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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020520831Decorative pillow cover - 100% linen woven w/ embroidery shipper: sarita handa exports pvt ltd sector-4, imt manesa r () stone tablescape trough white shipper: stonemen crafts in dia (p) ltd epip upsidc indus trial area shastripuram sikan dra marble flatware tray quilted sham: 100% cotton wov en no embellishments 100% c otton filli shipper: sarita handa exports pvt ltd sector -4, imt manesar () quilt: 100% cotton woven wit h embellishments cotton batt ing. shipper: fashion acces ories plot 407-408 pace city- ii scto 37 udyog vihar phase- vi quilted sham: 100% cotton wov en no embellishments 100% c otton filli shipper: sarita handa exports pvt ltd sector -4, imt manesar () pillow cover shipper: raj o verseas plot no 149-154 secto r 25 huda industrial area pan ipat 132103 10 curtain - 100% cotton woven shipper: radiant exports gau tam budh ngr a-70 sector 64 u ttar pradesh wall mounted iron shoe organi zer shipper: ganga handicra fts village mangupura bye pa ss decorative pillow cover 66% a crylic/34% cotton not knitted /crocheted shipper: fashion accesories plot 407-408 pace city-ii scto 37 udyog vihar phase-vi decorative pillow cover 66% a crylic/34% cotton not knitted /crocheted decorative pillow cover 100% cotton woven blair flatware set- stainless steel shipper: dharam stai nless steel pvt ltd piao many ari narela road kundli, distt s/20 stainless steel 18/0 for ks spoons and knives
IndiaCharleston1,479CTN10,205.09****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
31/Jan/2020830249Articles of apparel and clothing accessories, not knitted or crocheted, track suits, ski-su its swimwear, not knit etc, of man-made fibe rsboilers, machinery and mechanical appliances; parts thereof, taps, cocks, valves etc for pipes, tanks etc, pts, other appliancesvehicles other than railway or tramway rolling stock , and parts and accessories thereof, parts a ccess for motor vehicles head 8701-8705, otherwood and articles of wood; wood charcoal, plywood, veneered panels similar laminated wood , othermiscellaneous articles of base metal, hardware, fixtures, castors etc parts, base m etal, othermineral fuels, mineral oils and products of their distillation; bituminous subst ances; mineral waxes, oil not crude from petrol bitum mineral etc, , otherplastics and arti cles thereof, plates, sheets, film etc no ad, non-cel etc, plast, of polymers of styrenemiscellaneous chemical including liquefied gas, flammable imo 2.1 un 3161 gw 31.5kelectrical machinery and equipment and parts thereof; sound recorders and reproducers, television imag e and sound recorders and reproducers, and parts and accessories of such articles, electriclight etc equip, windshield wipers etc, part s, sound signalingrubber and articles thereof, conveyor or transmiss belts of vulcanized rubber, endless transmission belts of trapezoidalcross section v-belts, otherthan v-ribbed, o f an outside circumference exceeding 60 cm bu t not exceeding 180 cmmiscellaneous edible preparations, food preparations nesoi, protein concentrates and textured proteinsubstances
FranceNew York248PKG5,536****** *****
31/Jan/2020640419Medicaments nesoi, mixed or not, in dosage etc fm, other:toys nesoi, scale models etc, puzzles, parts etc, inflatable toy balls, balloonsand punchballs, of rubbertelevision receivers incl monitors proj receivers, other, color: seats except babed linen, table linen, toiletlinen kitchen linen, of othertextile materi alsstructures nesoi parts thereof, of iron or steel, other:furniture nesoisurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances:baby carriages inc strollers and parts thereof, baby carriages including strollers and partsthereofarticles of plastics inc polymers resins nesoi, other:art icles equip for sports etc nesoi, pools, pt s, other:articles of plastics inc polymers r esins nesoi, other:printing machinery, machines ancil to printing, pt, other:trailers etc, other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt, other vehicles:womens or girls suits, ensemb etc, knit or croch, of cottonblankets and traveling rugs, blankets other than electric blankets andtraveling rugs, of cottont-shirts, singlets, tank tops etc, knit or crochet, of other text ile materials:parts access for motor vehicl es head 8701-8705, other:medical, surgical, dental or vet inst, no elec, pt, other instruments andappliances and parts and accessorielectric motors and generators no sets, motors of an output not exceedelec water, space soil h eaters, hair etc dry, pt, otherheadgear nesoi, whether or not lined or trimmed, of other mat erials:soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishingor scouring preparationslabels of paper or p aperboard, printed or not, other:air or vacuumpumps, compr fans, hoods fans, pts, other , except parts:made-up articles of textile ma terials nesoi, other:glassware for table, kitchen, toilet etc use nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole upper rubber or plastic nesoi, other :lamps lightingprinted matter nesoi, incl p rint pictures photos, other:elec water, spac e soil heaters, hair