk tale 12 * 400g __1.1__ manufacturer -ooo mk ross brand -altayskaya tale number vo120 pcs

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