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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020620590Mens 55% linen 45% cotton wove n shirts hts code: 6205.90.4 040.category:840 po no.:1261 no.mm01w300rn1 pm no.20-hkohlm1-0205 inv# dsl -1199/2019, dtd.26/12/2019 exp# 2854-04282-2019, dtd.26/ 12/2019 master l/c no. t/t b ase manufacturer name & addr ess global shirts limited 49 (np), kalurghat heavy indus trial area chittagong, bangl adesh ff=510389596 s/c #:297974285 freight collect hasu4771321|4400|84|ct||cy/c y|310.8|kgm|2.96|mtq|590160491
BangladeshNew York/newark Area Newark84CTN310.72****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
31/Jan/2020620520Mens 55% cotton 45% polyester woven dress shirts.hts code: 6205.20.2016, 6205.20.2026.c ategory : 340 style no.sc00w 101rp1, sc00w101rp2, sc00w101 rp3, sc00w101rr3, sc00w104rr4, sc00w104rr5.po no.:12640620 pm no.20-hkohlm1-0475 inv# dsl-1186/2019, dtd.26/12/2019 exp# 2854-04266-2019, dtd.26 /12/2019 master l/c no. t/t base manufacturer name & add ress men s fashion limited 49 (np), kalurghat heavy indu strial area chittagong, bang ladesh ff=510388347 s/ c#:297974285 freight collect hasu4771321|4400|198|ct||cy /cy|586.08|kgm|4.88|mtq|590160 491
BangladeshNew York/newark Area Newark198CTN586.05****** *****
31/Jan/2020620342Mens 97% cotton 3% spandex wov en shorts hts code:6203.42.4 551.category: 347 style no:m m01x603rn1.po no.:12484906 p m no.20-hkohlm1-0033 inv# ds l-1206/2019, dtd.29/12/2019 exp# 2854-04318-2019, dtd.29/1 2/2019 master l/c no.t/t bas e manufacturer name & addres s men s fashion limited. 4 9 (np), kalurghat heavy indust rial area chittagong, bangla desh ff=510387321 s/c# :297974285 freight collect hasu4771321|4400|50|ct||cy/cy |131.5|kgm|0.87|mtq|590160491
BangladeshNew York/newark Area Newark50CTN131.09****** *****
31/Jan/2020620520Mens 100% cotton woven shirts hts code:6205.20.2066.categ ory:340 style no.ma01w800rp2 , ma01w800rp, ma01w800rr5.po no.:12499995 pm no.20-hkohlm 1-0045 inv# dsl-1196/2019, d td.26/12/2019 exp# 2854-0427 9-2019, dtd.26/12/2019 maste r l/c no. t/t base manufactu rer name & address global sh irts limited 49 (np), kalurg hat heavy industrial area ch ittagong, bangladesh ff= 510389477 s/c#:297974285 f reight collect hasu4771321|4 400|140|ct||cy/cy|574|kgm|5.13 |mtq|590160491
BangladeshNew York/newark Area Newark140CTN573.80****** *****
31/Jan/2020620590Mens 59% cotton 41% linen wove n shirts hts code:6205.90.40 40.category:840 po no.:12611 no.mm01w300rn2 pm no.20-hkohlm1-0204 inv# dsl- 1202/2019, dtd.26/12/2019 e xp# 2854-04285-2019, dtd.26/1 2/2019 master l/c no. t/t ba se manufacturer name & addre ss global shirts limited 4 9 (np), kalurghat heavy indust rial area chittagong, bangla desh ff=510389594 s/c# :297974285 freight collect hasu4771321|4400|113|ct||cy/c y|418.1|kgm|4.14|mtq|590160491
BangladeshNew York/newark Area Newark113CTN417.77****** *****
31/Jan/2020290341947 ctns contg. 22, 728 pks( 98, 400 pcs) 85 cotton 15 polyester and 89 cotton 11 polyester ms 4 pk dishcloth, 100 cotton ms 6 pk barmop kt 4 pk rib dishcloth as per 9666522572 invoice no: p1888/wm-usa/2038( 443) dated: 19.11.2019 ref. 714010397310-gp dated: 08.11.2019 exp no: 00002494-028325-2019 dated: 21-11-2019 exp rec no: c 260035 dated: 24-11-2019 schneider logistics ilm dept 1555 glory road green bay, wi 54304 email: ilmdray tel: 1 (800) 525-9358 damco distribution services inc. 5011 east firestone place south gate, ca 90280 usa for escalations: 323-568-2526 email: dcm`la ++chittagong, chittagong bangladesh purchase order number: 9666522572 2nd notify:expeditors international of washin18255 humble parkway humble, tx 77338 attn: errobles tel: 281 913-2800 fax: 281 913-2828 total pkgs 947 ctns mode:cy/cy, part freight collect
BangladeshHouston947PCS9,290****** *****
31/Jan/2020610791Readymade garments: fabrics: 60% cotton 40% polyester fr ench terry fabrics of 200 gsm po # dr09143413 style : 09wg779 item : men s crew 1 pcs pk color : 24a, 24b, 24c s.a no: 5019867 h.s.code: 610 7910030 invoice no : fhf1631 2019 date: 19.11.2019 export po no: dr09143413 date: 2019 /09/17 exp no: 1001- 9361 -20 19 exp date: 25.11.2019 --c hittagong, bangladesh 3rd not ify party ================== pvh far east limited. delta life tower (7th floor), plot #37, road#45 & 90, gulshan nort h circle-2, dhaka-1212, bangl adesh. pvh is the ocean frei ght payer .. ..
