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Find detailed US import data of display glass contains shipper and consignee name, value, quantity, weight and more trade statistics based on US customs bill of lading database.

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187 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020847990Grill pan glass door frame inner board chair (built furniture) sticker display cabinet stylers parasol sign board chicken box frame with glass cook maker refrigerator
Republic Of KoreaHonolulu53PKG5,184****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020730890Sunglass displayhs code:730890
ChinaJacksonville104CTN6,670**** *****
30/Jan/20203926900164d rhin multi 3mm hts 3926 90 4000 18 count velvet ring display hts 4420 90 8 2 ply 20lb jute 6oz 400ft hts 5307 20 0000 2pk wht jewel box hts 4819 50 4040 3 25x2 5in ear card w blk vlvt ctn hts 482 3 5 wht jewel box w fill hts 4819 50 4040 34in flock bead board hts 3924 90 5650 3ply 28 nat ju 5ske hts 5307 20 0000 6 strand fine hemp twine bright x20 0 ft hts 6 strnd fine hemp 200ft hts 5308 20 0000 6mm rnd wood bead hts 4421 99 9780 6pk 3x3 silv emb jewel box with fil l hts 7in strand 8mm spiral rnd crystal a b hts 7in strnd 3x4mm rondell crystal bd sapp hts 7in strng resin rhinstn beads 12mm whta hts 7in strung glass beads 8mm rnd oran ge hts 8mm glass pearls x12 in gold hts 7018 10 1 8x2 wht jewel box w fill hts 4819 50 4040 9in velvet jewelry stand hts 9618 00 0000 adhesive paper butterfly tag hts 4821 90 2 black hematite 6mm spacer hts 7116 20 300 brwn rounded rectangle hts 9601 90 2000 cntr mtl flgr x6 loop ang hts 7117 19 9000 fimo multi flower bds hts 3926 90 3500 floss keeper hts 3926 90 9990 gold crystal butterfly hts 7117 90 9000 jewelry dsply 6x6x13 in copper hts 7323 99 large yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 locker hook tool hts 7616 99 5190 medium yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 metallic cord silver hts 5605 00 9000 orange flat glass bead hts 9601 90 2000 pndt mtl leaf gld hts 7117 90 9000 pvc velvet earring card w vlvt hts 3923 90 recloseable bags 3x4 hts 3923 29 0000 silver feather chain hts 7117 90 9000 silver plated metal celtic hts 7117 90 900 small jwlry hang tags pb upc stckr hts 482 small yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 spinning top jtree hts 7323 99 9080 str 14 in bd mtl tube strp brz sil hts 830 str 14in bd clay asst mlt hts 6914 90 8000 str 14in chn mtl rope twst oxc hts 7117 19 str 14in gls sd bd mu lim hts 7018 10 5000 str 7in bd cer 8mm flw blk wht hts 6914 90 str 7in bd gls 4mm fct bur hts 7018 10 500 str 7in bd mtl 10mm l hl gld hts 8308 90 3 str 7in bd mtl 10mm l hl sil hts 8308 90 3 str acrylic connectors clear hts 7117 90 9 str bd 14 cntr mtl gears mult hts 7117 90 str bd 7 gls sq grn gold hts 7018 10 5000 str bd 7 mtl hrts mlt ans hts 8308 90 3000 str bd 7 mtl scr fwr mult hts 8308 90 3000 str bd 7 pls rose red hts 3926 90 3500 str bd 7in pls 14mm strp wht rd hts 3926 9 str bd mtl bird oxc hts 8308 90 3000 str bd mtl buddah head ans hts 8308 90 300 str bd mtl music notes oxs hts 8308 90 300 str ceramic yin yang hts 6914 90 8000 str cntr 7 mtl flgre leaf gold hts 7117 90 str glass xl teardrop clear ab hts 7117 90 str gls dia red hts 3926 90 3500 str lmp flt rnd bds red wwht dot hts 7018 str mtl ltrn bds hts 8308 90 3000 str turquoise drop circle rondelle hts 392 strand fiesta fish multi 7in hts 7116 20 3 strnd 10mm gld wings asst hts 7018 10 5000 strnd 10mm rnd grn jasper hts 7116 20 3000 strnd 10mm silv wings lt sapph hts 7018 1 strnd 10mm silv wings crystl hts 7018 10 strnd 20mm gld wings crystl hts 7018 10 50 strnd 21mm silv wings crystl hts 7018 10 strnd 4mm natural pearls hts 7116 10 2500 strnd 6mm rnd amthChinaLos Angeles1,271CTN4,68193,620 *****
30/Jan/2020900410Sunglasses hts code 9004 10 0000 display hts
ChinaLos Angeles460CTN2,02440,480 *****
