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Find detailed US import data of coupling wire contains shipper and consignee name, value, quantity, weight and more trade statistics based on US customs bill of lading database.

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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020854720Terminal splices couplings amp superseal, single wire sal 36 ctn on 1 plt hs-code 85472000, 39269097 delivery no. plug 1 plt with 15 ctn hs-code 85472000 delivery no. 6053299597 invoice no. 36606754 hs-code 85472000 hbl-banqbre4106656 insulating fittings for electrical purposes, of plastics 6 cartons hs-code 85472000 delivery no. 6053306235, 6053306236 tab, contact, flat connector 4 cartons hs-code 85366990 delivery no. 6053323037 invoice no. 36609384 hs-code 85472000 tab sealed 1 plt with 16 ctn hs-code 85472000 delivery no. 6053304209 invoice no. 36605960 hs-code 85472000 hbl-banqbre4106656 tab, contact, flat connector 5 cartons hs-code 85366990 delivery no. 6053297722 invoice no. 36607545 hs-code 85366990 6053267444, 6053273250, 6053286707, 6053290201 invoice no. 36603467, 36603468, 36603469, 36603470 hbl-banqbre4106656 hs-code 85472000 hs-code 85471000 invoice no. 36608575, 36608576 hs-code 85472000 hbl-banqbre4106656 hbl-banqbre4106656 hs-code 85471000 hbl-banqbre4106656
GermanyCharleston18PKG526****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Jan/2020220100"jotun 10 latas jotamastic90 standar comp b. 19 latas jotamastic90 comp. a 9 hardtop xp in 18.2ltr pails rcn associates - value is for entire contents of the box 1 festool ro150 (manual sander) without box 1 festool trion ps300 (jig saw) on box 1 festool vecturo osc 18 (multifunction oscilating ) with battery on box 1 festool ts55 (circulating saw) on box 1 festool router gf1010 (pantograph) without box 1 fein orange sandpaper (new) 1 makita heat gun onbox 3 blue lights 220v 1 silicon manual gun(sausage) 2 clamps (sargent) 3 grinders (dewalt, rigid, yothers) 110 v 5 yellow helmetmultiple power extensions 220v multiple sand papermultiple manual tools (hammers, screwdriver4s, plyers, spatulas, etc) rcn associates - value is for entire contents of the box 1 super hummer sander 380v (big berta) 1 tarus sander italia 220 v 1 pegasus corners sander 220v (cambuta) 1 mikita chipping hammer on box with assorted bits 1 hitachi green mixer with two mixer tools 1 chicago electric welding machine with mask and wire 1 festool fs 1400 rule long 1 power cord 380v 1 power cord 4 ways22ov 2 black bags of plastic separators 1 fini amici compressor (red) with orange hose 1 vacuum stanley sx30x 1 long air pistol for silicon 1 grey tarps assorted sandpapers for berta and cambuta rcn associates - value is for entire contents of the box 2 festool 1400 rules(long) 2 festool 1400 rules(short) 1 festool ts55 (circular saw) 2 bosch grinders 1 bosch jigsaw 1 bosch radio 4 bosch drills w/battery 1 fein orange oscilating tool 1 extension power cord 4 way 220v 2 extension power cord 380v 1 festool sander 1 festool pantograph 1 silicon manuel gunsausage 1 silicon manuel guncartridge 1 rapid heat gun 1 dewalt table saw 1 black air hose assorted manual tools assorted power extensions 220v 40 bags orange sandbags 40 bags orange sandbags 1 pallet teak pcs misc sizes multinal excelsum wendoll a-25kg 1 karcher, spray lance 25cm 1 karcher, spray lance 60cm 1 karcher, spray lance 100cm 8 roll karcher, highpressure extension hose, 30mtr 8 ea karcher, high pressure hose connector 2 ea karcher, pipe cleaning nozzle wiuth high pressure hose 15 mtr 1 roll 400v/30a/5p/5g2.5 extension cord 25mtr 2 ea water hose, triotech, 25 mtr 19x25mm with geka 1/2 brass water coupling 2 ea karcher, spraygun