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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Jan/2020030759"seafood medley, cleaned squid, seafood mix, cleaned cuttlefish, cleaned octopus, cooked blue mussel, argentina shrimp, scallop, octopus tentacle, frozen hardshell clams, cooked mussel meat, squid ring & tentacle and frozen clams meat
ThailandBoston4,130CTN19,029**** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020210390"soy bean paste 1 container 60 boxes 2, 394 ctns 372 b dles(1, 265 boxes) ------------------------- 2, 826 packages (3, 719 packages) japanese general food stuffs soy bean paste frozen cuttlefish japanese style alimentary paste frozen mackerel pike prepared mackerel frozen oyster prepared mackerel-pike wheat cake bean cake rice cake frozen shumai dumpling prozen potato cake pound cake wheat cake frozen fish cake fried bean curd prepared fried bean curd prepared salmon pasta frozen soy bean frozen seaweed frozen malted soy beans frozen soybean frozen green onion frozen prepared crawfish prepared octopus frozen fish cake soy bean paste buckwheat flour frozen sardine soy bean paste refrigerated cargo hs code 2103.90 0307.43 1905.90 1902.20 1604.20 1604.11 2008.19 1605.40 2008.99 1102.90 2106.90 reefer container
JapanNew York/newark Area Newark3,719PKG16,086**** *****
30/Jan/2020180620"cargo is stowed in a refrigerated container sat the shipper s requested carrying temperatuof -21 degrees celsius 1 x 40 rh container total 1870 cartons only total one thousand eight hundred seventy car only frozen cuttlefish whole cleaned (sepia pharaonis) spec:iqf, bulk 22 lb/cartonno solid wood packing material gross wt.:45, 665.400 lbs. (20, 757.000 kgs.) net wt.41, 140.000 lbs. (18, 700.000 kgs.) temperature meter no.:s19030092 freight prepaid discharge port agent: cma cgm (america) llc 5701 lake wright drive norfolk united states tel:+1 757 961 2100 fax:+1 757 961 2151
MalaysiaLos Angeles1,870PCS25,507**** *****
30/Jan/2020030752"frozen octopus whole, cuttlefish whole 800 cartons frozen octopus whole cleaned brand golden bay packing 12 x 2 lbs 800 cartons frozen cuttlefish whole cleaned if brand pro ocean packing 10 kg bulk total 1600 cartons sb no 9264557 / 27.12.2019 net weight 16716.800 kgs eec 762 hs code 030752 freight prepaid reefer container temperature set at -21.0 degrees celsius
IndiaLos Angeles1,600CTN18,909**** *****
30/Jan/2020030759"frozen golden threadfin bream frozen golden threadfin bream frozen cleaned cuttlefish frozen loligo squid frozen whole cleaned baby octopus frozen cut common octopus frozen octopus stick frozen leather jacket fish(sample) net weight 21, 108.50 lbs gross weight 25, 893.00 lbs reefer container temperature set at -18.0 degrees c.
ThailandLos Angeles1,044CAS11,745**** *****
30/Jan/2020030380Frozen tilapia whole round frozen curry fish ball with roe frozen cuttlefish ball frozen milkfish ball frozen fish ball frozen pollock ball frozen shrimp ball frozen fish tofu frozen tilapia whole round reefer container temperature set at -18.0 degrees centigrade
TaiwanLos Angeles1,238CTN20,526**** *****
30/Jan/2020170240"freight prepaid cargo is stowed in a refrigerated container sat the shipper s requested carrying temperatuof -20 degrees celsius frozen seafoods sushi cuttlefish mongo ika total : 330 ctns net weight: 2, 772.00 kgs 2nd notify party: omega chb international inc. 5246 w.111th street los angeles, ca 90045. part load container(s) covered by bls:sgn0694sgn0701579
Viet NamLos Angeles330PCS8,000**** *****
30/Jan/2020160420"frozen fermented soybeans 40 ref x 1 hq container ------------------------- 1, 467 cartons 709 bundles (2, 329 boxes) -------------------------- 2, 176 packages frozen japanese foodstuffs - as per attached sheets - frozen fermented soybeans japanese buckwheat noodle frozen confectionery frozen assorted fish cake frozen seasoned cuttlefish frozen fish cake frozen fish cake (stick) frozen oden (fish cake) frozen seasoned baked egg frozen fermented soybean frozen egg wrapper frozen shredded baked egg fermented soybeans @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ invoice no. spdl1911113 hs code 1604.20 reefer container temperature set at -20.0 c.
JapanLos Angeles3,796PKG18,682**** *****
30/Jan/2020030792"frozen japanese style noodle 40 ref x 1 hq container ------------------------- 1, 310 cartons 720 cases 10 packages 460 bundles (1, 358 boxes) -------------------------- 2, 500 packages frozen japanese foodstuffs - as per attached sheets - frozen yuzu fruit peel frozen fermented soybeans frozen japanese style noodle frozen wheat noodle w/o soup japan style noodle salted seaweed baked wheat cake bean cake bean cake with matcha rice cake seasoned fried bean curd fried bean curd fried bean curd in seasoned soysauce seasoned dried bean curd frozen sillago frozen pacific ocean perch frozen mackerel seasoned royal fern frozen vinegared mackerel fillet frozen seasoned cuttlefish frozen scallop (wild) frozen cooked octopus frozen seasoned crawfish frozen seasoned horse mackerel frozen seasoned atka mackerel frozen shumai skin frozen fermented soybeans frozen fermented soybean fermented soybeans frozen pasta frozen seasoned bean curd @@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@ invoice no. spdl1910086 hs code 0307.92 reefer container temperature set at -20.0 c.
JapanLos Angeles3,398PKG17,618**** *****
28/Jan/20200307431873 mctns frozen cuttlefish w hole cleaned iqf (sepia phara onis) h.s.code: 030743 100 m ctns frozen cuttlefish whole c leaned iqf (sepia aculeata) h.s.code: 030743 net weight : 19730.000 kgs (43406.000 lbs ) frozen weight: 21703.000 kg s (47746.600 lbs) shipping bill no.: 9374231 date: 01.01 .2020
IndiaNew York/newark Area Newark1,973CTN21,702.95**** *****
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