30/Jan/2020980400------------ trhu2119169 description---------1x20dc container shipper s loaded count (18 crates + 83 cartons + 8 wraps) used personal effects household goods h.s.code 9804.0045 details as per invoice rh001`2562 shiva buddha statue tv table glass top cabinet table with glass top piano display stand lamp model house pictures with frame musical instrument paperback books hardcover books documents used clothes music cds power banks, dumb bells trumpets, set weights drinking spirits blanket epson scanner christmas tree wicker birdcage exercise weight plastic case white ceramic vase christmas items kitchen items men s eye glass book ends hair clippers and dryers chinese ceramic vase fragile glasses books knives epson printer, cds used clothes pictures/posters toys, ps3, gaming console boxes, toys golfballs toys, games coffee maker/kitchen items kitchen plasticware pictures in the kitchen hand dryer office pictures audio records hats bow parts battery charger, shoes cds, dvds globe dishes pictures pictures from office computer, photos hangers guitar amplifier, posters books drinking glasses and cups electronics model airplanes tool box steel chair hocket stick archery tools, hardware iron railings, clan, fiddle fish tank tools clothes wooden box yellow tool box dirnking glasses automotive tools planters flower pot suite case guiter steel tool cabinet cart chair bicycle chair ++ c/o: mr. richard lawrence horton ref hbl:ameh1905889dtr apl hbl : freight prepaid email : vikya -------------generic description-------------
ThailandNorfolk109PCS3,492****** *****
29/Jan/2020521042Carib lager beer/cups 1 x 20ft standard container stc 504 ct mackeson stout 4x6x330 ml bottles 208 ct carib lager beer 24x295ml cans 192 ct stag lager beer 4x6x275 ml bottles packed in container 1 ct caib stein cups 1 ct carib disposable cups 3 ct carib gift bags 3 ct caribe stemless wine glasses 4 pcs caribe feather flags 3 pcs caribe floor displays 2 rolls carib shelf paper 1 ct carib shelf strips 1 ct caribe coasters
Trinidad And TobagoPort Everglades923CTN11,15324,588 *****
28/Jan/2020520527As per purchase order number:1023751094 item number:1407783 rs pie stand as per purchase order number:1023808045 item number:1407781 rs iron 3-pot with tray item number:1407782 rs iron 3-pot with basket item number:1407784 rs metal hanging planter item number:1407785 rs 15 plant stand as per purchase order number:1024033126 item number:1411781 rs tiered bee planter item number:1411798 rs lg solar iron glass lantern item number:1411973 rs weather vane/windmill chime asst item number:1412221 rs metal rooster 3d windchime item number:1412222 rs planter rooster head tail red item number:1412223 rs planter rooster head tail blue item number:1412224 rs large red metal truck planter item number:1412225 rs red iron tractor planter sku 1412226 rs solar lamp red sku 1412227 rs solar lamp white item number:1412228 rs colorful metal rooster wall planters sku 1412229 rs tin rooster 2ft sku 1412400 rs metal windmill item number:1412401 rs ceiling tiles-bee metal white sku 1412402 rs solar lantern lg sku 1412403 rs little metal chicks item number:1412404 rs metal birdhouse chimes sku 1412406 rs solar lamp teal item number:1412407 rs lg. watering can planter wood handle item number:1412408 rs hanging solar planter black sku 1412409 rs feeding chick item number:1412410 rs hanging solar planter white sku 1412411 rs iron lantern solar asst. item number:1412412 rs metal tractor chimes asst. sku 1412414 rs solar lamp black sku 1412415 rs solar lamp green sku 1412416 rs metal 3 tier planter sku 1412417 rs farmhouse bench item number:1412418 rs metal garden stake item number:1412419 rs feeding metal hen rust item number:1412420 rs white pitcher birdhouse item number:1412421 rs white ceiling tile star item number:1412422 rs animal crossing signs asst item number:1412426 rs blue metal planter item number:1412427 rs white metal hanging planters item number:1412428 rs blue tub planter sku 1412429 rs iron pink pig sku 1412430 rs iron solar windchime item number:1412431 rs iron rooster winchimes