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Find detailed US import data of diisobutylaluminum hydride contains shipper and consignee name, value, quantity, weight and more trade statistics based on US customs bill of lading database.

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
27/Jan/2020292145"3x1635l empty portable tank(sk u#1418 - tiba / triisobutylalu minum) cylinder no. aapt0008 91 1, 070.00kg aapt000911 1, 075.00kg aapt000927 1, 086.00 kg 2x1635l empty portable t ank(sku#1801 - dibah / diisobu tylaluminum hydride ) cylind er no. aapt001246 890.00kg aapt001442 889.00kg 2x1880 l empty portable tank(sku#1801 - dibah / diisobutylaluminum hydride ) cylinder no. aapt 002604 1, 076.00kg aapt002504 1, 074.00kg 2x1635l empt y portable tank(sku#1511 - tno a / trioctylaluminium) cylind er no. aapt000897 1, 095.00kg aapt000973 878.00kg 1x16 35l empty portable tank(sku#13 49 - tea / triethylaluminum) cylinder no. aapt000916 1, 09 6.00kg return empty cylin ders (ref 4900055742, 49000567 60, 4900056440, 490005703 8, 4900055390, 4900056759) re sidue last contained un3394, o rganometallic substance, liqui d, pyrophor ic, water-reactiv e (diisobutylaluminum hydride, triisobutylaluminum, tnoa- ca talyst grade, triethylaluminum ), 4.2 (4.3), pg i, flash poi nt = spontaneously combustible , ems, f-g, s-m, (spontaneous ly combustible and dangerous w hen wet labels a ppl d) -- i n an emergency call, usa 225-3 44-7147 albemarle security --
Republic Of KoreaHouston10TNK10,229.13**** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
20/Jan/2020292145"6x1635l empty portable tank(sk u#1801 - dibah / diisobutylalu minum hydride ) cylinder no. aapt001278 864.0kg aapt001 432 889.0kg aapt001380 869. 00kg aapt001334 854.00kg aa pt001455 876.00kg aapt001256 898.00kg 1x1880l empty po rtable tank(sku#1801 - dibah / diisobutylaluminum hydride ) cylinder no. aapt002265 1, 066.00kg 3x1635l empty port able tank(sku#1511 - tnoa / tr ioctylaluminium) cylinder no. aapt000754 1, 085.00kg aapt 000884 1, 077.00kg aapt000888 1, 089.00kg return empty cylinders (ref 4900056760, 49 00057038, 4900056440, 49000562 8 1, 4900055742) residue last contained un3394, organom etallic substance, liquid, pyr ophor ic, water-reactive (dii sobutylaluminum hydride, tnoa- catalystgrade), 4.2 (4.3), pg i, flash point = spontaneousl y combustible, ems, f-g, s-m, (spontaneously combustible an d dangerous when wet labels a ppl d) -- in an emergency ca ll, usa 225-344-7147 albemarle security --
Republic Of KoreaHouston10TNK9,566.88**** *****
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