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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/20206111203, 010pcs 250-10/12dzs men s knitted basic overhead core 60 %cotton 40%polyester order no: style no : a251612 377 36 a251613 37736 a251614 3 7736 cat no : 338 to tal: 177 ctns = 8, 400 pcs girls 65% polyester 35% cotton knitted shorts order no. kimball no. a230054 8 6510 a230055 86510 a2309 87 86510 a230988 86510 h s code: 6104632060 babies 60% cotton 40% polyester knitt ed trousers girls 60% cott on 40% polyester knitted trous ers order no. kimba ll no. a220410 47673 hs code: 6111205000 / 6104622028 -flatiron international ltd timberword international apparel group co., ltd
CambodiaNew York/newark Area Newark401CTN3,136.64****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
31/Jan/2020650500100 % cotton woven baseball c ap h. s code : 650500 servic e type : cfs/cfs freight coll ect po # style # r tco87944 ck3190 inv. no. : ex/uni/4181/2019 date : 10.12.2019 l/c or tt no. : us190010st date : 25.04.2019 exp. no. : 0968-004045-2019 date : 13.12.2019 gross weight: 78 kgs 3rd notify pa rty ================== pvh f ar east limited. delta life t ower (7th floor), plot#37, ro ad#45 & 90, gulshan north circ le-2, dhaka-1212, bangladesh. pvh is the ocean freight payer .. ..
BangladeshCharleston10CTN77.57****** *****
31/Jan/2020650500100 % cotton woven baseball c ap h. s code : 650500 servic e type : cfs/cfs freight coll ect po # style # t w69281672 69j1458 tw692817 01 69j1771 tw69282550 6 9j1459 tw69282510 69j1709 tw69282516 6950999 tw692 82559 69j1451 tw69282560 69j1452 tw69282531 69j14 48 inv. no. : ex/uni/4 178/2019 date : 10.1 2.2019 l/c or tt no. : us1900 10st date : 25.04.20 19 exp. no. : 0968-004 046-2019 date : 13.1 2.2019 gross weight: 2419.2 kgs 3rd notify party ====== ============ pvh far east li mited. delta life tower (7th floor), plot#37, road#45 & 90, gulshan north circle-2, dhak a-1212, bangladesh. pvh is the ocean freight payer . . .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..
BangladeshCharleston280CTN2,419.05****** *****
31/Jan/2020100116Freight as arranged apparel goods mens basketball knit l ong sleeve t-shirt body: 59% cotton 41% polyester tcpo n o.: 5802890583 material: cd1 106-010 po no: 4506693583 cat no: 338 invoice no: iol1 apparel goods 100% polyester knit po#: 4506695512 po i tem: # 00060 material#: aj12 43-010 plant code :# 1001 qty : 1656 pcs invoice no. 19htc9706 shipper: hi-tech apparel (cambodia) co., ltd. apparel goods women s shorts 100% polyester knit po# 4506695512 po item: # 0007 0 material# aj1243-419 pl ant code :# 1001 qty : 396 pcs invoice no. 19htc9705 no wood packaging material 918648 ship to/plant code: 1 001 shipper declared this sh ipment does not contain wood packing materials. shipper: olive apparel (cambodia) co., ltd. national road no. 3, p hum prey kambot, sangkat cho m chao, khan posenchey, phno m penh, kingdom of cambodia a35-36, poipet o neang special economi sangkat phsar kanda l poipet city, banteay meanc hey, cambodia relay vessel hyundai busan 121e container summar y -------------------------- --------- ponu7423484 kh057 2164 40x9 6 347ctn 8.8 36cbm 985.590kgs b/l total s ummary --------------------- -------------- 347ctn 8.836c bm 985.590kgs
CambodiaLong Beach347CTN984.77****** *****
31/Jan/2020902790Parts for elec appar etc of head 8535, 8536 8537, other:electrical apparatus for switchin g etc, ov 1000v, lightning arresters, vtransmission shafts, bearings, gears etc, parts, gears and gearing, other than toothed wheels, chain sprockets andother transmission elements entered separately; ball or roller screws; gea r boxesparts for engines of heading 8407 or 8408, other:stranded wire, cables etc, aluminum, no elec insul, with steel core:lamps light ingmens or boys suits, ensembles etc, not knit etc, of cotton:electrical apparatus for switching etc, nov 1000v, othermicrophones, loudspeakers, sound amplifier etc, pt, loudspeakers, whetheelectric transform, static converters induct, pt, ballasts for discharautomatic re gulating or control instruments, parts, manostatscentrifuges, filter etc mach for liquid orgases, pts, parts:boards, panels etc with ele c switch appar etc., fora voltage exceeding 1taps, cocks, valves etc for pipes, tanks etc, pts, parts:soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparati ons, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparationsinsulating fittings for assembly nesoi, otherengines and motorsnesoi, and parts thereof, parts:electric stor age batteries, incl separators, parts, other storage batterelectrical apparatus for switching etc, nov 1000v, other apparatus:insecticides, rodenticides, fungicides etc, retail, other - aerosols imo 2.1- un 1950- gw 44 kgschemic al products, mixtures and preparations; n.e.c. heading 3824 - corrosive liquid acidic inorganic nos imo 8- un 3264- gw 2527 kgschemicalproducts, mixtures and preparations; n.e.c. heading 3824 - corrosive liquid acidic organic nos imo 8- un 3265- gw 2126 kgs
