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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020730640Spring door stopper - satin nickel spring dooin nicke jumbo hige pin door stopper nickel finish 1/8 hollow wall anchor coat & hat
TaiwanLong Beach693CTN7,116****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020846610Tool bagtoilet tissue boxdoor stopper
ChinaLos Angeles1,100CTN17,648**** *****
30/Jan/2020210500"11 pallets = 311 cartons = 1, 043.280 pieces of 412167-10020 x-ring door lock actuator;150, 000 pcs 471351-10070 cushion sliding roof no.1;15, 000 pcs 471547-10030 stopper sliding roof;120.000 pcs see as attached
IndonesiaNew York311CTN3,140,840**** *****
29/Jan/2020392690, 401699, 392410Po no8867357-99014sku no.187689 case pack24 qty9840 desc. popcorn tubs 2pk(novelties) inv no.xw20010187 po no8867357-99014sku no.205400 case pack36 qty39312 bucket 9qt(novelties) inv no.xw20010187 shipper decla red that there is no regulated wood packagingmaterials.
po no8748999-99014sku no.214331 case pack24 qty2520 desc.bty crckr whisk/egg nylon inv no.xw20010181 po no 8748923-99014sku no.226524 case pack 24qty 3384 desc. spoon/spatula silicone red l ne inv no.xw20010183 po no 8756631-99014sku no.598292 case pack 48qty 9648 desc. esntls fly swatter set/2 astd (novelties) inv no.xw20010184 po no8748923-99014sku no.178053 case pack48 qty2544 desc.power clps nvlty 3pk 2 astd cs inv no.xw20010183 po no 8741295-99014sku no.177728 case pack 24qty15576 desc. fly swatter w/flower decor(no velties) inv no.xw20010180 po no 8748923-99014sku no.110877 case pack24 qty3768 desc. citrus squeezer(novelties) hs. no.3924104000 inv no.xw20010183 po no 8748923-99014sku no.297311 case pack 24qty 14664 desc. bag clip tinted color 3 piec e inv no.xw20010183 po no8748923-99014sku no.197030 case pack24 qty2688 desc. veggie brush rubber handle(novelties) inv no.xw20010183 po no8752900-99014sku no.842373 case pack24 qty10800 desc.scrb bud pot/pan brush(novelties) inv no.xw20010182 po no8748923-99014sku no.625277 case pack24 qty12216 desc.measuring cup/spoon 8pc(novelties) inv no.xw20010183 po no8748923-99014sku no.255870 case pack 24 qty1680 desc.bty crckr melamine tool asst inv no.xw20010183 po no8748923-99014sku no.307357 case pack24 qty5472 desc.2pk 6 bag clip inv no.xw20010183 po no8748923-99014sku no.196447 case pack24 qty10800 desc.spoon solid nylon red line(novelties) inv no.xw20010183 po no8748923-99014sku no.858617 case pack24 qty7872 desc.napkin holder plastic inv no.xw20010183
po no8760652-99014sku no.205944 case pack24 qty240 desc.door stoppers astd inv no.xw20010185 po no8756637-99014sku no.147169 case pack36 qty17280 desc.pitcher w/lid 2 qt(novelties) inv no.xw20010321 po no8756632-99014sku no.206576 case pack36 qty27792 desc.bucket w/handle (novelties) inv no.xw20010322
po no8867357-99014sku no.205400 case pack36 qty25236 bucket 9qt(novelties) inv no.xw20010187 po no8867357-99014sku no.186592 case pack24 qty13824 desc.bc fd store square 3pk 16.5z(noveltes) inv no.xw20010187
po no 8792272-99014sku no.930531 case pack 24qty 28032 desc. spoon/fork salad server 2pk (novelties) 3924104000 inv no. xw2001 0186 po no 8792272-99014sku no.188516 case pack 24qty 2232 desc. silver plastic oval tray hs.n o.3924102000 inv no.xw20010186 po no 8792272-99014sku no.931518 case pack 24qty 35328 de
ChinaLos Angeles11,911CTN43,248**** *****
27/Jan/2020401699Rubber door stopper hs code 401699
ChinaLong Beach30PKG457**** *****
26/Jan/2020220410Po#2010 door stopper po#2018 wooden wine rackthis shipment contains no solid wood packing materials.
