Review of the DEPB rates submission of fresh data- reg.

Notification No: Circular - 08
Notification Date: 2003-06-20
Issuing Authority: DGFT-Circular
Subject: Review of the DEPB rates submission of fresh data- reg.





UDYOG BHAVAN, New Delhi- 110 011


(RE-2003)/2002-2007 Dated: 20.06.2003


          All Licensing Authorities.

          All Export Promotion Councils.

          All Exporters concerned.



Subject:       Review of the DEPB rates submission of fresh data- reg.

1. It has been decided to review the DEPB rates in case of all products where the DEPB rates are 15% or more.  The Trade and Industry are hereby requested to submit the representative data through the Export Promotion councils concerned on the FOB value of exports and CIF value of inputs used in the export products as per SION in the format of Annexure-I to this circular within 45 days.

2. Regional Licensing Authority shall prepare a list of exporters (export product wise) who obtained the DEPB on export of products having rate 15% or more. The list so prepared shall be forwarded to the council concerned. The list will help the council in monitoring the collection of required data from all the concerned exporters and to consolidate and compile the same before it is forwarded to DGFT. The Export Promotion councils are requested to verify and forward this consolidated data to this office within 2 months from the date of issue of this Circular failing which the DEPB rates for the said product may be reduced to 5%.Based on the data to be submitted, the DEPB Committee would re-work on the DEPB rates and make necessary adjustments in the DEPB rates wherever required. 

3. The following points may be kept in mind while submitting the fresh data:


               (i)                Only data related to imports/exports made within one year from the date of application shall only be accepted. Copies of Shipping bills and Bills of Entry are required to be enclosed along with application.   The applicants can also submit copies of Customs data for imports in lieu of copies Bills of Entry.   At least minimum of 5 Bills of Entry/Shipping Bills shall be submitted for each product.

              (ii)              25 copies of data sheets are required to be submitted along with all the supporting documents i.e. Shipping Bills and Bills of Entry.  Data shall be submitted in the enclosed format.  The enclosed format is slightly modified version of Appendix 10A.

 This issues with the approval of Director General of Foreign Trade.


Joint. Director General of Foreign Trade



Annexure –I






File No...........................






Name  and address of the applicant



Details of export item, having DEPB rate 15% or more, for which DEPB rate is to be revised



Description of export item



rate List

Existing DEPB rate

Inputs Allowed


Description of input item

ITC(HS) Code

Basic Customs Duty %

Additional Customs Duty %












Total exports effected during preceding three licensing year



FOB value ( Rs.)




  1. Exports made during past one year of the item for which DEPB rate is to be revised (Consolidated data is to be furnished here).


Item of export


FOB value

(in Rupees)

Per unit FOB value in Indian Rupees






5.B.         Specific Details of exports effected during the past one year


Sl. No.

Item of export

Shipping Bill No. and date

Quantity of export

FOB value
in Indian Rupees

Per unit FOB value in Indian Rupees








Details of imports effected during the past one year of inputs allowed under Standard Input Output Norms (Handbook of Procedures -Vol.2)


Sl. No.

Item of import

Bill of Entry No. and date

Quantity of import

CIF value in Indian Rupees

Per unit CIF value in Indian Rupees








Details of international journals/magazine evidencing international price of inputs in support of the data furnished above.




FOB value per unit quantity

of export product (Kg./

MT etc.)



Description of import items allowed as per SION

Quantity of import item allowed for each of the input as per SION

(Kg./MT etc.)

CIF value per unit quantity (Kg./MT etc.) of each of the item allowed for import in SION

(In Rs./US$)

CIF value of each of the input allowed for import in SION


[Column (3) X Column (4)]

(In Rs/US$)

Rate of basic Customs Duty against each of the input allowed for import in SION

Effective Rate of special additional Duty (SAD) against each of the input allowed for import in SION


Effective basic Customs duty and special additional customs duty against  each of the input allowed for import in SION


Column (5) X {Column (6)+ Column (7)}

(In Rs./US$)





















Total CIF

(In Rs./US)



Total Customs Duty

(In Rs./US$)



  1. a) I/We hereby declare that the particulars and the statements made in this application are true and correct to the best of my /our knowledge and belief and nothing has been concealed or  held therefrom.


  1. b) I/We fully understand that any information furnished in the application if proved incorrect or false will render me/us  liable for any penal action or other consequences as may be  prescribed in law or otherwise warranted.


  1. c) I/We undertake to abide by the provisions of the Foreign Trade (Development and Regulation) Act, 1992, the Rules and Orders framed thereunder, the Export and Import Policy and the  Handbook of Procedures.


  1. d) I/We hereby declare that I/we have submitted a copy of the data sheet and supporting documents to ______Export Promotion Council/Commodity Board on ______(Date).


  1. e) I hereby certify that I am authorised to verify and sign this declaration as per Paragraph 9.9 of the Policy.



Name in Block Letters 


Official address                               

Place :

Date :                                                                                                                                                                                                            

Residential address  

Valid E-mail ID :




  1. a) Submit in duplicate, Appendix I-A of Handbook (Vol.1) alongwith the data sheet.


  1. b) In support of data furnished at S.No. 5 and 6 of the data sheet, copies of a minimum of 5 Shipping Bills /Bills of Entry need to be submitted for each item of export/ import during the past one year. This may however be restricted to two Shipping Bills/Bills of Entry/per month for exports/ imports effected during the past one year. Alternatively in lieu of the Bills of Entry, the firm may submit copies of Customs data for imports containing the name of the raw materials, quantity, CIF value, name of the importers, port of import etc.


  1. c) International price of items of import as obtained from international journals/ magazines is to be submitted only in support of actual imports as detailed at S.No.6 and 8 of the data sheet.


  1. d) 25 copies of the data sheet is to be submitted along with all supporting documents viz. relevant Shipping Bills/ Bills of Entry in support of all the data as furnished by the applicant on the data sheet.


  1. e) If the applicant has insufficient data on the items of import/export, he may also submit data and documents of other exporters of the same export product.


  1. f) The data sheet along with enclosures shall be submitted through Export Promotion Councils only.


  1. g) Whenever the SION of a product are on content basis (i.e., ---kg/kg  content in export product ) and/or the components are in numbers, the exporters are required to submit ‘Bill of Material’  indicating net weight of export product (as shown in the Shipping Bill) and net weight of each input, imported as well as indigenous, to verify their contents in the export product. 



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