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13 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Jan/2020640419Gold tableware s po 1225088 item 13934816 cla gold dinner plat po 1225091 item 13934797 cla purple t set for po 1225102 item 13934820 cla silver t set for po 1225107 item 13934818 cla yellow t set for po 1225130 item 13934817 cla orange t set for po 1225216 item 13934821 cla green tableware po 1225223 item 13934819 clas burgundy t set f po 1225234 item 13934824 cla black tableware po 1225239 item 13934823 clas red tableware se po 1225257 item 13934814 cla patriotic pl astic fringe garla po 1235348 it
gold dessert pla po 1225090 item 13934807 cla gold dessert pla po 1225122 item 13934815 cla yellow dinner pl po 1225128 item 13934798 cla yellow dinner pl po 1225253 item 13934773 cla blue tableware s po 1225269 item 13934822 cla oh the pla ces cupcake wrapper po 1227231 ite plastic army men po 1230022 item 39 144 hts railroad v bs glow buddies po 1232942 item 13 insect fing er puppets po 1234170 item 12 186 god bless america plastic bunt po 1234233 ite metal lock handcuffs w keys po 1234514 item 1 plastic whoop ee cushions 4dz po 1234527 it vp pl army men 18pcs pbh 6 po 1235188 item constructi on vbs plastic worke po 1235513 it insect fing er puppets po 1236201 item 12 186 plastic flam ingo picks 6dz po 1237622 item plastic hibi scus picks 6dz po 1237788 item pink ribbo n wall pennants 2pc po 1237903 it stretchable 1 5 spiders po 1238348 item 16 3 trainparty hat po 1239574 item 13943099 hts hobby lobb y army men 18pc pbh po 1240272 it
gold lunch napki po 1225092 item 13934786 cla purple 9oz cups po 1225098 item 13934779 clas purple dessert p po 1225099 item 13934811 cla purple dinner pl po 1225100 item 13934801 cla purple lunch nap po 1225101 item 13934790 cla silver dinner pl po 1225105 item 13934799 cla silver lunch nap po 1225106 item 13934788 cla white 9oz cup po 1225118 item 13934774 class white dinner pla po 1225120 item 13934796 cla white lunch napk po 1225121 item 13934785 cla yellow lunch nap po 1225129 item 13934787 cla orange dessert p po 1225213 item 13934812 cla orange lunch nap po 1225215 item 13934791 cla green lunch napk po 1225222 item 13934789 cla burg lunch napki po 1225232 item 13934783 cla black 9oz cups po 1225235 item 13939677 class black lunch napk po 1225238 item 13934782 cla red dinner plate po 1225255 item 13934792 cla red lunch napkin po 1225256 item 13934784 cla blue lunch napki po 1225268 item 13934781 cla county fai r beverage napkin po 1232466 item countyfair dessert plate po 1232467 item 1394 county fai r lunch napkin po 1232469 item 139 d&b tekno newborns po 1234660 item 13821857 deluxe 54 key keyboard po 1236102 item 137834 shark food safe leak pro po 1236831 item 85 shark food safe leak pro po 1240499 item 85
gold 9oz cups po 1225089 item 13934775 class silver 9oz cups po 1225103 item 13934777 clas silver dessert p po 1225104 item 13934809 cla white dessert pl po 1225119 item 13934806 cla yellow 9oz cups po 1225126 item 13934776 clas yellow dessert p po 1225127 item 13934808 cla orange 9oz cups po 1225
ChinaLos Angeles4,430CTN49,414988,295 ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Jan/2020710410Dinner plate dinnerwr set 16pc dinnerware set
salad plate square bowl cereal bowl dinnerwr set 16pc dinnerware set serving bowl creamer pitcher tray tray oval platter lg ramekin ramekin ramekin serve bowl sugar bowl teapot dip bowl app plate coffee mug mug cereal bowl sm ramekin ramekin lrg ramekin ramekin
mug dinnerwr set 16pc dinnerware set dinner plate salad plate cereal bowl mug dinnerwr set 16pc dinnerware set dinner plate salad plate serving bowl butter dish serving bowl dessert std dessert stand
ChinaLong Beach5,269CTN45,736**** *****
25/Jan/2020401290Rubber stair treads-stars rubber stair tread s-butterfly rubber stair treads -sunflower rubber stair treads-scroll rubber stair trea ds-basketweave rubber stair treads-leaves r efrigerator egg drawer plate cradles salad/ dessert plate cradles dinner spice clips
