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28 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020710410Pc pipe cutter set smart home 3v hand engraver with tips quick change utility knife pc set with refill blades
ChinaSeattle175CTN1,199****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020821194"raze bag cutter 12 pk dfc blades with 3 hole s s4 safety cutter, right handed blades h.s code:8211.94, 8211.93, 8214.10 309ctns s .t.c. 2plts(196ctns)+113ctns= 115pkgs
TaiwanLos Angeles309CTN2,030**** *****
30/Jan/2020470710T c t circular swablades yellow stripping s tationery poster reamer plastic tubing pl astic bag pcd circular sawblade paper boxes figer joint cutter corrugated paper
TaiwanLos Angeles487CTN13,514**** *****
29/Jan/2020851010"msku9154609 40/dry 9 6 shippe r s seal: ml-cn052324 6 4970 carton gross weight: 8794.1 kg s measurement: 67.43 cbm ws f4810usa womens single foil h.s.code:851010 lot 2 (p. o.#4502261941) p/n:931017 item no. wsf4810usa 540 c tns /2160 pcs wsf4810usa wo mens single foil h.s.code: 851010 lot 3 (p.o.#45022619 47) p/n:931017 item no. wsf4810usa 540 ctns /2160 p cs pr1235bcdn rem rotary shaver power series rech l ot 4 (p.o.#4502261946) p/n: 911810 h.s.code: 851010 item no. pr1235bcdn 686 ctn s /1372 pcs f5-5800b mens d ual shaver h.s.code:851010 lot 65 (p.o.#4502262077) p/n:908719 item no. f5-580 0b 1100 ctns /2200 pcs p r1362b rem rptary shaver r5 100 titanium series lot 2 ( p.o.#4502266072) p/n:930508 h.s.code: 851010 spare parts for shaver item no. p r1362b 1050 ctns /2100 pcs 9680 single use blade asby for 9681 50 ea/ca lot 1- 840 (p.o.# 4502259548) p/n: 89712 h.s.code:851090 it em no. 9680 840 ctns /25200 0 pcs 3m 9600 surgical clip per h.s.code:851090 lot 1-180 (p.o.# 4502262073) p/ n:82602 item no. 9600 18 0 ctns /72000 pcs spf300 tr iple head spare part h.s.c ode:851090 lot 89 (p.o.#450 2265510) p/n:907094 item no. spf300 8 ctns /3840 pc s sprcdn rotary shaver spar e part h.s.code:851090 lot 18 (p.o.#4502265674) p /n:88220 item no. sprcdn 6 ctns /2880 pcs sp390 scr een/cutter for f5790 & f679 0 lot 112 (p.o.#4502265680 ) p/n:88053 h.s.code: 8 51090 item no. sp390 8 c tns /3840 pcs 3m 9600 surgi cal clipper h.s.code:851090 lot 1-12 (p.o.#4502276226) p/n:82602 item no. 9600 12 ctns /4800 pcs -- or d-spectrumbrands@ expeditor ein code:22-2423556rm also notify 2: spectrum brands, inc. c/o ohl logis tics 2301 west san bernardi no ave redlands, ca 9237 4 usa attn: bryan mihlbauer email: bryan.mihlbauer@ marks and numbers: remington prod ucts co. model:wsf5050 p acks/units mfg:931017 4 eac h womens single foil sha ver sku:wsf4810usa remin gton products co. model/ ref:pr1235 packs/units m fg no:911810 2 each rota ry shaver sku:pr1235bcdn remington products co. f-5800 2each foil shaver p/n:f5-5800b remington products co. model:pr1362 packs/units mfg:930508 2 each rotary shaver sku:p r1362b remington product s co. this is an overshi pper contains 6 billing units 70-2007-7002-5 968 0 3m surgical clipper blade lot number: 6 cases-aca se is a box of 50 blades part no 89712 remington products co. qty 400pcs vendor stock no: 3m 960 0 part no:82602 480 x re mington triple head spare part model no:spf300 r emington products co. sp rcdn 6 each rotary shaver spare part part no: sprcd n remington products co. sp-390 480each sp-390-b ulk part no:sp390 reming ton products co. qty 400 pcs vendor stock no: 3m 9600 part no:82602 2974 31596
ChinaLos Angeles4,970CTN8,793.94**** *****
28/Jan/2020848390"3 pall 36 pallet 5 carton group masonry blades tool metal spare parts spare parts demolition robot petrol power cutters others finishing accessories spare parts dust and slurry ma spare parts floor saws accessories ws, cs andpp spare parts compaction spares riders, pro spares robotic lawnmowers, con
SwedenNew York/newark Area Newark44PKG7,394**** *****
23/Jan/2020981800"2 pall 5 pallet 4 pallet 4 krt 2 carton 15 pall group ring blades petrol power cutters prime power cutters other power cutters tool plastic spare parts ws, cs and pp cut n break blades tool metal spare parts accessories demolition robot spare parts demolition robot wallsaws machines duratiq spare parts others spa re parts compaction spare parts drill motors and s finishing accessories ws, cs and pp