ChinaLos Angeles269CTN3,579**** *****
25/Jan/2020851690Door cooking tray food probe wire shelf vaccuum stopper set halogen lamp drain pump stainless steel try temp . sensor operating panel water valve water conduit uper part operating panel hs code 85169000 73239310 90321000 73143900 40169900 73239310 90321000 85389030 84818010 39269000 85389040 cfs chicago
SwitzerlandNew York/newark Area Newark8PKG1,744**** *****
20/Jan/2020820551Po no8292951-99001sku no.14232 case pack24 qty240 desc.bty crckr stnls stl pizza cutr inv no.xw19120197 po no8292951-99001sku no.178053 case pack48 qty528 desc.power clps nvlty 3pk 2 astd cs inv no.xw19120197 po no8292891-99001sku no.197026 case pack48 qty576 desc.dtd digital kitchen timer(novelties) 00 inv no.xw19120196 po no8292951-99001sku no.236908 case pack24 qty1008 desc.dressing container travel cs(novelties) inv no.xw19120197 po no8300626-99001sku no.206348 case pack24 qty1152 hardware storage case(novelties) inv no.xw19120200 po no8292181-99001sku no.265232 case pack24 qty1176 desc.door knob & wall shield 2pk inv no.xw19120195 po no8279812-99001sku no.296400 case pack24 qty1224 desc.square 7.5 plate 2pk inv no.xw19120190 po no8285153-99001sku no.237416 case pack24 qty1296 desc.scrb bud garage brush 11.5in(noveltes) inv no.xw19120193 po no8289111-99001sku no.858703 case pack48 qty2976 desc.soap soft grip astd(novelties) inv no.xw19120194 po no8283252-99001sku no.191410 case pack24 qty1728 desc.water sprayr astd clrs 12z inv no.xw19120191 po no8292955-99001sku no.197030 case pack24 qty1896 desc.veggie brush rubber handle(novelties) inv no.xw19120198 po no8292891-99001sku no.297317 case pack24 qty1992 desc.lg bag clip 2pk 6in(noveltes) inv no.xw19120196 po no8285118-99001sku no.219865 case pack24 qty2376 desc.scrb bud soap dispensr rfl 2ct(novelties inv no.xw19120192 po no8285153-99001sku no.164609 case pack24 qty2376 desc.scrub buddies dust pan(novelties) inv no.xw19120193 po no8300626-99001sku no.205944 case pack24 qty2448 desc.door stoppers astd inv no.xw19120200 po no8285118-99001sku no.237182 case pack24 qty2568 desc.scrb bud scrub brush grip hndl(novelties inv no.xw19120192 po no8285118-99001sku no.842373 case pack24 qty3216 desc.scrb bud pot/pan brush (novelties) inv no.xw19120192 po no8292951-99001sku no.246366 case pack24 qty3360 desc.silicone sink strainer(novelties) inv no.xw19120197 po no8285118-99001sku no.864722 case pack24 qty3480 desc.scrb bud soap dispensing brush(novelties inv no.xw19120192 po no8289111-99001sku no.803779 case pack24 qty3480 desc.bath accessories plastic astd(novelties) inv no.xw19120194 po no8285118-99001sku no.989074 case pack24 qty3576 desc.scrb bud dust pan/brush 5.875(novelties) inv no.xw19120192 po no8285118-99001sku no.178445 case pack24 qty4056 desc.scrb bud toilet brush(novelties) inv no.xw19120192 po no8279812-99001sku no.296399 case pack24 qty4200 corner guards 4 count soft inv no.xw19120190 po no8756573-99001sku no.219389 case pack24 qty4560 rack black(noveltie),947CTN8,738**** *****
20/Jan/2020871500Baby playpen insta-cling car shades 2 pack black backseat mirror stroller hook carabiner2 pack large small door stopper corner guard
ChinaNorfolk2,037CTN11,435**** *****
19/Jan/2020960390"634 ctns po no 8285153-99005 sku no. 219863 case pack 24 qty 15216 desc. brillo iron scrubbrush(novelties) 9603908050 inv no. x w19120082 356 ctns po no 8292951-99005 sku no. 14232 case pack 24 qty 8544 desc. bty crckrstnls stl pizza cutr 8205513030 inv n o. xw19120084 48 ctns po no 8292951-99005 sku no. 14239 case pack 24 qty 1152 desc. bty cr ckr vegetable peeler 8205513030 inv no. xw19120084 296 ctns po no 8279812-99005 skuno. 296400 case pack 24 qty 7104 desc. squar e 7.5 plate 2pk 3924102000 inv no. xw19120080 167 ctns po no 8279812-99005 sku no. 296399 case pack 24 qty 4008 desc. pl corner guards 4 count soft 3924905650 inv no. xw19120080 9 ctns po no 8289111-99005 sku no . 225272 case pack 36 qty 324 desc. shower ring 12pk 3924905650 inv no. xw19120083 188 ctns po no 8289111-99005 sku no. 803779 case pack 24 qty 4512 desc. bath accessories plastic astd(novelties) 3924905650 inv no. xw19120083 122 ctns po no 8289111-99005 sku no. 858703 case pack 48 qty 5856 desc. soa p soft grip astd(novelties) 3924905650inv no. xw19120083 481 ctns po no 8300626-99 005 sku no. 205944 case pack 24 qty 11544 desc. door stoppers astd 4016991500 inv no. xw19120086 340 ctns po no 8300626-99005 sku no. 206348 case pack 24 qty 8160 desc. diy hardware storage case(novelties) 3924905650 inv no. xw19120086 373 ctns po no 82984 56-99005 sku no. 871633 case pack 48 qty 17904 desc. cone road block motivational 3924905650 inv no. xw19120085 475 ctns po no 8756573-99005 sku no. 219389 case pack 24 qty 11400 desc. dish rack black(noveltie) 3924905650 inv no. xw19120087 341 ctns po no 8285118-99005 sku no. 237317 case pack 24 qty8184 desc. scrb bd no scrtch scour w/hndl(no velties 9603908050 inv no. xw19120081 481 ctns po no 8285118-99005 sku no. 989090 case pack 24 qty 11544 desc. scrub bud iron hndl scrb brush(novelties 9603908050 invno. xw19120081 # territories, hong kong co ntact steven tel 8675581440618, fax:8675581440225 also notify: ups supply chain solutions 2031 s.centennial ave aiken, sc 29803 phone:8 03-502-6898 fax:803-502-7995 shipper declared there is no regulate d wood packaging materials.
ChinaSavannah4,311CTN14,432.19**** *****
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