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  • Ltd. "caster"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    The anti-adhesion of wear-resistant polymer coatings consist of three components for the application of the moving parts LINES FORMING to reduce wear MECHANICAL vozdeysviya UNDER THAT 5141-003-17823007-2012: MAST - 4.00 kg.


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Multi-purpose grease for lubricating moving parts RYBOOBROBATYVAYUSCHEY FABRIKI.V aerosol cans volume of 400 ml. QUANTITY SHT.TOVAR 10 TAKES PLACE PART 1.

  • JSC "Rosoboronexport"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    KAT. HRP 4.2 LATCH D7.8710-16 NUM. 2 pcs REF. 1.9 on the list of number 15 Steel products 45 available functions, FULLY APPLY for fixing certain provisions of the moving parts of the Su-30cm

  • Ltd. "USC-GROUP"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    SPARE PARTS civil helicopters Mi-8 (Mi-17): Seals of vulcanized rubber, designed for compaction of the moving and fixed, detachable and permanent connections that do not MILITARY

  • NRC "Kurchatov Institute"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    CRYSTAL INDICATORS MAXIMUM TEMPERATURE (IMTK) TYPE R-11 (0.25 * 0.35 MM), mfd. Silicon carbide to measure a maximum temperature of rotating and moving parts in a remote place in the range of 200-1400 GR. BY

  • PJSC "Power Machines - ZTL, LMZ, Electrosila ENERGOMASHEKPORT."

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Coil includes. When voltage is applied terminals of the coil, through the wires begins to flow an alternating electric current that creates a magnetic field and a magnetic pulling force in the yoke on which dressed coil. Moving parts MAGNET CM. ADVANCED

  • Ltd. "Rolling bearing"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    NOT articles of vulcanised cellular rubber, bellows SAFETY AND REDUCE THE RISK OF INJURY FROM moving parts of machines and mechanisms, DEFENSE UNITS AND PARTS EQUIPMENT INDUSTRIES CIVIL


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Mechanical seals GENERAL PURPOSE. CONSISTS OF A MOVING PARTS (RUBBER BELLOWS, graphite rings, springs) and stationary parts (saddle-metal). Used to seal and seals of mobile connected nodes


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Rust (OIL anticorrosive), multifunctional means for enabling AND PROTECTION rusted and oxides of threaded joints, moving parts, ELEMENTS AND EQUIPMENT TD, based on mineral oil:. Aerosol capacious


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    BALL VALVE GAZOVYY- EQUIPMENT intended for use as shutoff valves in the system of the household gas supply. Ball valves - a device for cutting off the flow of the working environment in which the moving parts SHUTTER HAS body shape

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