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19 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
29/Jan/202087089909 cardboard boxes into 01 pallet oil dipstick oil dipstick tube ncm 8708.9990; 9026.1029 du-e 19br001780553-7 invoice 336-19 nw 45.750 kgs gw 74.800 kgs m 1.152 wooden packing treated and certified kn ref 7220-0878-912.016 scac code ams bl number banq sao1584624 hs-code 870899 continued consignee and notify phone fax 313-592-1239 randy gatchalian po - 66027
BrazilNew York9BOX75**** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Jan/202087089995 cardboard boxes into 06 pallets oil dipstick oil dipstick tube ncm 8708.9990; 9026.1029 du-e 19br001780479-4 invoice 335-19 nw 683.800 kgs gw 913.500 kgs m 8.920 kn ref 7220-0878-912.015 scac code ams bl number banq sao1584621 hs-code 870899 wooden packing treated and certified
BrazilNew York95BOX914**** *****
25/Jan/2020392220"plastic housing cover, strainer bracket, clamptube assy, dipstick po#5502024648/5502024649/ 5502024656/5502024662/ 5502024665
ChinaMobile1,437CTN6,649**** *****
24/Jan/2020860610Auto spare fuel tank outside mirror assy ola logo tooling fan blade dipstick tube
TaiwanLos Angeles113CTN1,287**** *****
22/Jan/2020841430"backplate guide, air tube, dipstick assy bracket cover po 5502024937/5502024942 5502024948/5502024954 5502024977/5502024982 5502024985/5502024990 freight collect jiangsu province .china fax doc uments to:1(843) 486-5382 email doc uments to:us-briggsnstratton-import trans international, llc n93 w16288 megal drive men omonee falls, wi 5305 1-1503
ChinaMobile568PCS10,552**** *****
22/Jan/202090261033 cardboard boxes into 03 pallets oil dipstick oil dipstick tube ncm 90261029; 87089990 du-e 19br001747814-5 invoice 329-19 nw 264.98 kg gw 368.50 kg m3 3.660 cbm wooden packing treated and certified scac code ams bl number banq sao1584465 hs-code 902610 kn ref 7220-0878-912.014
BrazilNew York33BOX369**** *****
22/Jan/2020741210Cylinder head bare cursor 9l dipstick tube assy exhaustrocker arm assy filter assembly en gine oil injector copper washerturbo supply line bracket valve cover 4 bolt lower add
ChinaLos Angeles2PKG775**** *****
10/Jan/2020841581"screw, shoulder slotted head mach valve, needle assy float, carburetor crankshaft assy tank, fuel assy shaft, balance plug, drain assy wire, ground assy cup, starter gasket, muffler rewind assy cover, crankcase shield, cylinder lever, governor assy seal, base hose, breather shield hose, fuel cylinder/sleeve assy a nd machining dipstick assy stud, exhaust muffler/guard assy housing, switch assy blower/rewind housing assy ring, piston (top) ring, piston (middle) ring, expander ring, oil arm, rocker cover, retainer tang, governor idle spring bracket, regulator pin, cotter dowel, sleeve lock, retainer retainer, valve spring cap, valve spring, valve pushrod adapter, carbur etor fan, flywheel gasket, exhaust tube, breather screw, hex washer hd thd rolling starter, rewind assy key bearing, ball screen assy oil fill tube/dipstick assy gear, cam assy bracket, control assy coil, ignition assy seat, needle valve jet, main screw, hex washer headgasket, air cleaner tank, fuel (p-290 black) assy screw, mounting carburetor (plugged) as sy guard, muffler valve, intake valve, exhaust tappet, valve crankshaft/bearing assy gear/release assy screw, tapping hex washer head engine packed dn: 0800741072 0800741073 0800741074 0800743201 0800743408 0800743494 0800749497 0800749630 0800749498 0800743616 0800749465 0800749466 0800749496 0800736686 0800718248 0800736596 0800730544 0800730547 0800730548
ChinaLong Beach35PKG14,680**** *****
08/Jan/202087089913 cardboard boxes into 01 pallet oil dipstick oil dipstick tube ncm 8708.9990; 9026.1029 du-e 19br001705509-0 invoice 319-19 continued consignee and notify phone fax 313-592-1239 randy gatchalian po - 66027 nw 75.50 kg gw 107.90 kg m3 1.188 cbm wooden packing treated and certified scac code ams bl number banq sao1584077 hs-code 870899 kn ref 7220-0878-912.011
BrazilNew York13BOX108**** *****
03/Jan/2020401699"stowed on 2 pallets, slac automotive parts coolant flange, repair kit, track control arm, control valve, oil trap, expansion tank, bellow, wet sump, hydraulic filter, knock sensor, oil pressure switch, oil plan, seal, breather hose, coolant tube, hose, radiator hose, brake hose, brake light switch, bearing bracket, q throttle body, sensor, belt tensioner, oil dipstick, fan, oil pan, water pump, ball joint, sender unit hs code 40169952, 40199957, 84099900, 80788099, 90138080, 40093200, 84212920, 84818059, 84213985, 40169957, 87089997, 40169300, 87089199, 87084099, 85365019, 85365011, 39174000 treated and certified scac ssll ams ref. bos800136
GermanyBoston2PKG2424,840 *****
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