Issuance of End Use (No Objection) Certificate for import of Boric Acid – Clarification regarding

Notification No: Circular - 16
Notification Date: 2007-10-22
Issuing Authority: DGFT-Clarification
Subject: Issuance of End Use (No Objection) Certificate for import of Boric Acid – Clarification regarding


Policy Circular No. 16 (RE-07)/2004-2009 Dated:22.10.2007

All Regional Authorities/Customs Authorities
All Officers of DGFT (Hqrs.)

Subject:- Issuance of End Use (No Objection) Certificate for import of Boric Acid- Clarification regarding.

1. Attention is invited to Circular No.17-2/2004-PPI dated 4.5.2006 issued by Department of Agriculture and Cooperation, Ministry of Agriculture relating to “issuance of End Use Certificate” in the case of import of “Boric-Acid” for non-insecticidal purpose. This Circular can be downloaded from their website: and

2. Advance Authorization issued by Regional Authorities either under SION or under self-declaration basis as per Paragraph 4.7 of the Handbook of Procedures, Vol, I. In terms of above circular of Deptt. of Agriculture & Co-operation, Regional Authority of DGFT have been allowed to issue end-use certificate for allowing import of Boric Acid.

3. An Advance Authorization holder can apply to the Regional Authority for endorsement of End-Use Certificate clause in the advance authorization for import of Boric Acid for non-inseciticidal purpose as one of the inputs in export product.

4. Since Advance Authorization is issued with AU condition either to manufacturer exporter or merchant exporter tied up with manufactures, it has been decided that the Regional Authorities may henceforth endorse the following End-Use Certificate clause in the condition sheet attached to the advance authorization for duty free import of Boric Acid under the Scheme subject to the condition that the applicant/supporting manufacturer is an Actual user:-

“This advance authorization would also be deemed as End-Use Certificate for the purpose of import of Boric Acid under the scheme with Actual User condition in terms of aforesaid circular”

5. The Authorization holder would account for the quantity of Boric Acid at the time of applying for EODC or Bond waiver.

6. If Boric Acid is imported alone for re-export with change in physical form as per SION or ad-hoc norms as the case may be, condition of CIB registration will continue to be applicable.

This issues with the approval of DGFT.

(Tapan Mazumder)
Jt. Director General of Foreign Trade

(Issued from F.No.01/94/180/475/AM08/PC-I)

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