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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020640419Medicaments nesoi, mixed or not, in dosage etc fm, other:toys nesoi, scale models etc, puzzles, parts etc, inflatable toy balls, balloonsand punchballs, of rubbertelevision receivers incl monitors proj receivers, other, color: seats except babed linen, table linen, toiletlinen kitchen linen, of othertextile materi alsstructures nesoi parts thereof, of iron or steel, other:furniture nesoisurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances:baby carriages inc strollers and parts thereof, baby carriages including strollers and partsthereofarticles of plastics inc polymers resins nesoi, other:art icles equip for sports etc nesoi, pools, pt s, other:articles of plastics inc polymers r esins nesoi, other:printing machinery, machines ancil to printing, pt, other:trailers etc, other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt, other vehicles:womens or girls suits, ensemb etc, knit or croch, of cottonblankets and traveling rugs, blankets other than electric blankets andtraveling rugs, of cottont-shirts, singlets, tank tops etc, knit or crochet, of other text ile materials:parts access for motor vehicl es head 8701-8705, other:medical, surgical, dental or vet inst, no elec, pt, other instruments andappliances and parts and accessorielectric motors and generators no sets, motors of an output not exceedelec water, space soil h eaters, hair etc dry, pt, otherheadgear nesoi, whether or not lined or trimmed, of other mat erials:soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishingor scouring preparationslabels of paper or p aperboard, printed or not, other:air or vacuumpumps, compr fans, hoods fans, pts, other , except parts:made-up articles of textile ma terials nesoi, other:glassware for table, kitchen, toilet etc use nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole upper rubber or plastic nesoi, other :lamps lightingprinted matter nesoi, incl p rint pictures photos, other:elec water, spac e soil heaters, hair etc dry, pt, electrothe rmic hairdarticles of zinc nesoi, other articles of zinc:x-ray etc apparatus, tubes, panels , screen etc, pt, other, for dental usesfood preparations nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other: machines etc having individual functions nesoi, pt, other:articles of aluminum nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other:containers boxes, bags etc, closurers etc, plast, boxes, cases, crates and similar articlesfootwear, outer sole u pper rubber or plastic nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole rub, plastic or lea upper tex, ot her:lamps lighting - alcohols nos imo 3- un 1987- fp13c- gw 7 kgsinsecticides, rodentici des, fungicides etc, retail, other - env haz substance liquid nos imo 9- un 3082- gw 157, 200 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, range f etc, pts, other instruments and appliances -lithium metal batteries imo 9- un 3090- gw 1 , 800 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances - lithium metal batteries contained in equipment imo 9- un 3091 - gw 24 kgssoap, organicsurface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparations - corrosive liquid acidic inorganic nosimo 8- un 3264- gw 31, 50 kgs
FranceNew York397PKG10,257****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020570231"1 x 40 hc container total 667 packages only total six hundred sixty seven packages only handwoven woollen rug(80 wool 20 cotton) hand knitted cushion cover (80 wool 20 cott hand knitted cushion cover (80 polyester 20 cotton) hand knitted cotton pouf (80 cotton 20 pol balls/expanded foam) braided jute pouf (80 jute 20 poly balls/expanded foam) hand knitted cotton pouf (80 cotton 20 pol balls/expanded foam) h.s.code : 57023190, 63049120, 63049190, 9404shipping bill no. 9134301 dt. 21/12/2019 invoice no. ho/3377/19 dt. 19/12/2019 po - 17552, 17482, 17518, 17417, 17596, 17526gross weight:3774.280 net weight:3185.350 total pcs:1223. iec no.3303002452 freight collect. notify 2: c.h. robinson contact: jessica white 1075 inner loop road suite 300 atlanta, ga 30337, usa phone: 404-494-8750 fax:404-629-8340 email: jessica.sims freight collect discharge port agent: cma cgm (america) llc 5701 lake wright drive norfolk united states tel:+1 757 961 2100 fax:+1 757 961 2151
CroatiaSavannah667PCS7,474**** *****
28/Jan/2020140420"cotton pads, cotton balls
ChinaLong Beach3,218CTN5,330**** *****
27/Jan/2020560221Fluff and tumble dryer balls 3 pack in cotton bag invoice no : 72 (kalpana craft) date : 06 nov 2019 q ty/pcs : 40000 h.s cod e : 560221 po# : 05570
ChinaHouston800BOX8,799.84**** *****
25/Jan/2020570500"100% cotton handloom rugs - 872 cartons (eight hundred seventy two cartons ) con taining 7636 pcs 100% cott on handloom rugs 100% cott on tufted bath mat 70% pol yester 30% cotton handloom rugs 100% cotton handknit ted pouf filled with polye ster balls 100% cotton pou ffilled with polyester ba lls iec no. : 33070 05308 i nv no. : so/036/19-20 dt:0 6.12.2019 shipping bill no :8816418 dt.09.12.2019 l/c no:-dpcmxh902060 date 10. 09.2019 h.s. code : 570500 42, 57039010, 57023210 & 9 4049099 freight prepaid th c prepaid total gross wt: 6751.200
