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List of Isopropyl Exporters in Russia

  • Ltd. "ECOM"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Tools facilitate unscrewing rusted threaded joints BASED isopropyl alcohol aerosol:

  • Zhurbey Nikolay Vladimirovich

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Window cleaners (Liquid glass), de-icing, consisting of an aqueous isopropyl alcohol solution, surfactants, dyes and fragrances, WITHOUT ethanol content, NOT contains methanol.

  • PJSC "Omsk rubber"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Isopropylbenzene (cumene)

  • JSC "№1 BASE Chemical reagents"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    PROPANOL-2 (ISOPROPYL ALCOHOL) KhCh, COLORLESS LIQUID CONTENTS OSN.VESCH-VA at least 99.8%, 13 P / E JERRICANS 16 kg, with the pallet GROSS WEIGHT KG 236.05, TU 2632-037-78119972 -2014, ISP.KAK THINNER

  • "TD GRASS"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Defroster and locks, water-based surface-active agent and isopropyl alcohol, used in the home, for retail sale

  • PJSC "Kazanorgsintez"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    ALFAMETILSTIROLNAYA FRACTION (isopropenylbenzene), B / C. Is a colorless or pale yellow transparent liquid, it is a byproduct of the production of phenol and acetone THROUGH HYDROPEROXIDE isopropylbenzene (cumene method) - 44350 kg.

  • Sergey Petrov

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    LIQUID Washed antifreezing WIPER WINTER. INTENDED FOR GLASS AVTOMOBLEY washing at temperatures up to -30 GR.TS. Ingredients: softened water, isopropyl alcohol, surfactants, dyes, fragrances. NOT SORDERZHIT ethanol. put up in

  • OOO "LUKOIL-Nizhnegorodnefteorgsintez"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    PROPYLENE-COLORLESS LIQUEFIED GAS, purity 99.9538-99.9839% composition was determined by chemical formulas H2C = CH-CH3 (C3H6) used in the production of polypropylene, isopropyl and butyl alcohol, a nitrile, acrylic acid, isopropylbenzene, OXIDE


    russia  Exporter of Russia


  • Prokopyuk Valeria O.

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Windshield fluid and antifreeze, based on an aqueous isopropanol solution not containing ethyl alcohol, COMPOSITION - isopropyl alcohol, water, a surfactant) in perfume), not in aerosol packaging, plastic bottles:

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