BangladeshCharleston101CTN828.73****** *****
31/Jan/2020415521Men s 98% cotton 2% elastane woven slim marrkch indigo blue denim pants u.s. non-quota 347, as follows:- c k po: style no.: ppk style: hts: ctns: pcs: sp41552142 414220p 41422 0p 6203.42 92 1082 sa# 5021316 exp form no: 0200 0103-088752-2019 exp da te: 5-dec-2019 inv no : kb apl/ck/ex-19/6939 date : 5-d ec-2019 also notify party bu yer/ for ac & risk of fr ap parel trading dmcc 302-10, ms li serviced offices jlt, ju meirah bay tower, plot no. x2 , jumeirah lake towers, dubai , united arab emirates. total gross wt.: 773.13 kgs --c hittagong, bangladesh 3rd not ify party ================== pvh far east limited. delta life tower (7th floor), plot #37, road#45 & 90, gulshan nort h circle-2, dhaka-1212, bangl adesh. pvh is the ocean frei ght payer
BangladeshCharleston92CTN772.93****** *****
31/Jan/2020415521Men s 98% cotton 2% elastane woven slim stretch kenn blue denim pants u.s. non-quota c 347, as follows:- ck po: style no.: ppk s tyle: hts: ctns: pcs: sp41552146 41vp734 41vp73 4 6203.42 37 437 sa# 5 021312 exp form no: 020001 03-088749-2019 exp date : 5-dec-2019 inv no : kbap l/ck/ex-19/6936 date : 5-dec -2019 also notify party buye r/ for ac & risk of fr appa rel trading dmcc 302-10, msli serviced offices jlt, jume irah bay tower, plot no. x2, jumeirah lake towers, dubai, united arab emirates. total g ross wt.: 310.94 kgs --chi ttagong, bangladesh 3rd notif y party ================== p vh far east limited. delta li fe tower (7th floor), plot#3 7, road#45 & 90, gulshan north circle-2, dhaka-1212, banglad esh. pvh is the ocean freigh t payer
BangladeshCharleston37CTN310.72****** *****
31/Jan/2020415521Men s 70% cotton 28% polyester 2% elastane woven slim rivi ngton stret blue denim pants u.s. non-quota 347, a s follows:- ck po: sty le no.: ppk style: hts: ctns: pcs: sp41552157 41rp13w 41vp735 6203.42 180 4680 sa# 5021599 exp f orm no: 02000103-088753-2019 exp date: 5-dec-2019 inv no : kbapl/ck/ex-19/69 40 date : 5-dec-2019 also n otify party buyer/ for ac & r isk of fr apparel trading dm cc 302-10, msli serviced off ices jlt, jumeirah bay tower , plot no. x2, jumeirah lake towers, dubai, united arab em irates. total gross wt.: 30 59.71 kgs --chittagong, bang ladesh 3rd notify party ==== ============== pvh far east limited. delta life tower (7t h floor), plot#37, road#45 & 9 0, gulshan north circle-2, dh aka-1212, bangladesh. pvh i s the ocean freight payer
BangladeshCharleston180CTN3,059.53****** *****
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