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    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Artificial radioactive isotopes of chemical elements in the form of alloys, compounds and mixtures in products and devices: germany-68 / gallium-68 generator - 1 pc. it will be used laboratories for radiochemical research. not

  • JSC "SPC Spetsneftproduct"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Oils synthetic, are used to reduce friction in aircraft gas turbine engines. not for diesel and (or) carburettor engines. not aerosol without ethanol content. kinematic viscosity at 100 c - not less


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Gel with green noise phytoextracts, 150 ml. ingredients - water system of soft based surfactants betaine and derivatives of castor, coconut and rapeseed oil, sea salt, licorice extract, celandine, lemon balm, burdock, plantain, green tea,

  • "MSM" OOO

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Of spent radioactive sources based isotope cobalt-60 with a capsule of c-146 gamma-therapeutic apparatus teleirradiation theratron, cep. № s-5867, activity-3294.6 curie (121,9 tbq) -. 1pc, supplied in a protective

  • Ltd. "SALES"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Printed books stitched, hood. and scientific publications literature 2008-2017 gg issue.

  • JSC "Aeromar"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Products, carried in the pocket or handbag ladies' or men are sell supplies on board aircraft jsc "airline" royalflayt "have the status of goods eac:


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Gas oil for other purposes with a sulfur content of 0,05mas%, fuel diesel euro, summer, grade c environmental class k3:. dt-l-k3, gost 32511-2013, interest distillation at 250 c less than 65% vol. or not determined by the method iso3405 85 on. % or

  • Ltd. "RUSBUNKER"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Liquid fuel for other purposes, fuel oil, with a sulfur content not greater than 1 wt.%. (oil). distils at 250 oc at least 65% by volume, distils at 350 oc at least 85% of the volume, the initial boiling point of 200 c or more, the amount of kerosene-gazoylivyh

  • Ltd. "TEHINSNAB"

    russia  Exporter of Russia

    Heavy distillates - gas oil -. for other purposes, with a sulfur content greater than 0.05% by weight but not more than 0.2 wt%, trade name of low-viscosity fuel ship, type a, distilled at 250 c of less than 65 vol.%. , at 350 c - at least 85% .itogo-


    russia  Exporter of Russia

    . for other purposes gasoil with a sulfur content greater than 0.2% by weight of trade name of low-viscosity fuel ship, type i, mass fraction of sulfur, was distilled at 250 c less than 65% by volume, at 350 c -.. 85 on at least .%. total 32 000 kg. target

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