etc dry, pt, electrothe rmic hairdarticles of zinc nesoi, other articles of zinc:x-ray etc apparatus, tubes, panels , screen etc, pt, other, for dental usesfood preparations nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other: machines etc having individual functions nesoi, pt, other:articles of aluminum nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other:containers boxes, bags etc, closurers etc, plast, boxes, cases, crates and similar articlesfootwear, outer sole u pper rubber or plastic nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole rub, plastic or lea upper tex, ot her:lamps lighting - alcohols nos imo 3- un 1987- fp13c- gw 7 kgsinsecticides, rodentici des, fungicides etc, retail, other - env haz substance liquid nos imo 9- un 3082- gw 157, 200 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, range f etc, pts, other instruments and appliances -lithium metal batteries imo 9- un 3090- gw 1 , 800 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances - lithium metal batteries contained in equipment imo 9- un 3091 - gw 24 kgssoap, organicsurface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparations - corrosive liquid acidic inorganic nosimo 8- un 3264- gw 31, 50 kgs
FranceNew York397PKG10,257****** *****
30/Jan/2020570242"polyester rugs (floor coverin gs) (handlloom woven- piled) purchase order#1812873pbm de pt: 202 hscode: 5702.42.20.2 0 sku# 5138462, 5897364, 7962 811 inv#aim0000/19-20 dt. 02 -12-2019 freight collect s. quilt: 100% cotton shell with flange 100% polyester batt ing shipper: fashion acceso ries plot 407-408 pace city-i i scto 37 udyog vihar phase-v i handicrafts of iron artwares. po: 1809122wem s.b no.:90310 31 17-12-2019 shipper: bra ssex india near overhead brid ge rampur road deco mirror circle o/s quilt: 55% cotton 45% linen w oven shell no embellishments cotton bat shipper: fashio n accesories plot 407-408 pac e city-ii scto 37 udyog vihar phase-vi decorative pillowcover: 100% cotton woven 12x21 inches polyester rugs (floor coverin gs) (handlloom woven- piled) shipper: abc industries na kahara road, sadar, mirzapur (up) india wood framed mirror (reflecting glass area 4284.9 sq cm ) shipper: marque impex chand usi road opp noorpur village jute chenille rug (floor cove rings) (handloom woven not- piled) shipper: abc industr ies nakahara road, sadar, mi rzapur (up) india rug- handloom woven 53.4 poly ester 32.9% jute 13.7% cotton of pile con handmade woollen carpets-hand tufted shipper: obeetee pvt ltd bisunderpur, civil lines po box a 4, mirzapur size : 12x21x inch shipper: raj overseas plot no 149-154 sector 25 huda industrial ar ea panipat 132103 size : 12x21 inch zinc alloy photo frame shipp er: kishoriji exports opp sp ring fields college delhi roa d fabric lamp shade s.b no.:404 3419 16-dec shipper: assoc iated lighting co noida speci al economic zone phase ii decorative pillow cover 66% a crylic/34% cotton not knitted /crocheted shipper: fashion accesories plot 407-408 pace city-ii scto 37 udyog vihar phase-vi aluminum vase shipper: blaz e mfg co. lajpat nagar () b no.:8860586 10-12-2019 sh ipper: sumitra woodcraft pvt ltd dabarsi road jindal naga r (nh-24)
IndiaHouston1,182BOX7,155.54**** *****
30/Jan/2020591190Other garments of textile fabrics heading 59.03/59.06/59.07 knitted or crocheted (ten)
NorwayLos Angeles434CTN4,03180,620 *****
30/Jan/2020610510"men s or boys shirts, knitted or crocheted, of cotton
LaoNew York893CTN6,710**** *****
30/Jan/2020611020"sweaters, pullovers and similar articles, knitted or crocheted, of cotton, containing 36 percent or more of flax fibers
GuatemalaLong Beach580CTN5,800**** *****
29/Jan/2020570390"2x40 hc containers said to contain 9770 pkgs of cotton bath rugs floor coverings tufted-piled h.s.code 5703.90.00.00 cotton placemats runners not knitted or crocheted h.s.code 6302.51.40.00 jute braided placemats runners not knitted or crocheted h.s.code 6302.59.30.20 cotton table cloths not knitted or crocheted h.s.code 6302.51.20.00 polypropylene rugs floor
2x40 hc containers said to contain 9770 pkgs of iec no.1396006443 total quantity 43196 pcs po no, . 20190460, 20190466, 20190472, 20190480, 20190397, 20190402, 20190407, 20190461, 20190474 shipping bill no 9201304 dated 25 12 2019 invoice no.dep2562 19-20 dt.24 12 2019 net wt 8067.500 kgs shipping bill no 9218456 dated 26 12 2019 invoice no.dep2567 19-20 dt.25 12 2019 net wt
IndiaSavannah9,770PKG24,144**** *****
29/Jan/2020761699"knitting pins & accessories (aluminium), yarnyarn needles steel, crystalite crochet hooks, hand sewing needles, luxite crochet hooks, plastic crochet hooks, yarn needles steel, embroidery thread cotton inv.nos:20200564, 20200565, 20200566 dt.22.12.2019 s.b.nos:9142033, 9142004, 9141959 dt.22.12.2019 h.s.code:7616.99 .5090, 7319.10.1000, 7319.90.00, 3926.90.9880, 5204.19.00 rbi code mn 00 00 23 ie code 04 88 00 01 65 net weight: 2522.541 kgs freight prepaid
IndiaSavannah649CTN4,990**** *****
29/Jan/2020650500Hats and other headgear knitted or crocheted non-woven hat hs 65050099 po t376191204-8400011650 tel 0728262486 6
ChinaLos Angeles3,320CTN8,480169,600 *****
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