Viet NamLong Beach1,264CTN10,954**** *****
22/Jan/2020691200"13443 pieces 93 packages idshp: 991-cp-s16467 store 019-dt ikea home furnishing products hs code q ty article n/a 72pcs 50445301 12413-sup-ecis18962 j rp n cvr back cshn 62x4outdoor dark grey us 630790 720pcs 70118968 12413-sup-ecis18962 j ll laund bag/stand 70 lwhite 420292 3000pcs 00330487 12413-sup-ecis18962 knalla bag 47 l black/whi630493 384pcs 70391750 12413-sup-ecis19008 fr s n cvr seat cshn 62x6outdoor dark grey us 630619 280pcs 99304696 12413-sup-ecis19008 frakta tarpaulin 240x310 940169 32pcs 50313094 19053-sup-ofecis20475 falholmen chr w armrstslight brown stained 940360 98pcs 60240035 19053-sup-ofecis20475 askholmen table, out 60foldable lbrwn stnd 940360 256pcs 40413131 19053-sup-ofecis20476 pplar n chair out fol brown stained 940360 56pcs 60312857 19053-sup-ofecis20477 pplar storage cabinet 77x58 brown stained 940169 44pcs 70208539 19053-sup-ofecis20477 pplar reclining chair foldable brown stain 940360 90pcs 80321021 19053-sup-ofecis20477 askholmen n table f wal70x44 folding lbrwn s 940360 108pcs 10300499 19717-sup-023662 skogsta wll shlf 120x25 acac 441990 144pcs 80320347 19717-sup-023662 sm ta chopping board 72x28 acacia 630790 2856pcs 10300319 20143-sup-ecis9827 dr na box 33x38x33 black u630790 1836pcs 40443977 20143-sup-ecis9827 dr na n box 33x38x33 orang630790 1020pcs 10300319 20143-sup-ecis9840 dr na box 33x38x33 black un/a 252pcs 40464861 20143-sup-ecis9840 lurvig cat house 33x38x33 us 940389 450pcs 90224048 20173-sup-ecis9095 skubb laund bag/stand 80l white n/a 8pcs 40441025 21520-sup-ecis13517 misterhult pend lmp 45 bana 940520 48pcs 90155040 21520-sup-ecis13517 b ja table lamp nickel-plated/bamboo na n/a 189pcs 90437634 21520-sup-ecis13517 misterhult table lamp 36 bamboo na 940599 12pcs 00441070 21520-sup-ecis13517 gottorp pend lampshade 55bamboo n/a 288pcs 00304233 22422-sup-ecis6794 behagfull cutlery s20 821599 1200pcs 50090381 22422-sup-ecis6794 dragon dessert spoon 6-p total 13443 pcs 76 one member limited lialibility company nam dinh forest products joint stock company ngoc son bamboo and rattan enterprise ngocson handicraft and furniture tae yang hanoi co, ltd thang long joint stock company - talimex woodsland joint stock company customs department ikea2.usdo phone: 484 803 9015 notify party 2: 60024-esp-1 geodis usa, inc. 5101 south broad street philadelphia, pa, 19112, united states of ameattn: attn: ikea account. phone: 215 238 8600/ fax: 215 238 8578
Viet NamNew York/newark Area Newark93PCS18,050284,618 *****
16/Jan/2020392350"lid dome plate dessert hot towel delta box, grey tongs soap, freshorize 5 pkgs =5 plts s c#atn19800 group a no s.w.p.m. hs-code 392350 auto nvocc 8041 banqsha7853553
ChinaLos Angeles5PKG1,147**** *****
09/Jan/2020848220"gh plaza cafe 12pc dw mainstays cobalt rainforest 16 pc dw set, cobalt, mainstays linen rainforest 16 pc dw set, lin en, plaza cafe 8.5in dessert plate, red, stonewa re plaza cafe 6in bowl, white, stoneware plaza cafe 15oz ceramic cup, red, stoneware - os plaza cafe 15oz ceramic cup, plaza cafe 15oz ceramic cup, plaza cafe 10.5in dp, white, plaza cafe 6in bowl, red,
ChinaLos Angeles2,378CTN18,689**** *****
06/Jan/2020392410"confetti-mixed stars confetti-mixed stars cake server mini footed dessert cup for food use 9 inch plastic plates for food use cups-happy birthday for food use cups-plstc-solid colors-16.5oz for food use po#w0402154/ w0402489/ 9163353/ 9163180 (hts 3924102000, 3924104000, 9505904000 ) this shipment contains no wood packaging materials
ChinaLos Angeles824CTN7,098**** *****
02/Jan/2020630790, 392350"lid dome medium yc slipper light blue w logo slippers d1 w logo 20 pkgs=20plts hs-code 392350 s c#1917099l bullet 30-2t 9900000259 a c delta airlines no s.w.p.m. auto nvocc banqsha7844795
hot towel delta box grey tongs towel hot disposable scented slippers d1 w logo lid dome plate dessert deodorant, spray freshorize 20 pkgs=20 plts hs-code 630790
ChinaNew York/newark Area Newark40PKG7,690**** *****
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