included 1omtr high pressure hose 1 ea karcher spare parts 1 ea cacuum cleanerfimap vf-80 top line/230v (sn: 317020196) 1 roll additional vacuum hose 5 mtr fimap fa-80 1 ea vacuum cleaner, numatic (henry). ppr-200 s/n: 2017-172118764 10 ea spray suits, (yellow) microchem 3000 coverall excelsum wendoll a-25kg 1 ea grinder 230v hitachi g13sb3 s/n 2018-2 m281021 3 ea cutting disc 125mm x 1mm. inox angle grinder 1 ea safety gogglesportwest pw312 1 ea hitachi ds-18dsdl drill s/njd607366 1 ea hitachi ds-18dsdl s/njd60552 1 ea srew driver butset hitachi 32-pcs in hsc box (750490) 1 ea hitachi wr18dbdl2 18v 1/2 impact wrench 1 ea 1/2 hitachi impact socket set 10 pcs in metalcase 1 ea socket wrench set 1/2 mannesman"ChilePort Everglades12PKG2,85057,000 *****
17/Jan/2020846719"adhesive tape discharge hose kit / suction tube / hand drumpump coupling impulse sealer & parts
wire shelf and accessories hand tools 90 degree 3 in 1 tubing bender mallet, rubber, steel/rubber soft face hammer, ball pein hamme hand tools jack / hydraulic step up & down voltage transformer
electrical terminals & connectors protective eyewear-non prescription safety lenses industrial safety equipment (welding goggle, bump cap, shears air tools
TaiwanLong Beach2,667CTN43,004**** *****
10/Jan/2020842330"flexible strainer stopper - black washers for crane stems o-ring assortment two o-ring assortment three sloan f-5 1-1 2 tailpiece washer universal premium flapper 6 x 6 x 1 8 rubber pkg sheet 15 bead chain 1 white stopper waste bend tailpiece gasket universal tank ball universal flapper l adapter universal flapper w adapter flapper for crane flapper for kohler amerline tank ball for eljer flush valve gasket for am std adjusting ring for delta 7 8 white stopper slip-on rubber aerator w spray stop repair kit repair kit for ise disposer flapper chain, hook ring f v gasket for mansfield repair kit for sterling certain seal gasket screw-on rubber aerator w spray basin mack gasket premium flapper w adapter gasket for mansfield f v premium flapper teal water heater washer e-z wedge flapper for kohler rialto teal flapper for kohlr amerl 1 2 ips coupling nut univ tank ball self align teal f v gasket for mansfield premium teal flapper for toto premium teal flapper for kohlr triple seal tank ball 3 flapper for kohler pos seal tub waste overflow washer 2-in-1 seat disc for amer std toilet seat hinge washers 109 o-ring o-ring for price pfister 5 8l beveled washer bag 12 diverter washer bag 88 o-ring bag 84 o-ring bag 81 o-ring bag 77 o-ring bag 76 o-ring bag 12 o-ring 20 bag 32 o-ring bag 37 o-ring bag 48 o-ring bag 50 o-ring bag 51 o-ring bag 52 o-ring bag 56 o-ring bag 58 o-ring bag 63 o-ring bag 64 o-ring bag 65 o-ring bag 66 o-ring bag 90 o-ring bag 96 o-ring bag 97 o-ring bag 99 o-ring bag 100 o-ring bag 101 o-ring bag 7 8 white stopper bag 1 white stopper bag 4 aerator washer bag 5 aerator washer bag hose washers 20 bag bath shoe gasket bag bath shoe gasket bag bath shoe gasket bag basin mack gasket bag basin mack gasket bag basin mack gasket bag aquaseal washer for a s bag b cone sj washer bag e cone s j washer bag n cone s j washer bag tailpiece washer for sink strainers sj washer bag sj washer bag sj washer bag slip joint washer bag 1-1 2 slip joint washer slip joint washer slip joint washer bag slip joint washer bag tip toe gasket bag a slip joint washer bag c slip joint washer bag d slip joint washer bag k slip joint washer bag m slip joint washer bag 3 8 od supply washer bag cone washer bag ballcock shank washer bag b c coupling nut washer bag toil seat hinge washer bag water htr supply washer bag toilet seat bumper seat washers for pp 3h-8h c slip-on rubber aerator w spray stop repair