asst item number:1412432 rs iron bee/hen windchime item number:1412434 rs iron big colorfull rooster item number:1412435 rs ceiling tile flower- white item number:1412436 rs iron solar lamp-red item number:1412437 rs iron solar lamp-black sku 1412440 rs iron goat item number:1412441 rs iron birdhoused windchime item number:1412442 rs chicken feed planter item number:1412443 rs flower stand planter item number:1412444 rs metal tray side table item number:1412445 rs metal basket planter item number:1412446 rs coal bucket chicken planter sku 1412447 rs egg wire basket sku 1412449 rs black barn star item number:1412450 rs black 5 in iron planter sku 1412451 rs standing chick sku 1420472 rs iron round trellis item number:1424391 rs black iron tractor planter sku 1429716 rs black crackle rooster item number:1456221 display rs solar rooster stake item number:1456222 display rs solar welcome light pole item number:1456223 display rs iron solar flower item number:1456224 display rs iron trellChinaNew York/newark Area Newark4,381PCS38,546**** *****
28/Jan/2020844120"pvc bags
pvc bags pvc bags, cape po#117077 . electric nail file nail tip display plastic storage mask nail tip guide practice face glass jar po#115550/116721/117059/117234 . pin curl clips pump dispenser bottle assorted clip set bobby pins soak-off clips single prong pin curl clips . tripod order no. 3594-00 cotton rounds . foot file nail file pedicure set nail brush sponge toe separators nail clipper tweezer eyebrow razors po#117307-00 . brush beard comb applicator bottle hair color kit po no. 117315, 116720, 117426, 3601, 3607, 3622 . actual shipper next design (hk) ltd. efeng industry co., limited beauty angel ltd guangzhou leader imp. & limited on behalf of king fortress(hong kong)ltd taikone technologies inc. horizon industry development ltd. topaxen limited @tel 755-82382877 fax 755-82382875
ChinaNew York/newark Area Newark1,798CTN16,248**** *****
28/Jan/2020830250White flex single shelf caddy po#10019988306 conceal large nickel schnook overdoor single hook white 13 oz. step soap pump white flex single shelf caddy white flex gel-lock hook white hideaway storage display shelf white/gold trigg ceramic pencil cup white artista kids art frame white bungee overdoor towel rack 18 clear tubo countertop organizer white flex gel-lock soap dish charcoal udry drying rack espresso hookaboo 4-hook 13-5/8 x 3 titanium handy hook set of 3 terrace jewelry organizer charcoal udry mini drying rack holster dish rack clear carrel tall container woodrow wastebasket spruce white bask shower caddy white bubble multi hook glass round jewelry organizer w/lid white estique organizer 5 hooks grey stash organizer white sticks multi-hook rack clear droplet soap dish 5-5/8 x 4 natural woodrow wastebasket 9 diam. bullet board 15x21 nickel brushed nickel penguin soap pump white yook key hook & organizer cappa wall mounted paper towel white buddy hook set of 3 clear droplet pump dispenser 3-1/4 white estique otd 14 hook rack teardrop pump dispenser 3-1/2 diam. schnook 5 hook otd subway multi-hook rack pendant trianglescf copper gold circa bracelet & ring holder gold glamour jewelry tray with linen hs code 8302.50.00.00 8302.50.00.00 3924.90.00.00 3926.40.00.00 3924.90.00.00 4420.90.90 6912.00.10.00 3924.90 8302.42.00.00 3926.90.90.90 3924.90.00.00 3924.10.00.00 8302.50.00.00 8302.50.00.00 4420.10.90.90 3924.10.00.00 3926.90.90.90 3926.40.00.00 4421.99.90.90 3924.90.00.00 3926.90.90.90 7013.99.00.00 8302.50.00.00 6307.90.00.00 3926.90.90.90 3924.90.00.00 4421.99.90.90 7314.50.00.00 3924.90.00.00 8302.50.00.00 7323.93.00.00 3926.40.00.00 3924.90.00.00 8306.29.90.00 7324.90.00.00 8302.50.00.00 8308.10.00.00 8302.50.00.00 8306.29.90.00 8306.29.90.00 this shipment contains no solid wood packing materials.
ChinaBaltimore2,582CTN7,321**** *****
28/Jan/2020910812Display board 8310000000 watch box 4202920000glasscontainers 7013421000
ChinaLong Beach797CTN14,715**** *****
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