IndiaMiami872CTN6,7511,755,312 *****
24/Jan/2020950662"mrku6997486 20/dry 8 6 shippe r s seal: 001 2 carton gross weight: 11.9 kgs measurement: 0.109 cbm soccerballs in v: as/1264/19-20 date: 14.1 2.2019 net weight: 9.699 kg s po no order no 01 24694396 288858945 article no qty ctn dy2541 30 2 form e no sbl- 2019-000042574 date: 07-12- 2019 hs code: 9506.6200 freight collect cargo recei ve date 17-12-2019 marks a nd numbers: po ctn 0124694396 2 7 carton gro ss weight: 31.71 kgs measureme nt: 0.313 cbm socks e-fo rm no: abl-2019-0000024197, date 13-dec-2019 invoic e il/exp-206/74504 date 12- dec-2019 p.o no. cust or der no. 0124693264 28885017 0 0124731107 288917923 a rticle no. ctn qty cf33 85 5 327 ed8030 2 23 cargo recei ve date 15.12.2019 marks a nd numbers: p.o no. ctn 0124693264 5 01247311 07 2 77 carton gross weight : 423.42 kgs measurement: 4.54 3 cbm bags made from polyes ter fabric hs code 420292 e-form#hmb-2019-0000171801 dated:07/12/2019 net weig ht 338.711 kg invo#fgad1916 12 p.o no. cust order no . 0124534338 288625353 0 124692914 288849277 0124694 282 288852436 0124694294 28 8852438 article no. ctn qty du1993 7 10 1 du1996 2 26 fp8096 30 437 fp 8098 38 557 cargo receive date 13.12.2019 m arks and numbers: p.o no. ctn 0124534338 7 01 24692914 2 0124694282 3 0 0124694294 38 5 carton gross weight: 43.79 kgs measu rement: 0.28 cbm knitted t- shirts 100% cotton dyed (un isex) inv.3077003 e-form hmb-2019-0000157944 date: 12-nov-19 net weight : 38.2 78 kgs p.o no. cust orde r no. 0124052516 288153045 article no. ctn qty ed8292 5 177 car go receive date 13.12.2019 marks and numbers: p.o no. ctn 0124052516 5 4 carton gross weight: 13.86 kgs measurement: 0.122 cbm kni tted t-shirts 100% 100% cot ton dyed.(unisex) date 27-n ov-19 e-form#hmb-2019-00001 66081 inv.3164003 net we ight : 10.797 kgs p.o no. cust order no. 0124692916 288849280 article no. ctn qty ed8293 4 50 cargo receive date 1 4.12.2019 marks and numbers: p.o no. ctn 0124692 916 4 19 carton gross weig ht: 74.53 kgs measurement: 0.8 55 cbm s5219167781 mens 65% bci cotton 35% polyester knit pant dyed. 6103.49 p o no order no 01240512 63 288126817 article no q ty ctn fk6058 198 19 form e no mcb-2019- 0000058716 date : 16-dec-19 freight collect cargo r eceive date 14-12-2019 mar ks and numbers: po ctn 0124051263 19 6 carto n gross weight: 33.26 kgs meas urement: 0.27 cbm s52191677 80 mens 100% cotton knit t- shirts white. 6109.1 po no order no 0124051242 288126553 article no qty ctn fj4691 198 6 form e no mbl-2019-000 0087821 date : 17-dec-19 freight collect cargo rece ive date 16-12-2019 marks and numbers: po ctn 0124051242 6 29 carton g ross weight: 109.82 kgs measur ement: 1.305 cbm s521916778 2 mens 80% cotton (100% bci ) 20% polyester knit pants dyed. 6103.49 po no order no 0124051326 288126 824 article no qty ctn fk6140 321 29 f orm e no mcb-2019-000005869 5 date : 16-dec-19 freig ht collect cargo receive da te 14-12-2019 marks and nu mbers: po ctn 01 24051326 29 15 carton gross weight: 75.83 kgs measurement: 0.675 cbm s5219164525 wo"PakistanNew York/newark Area Newark345CTN1,962.2738,934 *****
20/Jan/2020560121"fwdr ref: 512990526 cnee ref: 19hs08 three thousand seven hundred sixty cartons only absorbent cotton bp, dgb cotton balls 100s dgb cotton round pads 80s dgb cotton balls 90s dgb cotton oval pad p/o 19hs08 hts : 56012110 freight collect, shipper load count
IndiaSavannah3,760PCS9,148**** *****
17/Jan/2020520841100 percent cotton hand knitted poouf outer inner filled with thermocol balls filer fabric
IndiaOakland770CTN2,772**** *****
17/Jan/2020560121"absorbent cotton bp three thousand one hundred two cartons only absorbent cotton bp, dgb cotton balls 100s p/o 19ggf5 hts 56012110 svc s19nse082
IndiaSavannah3,102PCS4,963**** *****
17/Jan/2020940490"1x40 hc fcl 915 cartons 60 wool+40 cotton woven pouf filled with eps balls 50 jute+50 cotton braided pouf filled with eps balls 70 cotton+30 polyester woven pillow filled with polyfiber 80 wool+20 cotton woven pillow filled with poly fiber 100 cotton woven pouf filled with eps balls 60 cotton+40 polyester woven pillow filled with polyfiber 80 polyester+20 cotton woven pillow filled with polyfiber 100 jute braided baskets 50 jute+50 cotton braided baskets mdf stools covered by 55 cotton+45 viscose cohs code 94049099, 63079090, 94035090 pan number : abvfs8005r inv. no. shf-460/19-20 dt. 13.11.19 s.bill no. 8555302 dt. 27.11.19 iec no. 3310008151 total pcs/sets: 1890 net weight : 3259.200 kgs freight collect arcadia, wisconsin 54612 usa cargo delivery address: ashley furniture ind, inc. 2250 west lugonia ave redlands, ca 92373 usa freight collect
CroatiaTacoma915PCS8,428**** *****
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