kit repair kit for sterling screw-on rubber aerator w spray basin mack gasket 4 bath shoe gasket assorted cone washers repair kit for delta bath shoe washer f v diaphragm for mansfield flapper for kohler amerline tank ball for eljer tank ball lift wire acuator disc american standard f v gasket for mansfield teal f v gasket for mansfield 66 o-ring bag m slip joint washer bag 1 flat washer bag gasket for mansfield f v flapper for kohler rialto 1-5 8 white stopper bag 15 bead chain 4 bath shoe gasket toilet seat bumper 39 o-ring bag 1-3 4 white stopper bag
ChinaLos Angeles2,547PKG6,940**** *****
10/Jan/2020850490"inv # ca2990017399 & 22-nov-19 ca2990017400 & 22-nov-19 ca 2990017401 & 22-nov-19 ca2990 017402 & 22-nov-19 ca29900174 03 & 22-nov-19 ca2990017405 & 22-nov-19 s.b # 8460887 / 23 .11.2019 hs code : 85049090 , 73269099, 74071090 84145990 , 84159000, 85444220, 85362090 85361090, 39231090, 85362030 , 74112900 84818050, 84143000 , 39231090, 84145920 prts o f othr electric pwr mchnry of hd8504power machinery of hdg 8504 - air filter pc 250kva air filter right door ioc and mbc 750 main controller box c over bd 750 front cover kit install left side part 2 galax y vx not eligible - kit singl e mains galaxy vx 1500kva io assy left door front width d c capa kit g5k 80-120 kva-spar e part fans-others - fan - 20 0mm mixed flow spare part vm -assy door 400mm manual holder ioc ul i-line right cover as sy install kit ioc - pc emc p late pck assy filter drier & sight glass acrd6xx drip pan dx reinforced 1000vdc/1040aac aic size15 ul-xc hrns, h503, ac, hv, ac prchrg, se1 wire assy dcbus connection/bd wire assy ac10kw ctrlr sig cable assembly vfd compressor 200-24 0v cable assy vfd compr 200-2 40v w/emi wire assy acrc301s sku ac pwr main res 120 ohm h igh energy 12kj 50mm od cntr 140a 690v ac3 3p 48vdc coil f an centrif 355mm 400vac 3-ph 1 .8a rs485 fuses - other - fus e 5a 1500v cc clip/ fuse hold er 20x127 fuses-other-fuse 16 0a/500v gl/gg nh0 vm-intlk 24 vdc sol key 1no 1nc mech set switch thermoclick-180c 1o 450 mm plast cover for interconne ction busbar rc complete 801 pcb crac mb - spare part comp lete 811 pcb crac 8x opto simm cable assy fan dx - spare pa rt wire assembly 5kw base fea tures wire assembly sc5 psu/c p power/48vdc wire assembly p bp power-spare part capacitor metalized polypropylene 370v 50uf - spare part relay, 250v , 25a, dpno, coil, 24dc contactor , nr 24vac 16 amp 1no circuit breaker 3p 3a 480v 6kaic clas s k quick coupler plc elbow m ale valved coupling body 1/4 npt chrome plated - spare par t coupler hfc35 pipe thread s hutoff 3/8 bspt - spare part expansion valves-valve, tev 5 /8 in 7/8 sight glass 5/8 od f solder filter-drier 1/2 odf solder-spare part ring seal d35 x 3 - spare part assembly fan module cl20/25kw rohs no t eligible - fan assy narrow a nd wide assy_fan_sub_mbc750_b d assy ucb& mcib ioc 750 bd sub door front 800mm (rh) bd10 00 g5k pcba dalin - spare par t board galaxy5000 miznus bo ard galaxy5000 csien assy fan can i/o for bv pca apoz inv acqui multi-mod eps 8k assy p cb bluedoor - sbsc assy pcb b luedoor - dcrb pca surge prot ection 3 (spb3) se-1 hrns, h3 50, ac aux, rmu, cb in, inv1, s e1 airguides for pc 2.0 fron t kick plate w/cutout assy le ft galaxy vx comp scroll 200v vzh044cj r410a expansion val ves - valve txv 1/2odfx5 valv e check straight nrv 10s 1/2 o df gasket hx hose barb se1 d c rectifier 48vdc 500w thermo stat heat safety fuses - othe r - fus 450a 1, 000v fast conn acc length: 87 mm, width fus es - other - fus 0.1a f ctge 1 0x38 fuses-other-fus 400a ar scw din80, 000 idin pcba g5000 - spare part capacitor kit + bus "SpainBaltimore27PKG9,660.77**** *****
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