SwedenNew York/newark Area Newark32PKG4,821**** *****
23/Jan/2020981800"16 pallet 4 pall 8 pallet finishing spare parts floor saws spare parts tile saws cut n break blades ring blades spare parts petrol power cutters prime power cutters spare parts ws, cs and pp spare parts spare parts soff-cut s pare parts dust and slurry ma spare parts drill motors and s accessories spares petrol cha insaws, consu spares petrol chainsaws, pro accessories demolition robot spare parts demolition robot spare parts compaction spare partsconcrete placement accessories drill motors and s
SwedenNew York/newark Area Newark28PKG5,545**** *****
23/Jan/2020981800"28 pallet 17 pall 2 krt 1 carton finishing ring blades tool metal tool plastic spare partswall saws spare parts power packs drill moto rs wire saws drill stands accessories ws, cs and pp accessories spare parts ws, cs and pp spare parts floor saws spare parts compactionaccessories concrete placement petrol power cutters
SwedenNew York/newark Area Newark48PKG4,865**** *****
17/Jan/2020821194Cutters blades remarks po#3011760
ChinaLong Beach1,101CTN16,812**** *****
16/Jan/2020830590, 392610Medium black oxide binder in paper box po 11095545 sku 15351-cc hs code 830590 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging clear clipboard 9x12 po 11095545 sku 10526-cc hs code 392610 office tape dispenser with metal teeth smoke color po 11095545 sku 10337-cc hs code 392610 black tape dispenser standard po 11095545 sku 10566-cc hs code 392610 lg mag clip dispenser w100 vinyl paper clips po 11095545 sku 10590-cc hs code 392610 100 ct push pins clear po 11095545 sku 10540-cc hs code 731940 stpls 3x5 blank index cards 500 ct po 11095545 sku 51010-cc hs code 481190 heavy duty utility knife po 11095545 sku 10619-cc hs code 821193 replac blades utility knife 5pk po 11095545 sku 18007-cc hs code 821194 flat style staple remover w magnet po 11095545 sku 24567-cc hs code 820559 stapler eco full strip stand up po 11095545 sku 54050-cc hs code 847290 mini 3 hole punch black po 11095545 sku 21419-cc hs code 847290 magnets pack asst 30ct po 11095545 sku 40085-cc hs code 850519 1.75in square mag clip 3pk po 11095545 sku 10596-cc hs code 850519 3 no.2 magnetic bulldog clips po 11095545 sku 10602-cc hs code 850519 premium one hole punch po 11095545 sku 10577-cc hs code 820340 binderclips med 144ct po 11095545 sku 32003-cc hs code 830590 wrist coil black 5pk poly bag po 11095545 sku 22156-cc hs code 732620 liquid glue stick 2pk po 11095545 sku 10451-cc hs code 350610 cube clip 12ct white po 11095545 sku 10820-cc hs code 392610 binderclips small 144ct po 11095545 sku 32002-cc hs code 830590 push pins clear 500ct po 11095545 sku 32014-cc hs code 731940 32mm binder clips asst color 24pc po 11095545 sku 15344-cc hs code 830590 binderclips silver sm 40ct po 11095545 sku 32006-cc hs code 830590 book ring 1in 16ct po 11095545 sku 32007-cc hs code 732620 full strip stapler value pk w remover 1250 ct staples po 11095545 sku 24548-cc hs code 847290 carton cutter 12pk po 11095545 sku 17548-cc hs code 821193 stpls 3x5 blank index cards 100 ct po 11095545 sku 51008-cc hs code 481190 stpls 5x8 line ruled index cards 100 ct po 11095545 sku 51016-cc hs code 481190 mini binder clips 9 16 inch 144ct in paper box po 11095545 sku 15338-cc hs code 830590 hd 3 hole adj punch 30 sheets po 11095545 sku 24549-cc hs code 847290 13mm binder clips 100pc black po 11095545 sku 15340-cc hs code 830590 26 6 standard staples 10000 pcs 2 box/shink po 11095545 sku 13425-cc hs code 830520 3 hole punch high end adjustable po 11095545 sku 26639-cc hs code 847290 9x12 econ clipbd 2pk blk econ po 11095545 sku 10530-cc hs code 392610 large binder clips soft grip 6pc black po 11095545 sku 13726-cc hs code 830590 sm binder clips soft grip 18pc metallic po 11095545 sku 13725-cc hs code 830590 power assisted 3 hole punch - 45 sheet po 11095545 sku 20268-cc hs code 847290 one touch staple remover white po 11095545 sku 23444-cc hs code 847290 2 hole punch black po 11095545 sku 26637-cc hs code 847290 clip barrel no2 2.25in magnetic 12pk po 11095545 sku 17695-cc hs code 850511 clip barrel no.1 1.25 magnChinaNew York/newark Area Newark1,722PCS19,463**** *****
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