FranceNew York273PKG21,893****** *****
31/Jan/2020640419Medicaments nesoi, mixed or not, in dosage etc fm, other:toys nesoi, scale models etc, puzzles, parts etc, inflatable toy balls, balloonsand punchballs, of rubbertelevision receivers incl monitors proj receivers, other, color: seats except babed linen, table linen, toiletlinen kitchen linen, of othertextile materi alsstructures nesoi parts thereof, of iron or steel, other:furniture nesoisurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances:baby carriages inc strollers and parts thereof, baby carriages including strollers and partsthereofarticles of plastics inc polymers resins nesoi, other:art icles equip for sports etc nesoi, pools, pt s, other:articles of plastics inc polymers r esins nesoi, other:printing machinery, machines ancil to printing, pt, other:trailers etc, other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt, other vehicles:womens or girls suits, ensemb etc, knit or croch, of cottonblankets and traveling rugs, blankets other than electric blankets andtraveling rugs, of cottont-shirts, singlets, tank tops etc, knit or crochet, of other text ile materials:parts access for motor vehicl es head 8701-8705, other:medical, surgical, dental or vet inst, no elec, pt, other instruments andappliances and parts and accessorielectric motors and generators no sets, motors of an output not exceedelec water, space soil h eaters, hair etc dry, pt, otherheadgear nesoi, whether or not lined or trimmed, of other mat erials:soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishingor scouring preparationslabels of paper or p aperboard, printed or not, other:air or vacuumpumps, compr fans, hoods fans, pts, other , except parts:made-up articles of textile ma terials nesoi, other:glassware for table, kitchen, toilet etc use nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole upper rubber or plastic nesoi, other :lamps lightingprinted matter nesoi, incl p rint pictures photos, other:elec water, spac e soil heaters, hair etc dry, pt, electrothe rmic hairdarticles of zinc nesoi, other articles of zinc:x-ray etc apparatus, tubes, panels , screen etc, pt, other, for dental usesfood preparations nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other: machines etc having individual functions nesoi, pt, other:articles of aluminum nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other:containers boxes, bags etc, closurers etc, plast, boxes, cases, crates and similar articlesfootwear, outer sole u pper rubber or plastic nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole rub, plastic or lea upper tex, ot her:lamps lighting - alcohols nos imo 3- un 1987- fp13c- gw 7 kgsinsecticides, rodentici des, fungicides etc, retail, other - env haz substance liquid nos imo 9- un 3082- gw 157, 200 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, range f etc, pts, other instruments and appliances -lithium metal batteries imo 9- un 3090- gw 1 , 800 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances - lithium metal batteries contained in equipment imo 9- un 3091 - gw 24 kgssoap, organicsurface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparations - corrosive liquid acidic inorganic nosimo 8- un 3264- gw 31, 50 kgs
FranceNew York397PKG10,257****** *****
30/Jan/2020392350"caps(baseball caps) (55pct cotton, 45pct polyester woven caps) (100pct cotton woven caps.)
SingaporeOakland168CTN3,338**** *****
30/Jan/2020821000, 482010, 482369"journal fshn texture 5x7 60sht hts # 4820102010 blooming branch astm artific hts # 6702903500 succulent clips pdq artfcl hts # 6702104000 dtd succulents pot astd hts # 6702104000 succulents pot astd pdq artifi hts # 6702104000 trellis hts # 8306290000 authentic shipper : max creative industrial limited rm 907, 9/f , winfield comm. bidg, 38 prat ave, tsim sha tsui, hong kong seasonal trend sourcing co., ltd, room 2502, 25f, max trade centre, 23 luk hop st., san po kong, kowloon hongkong. silver timing limited 8/f, pioneer place, 33 hoi yuen road, kwun tong, hong kong
can opener black handle hts # 8210000000 ranunculus bush artificial x5 hts # 6702903500 fetnglfree audio acetate pdq hts # 8544200000 care bears single figure on bl hts # 9503000073 cake decoration kit new hts # 3924104000 baby ribbon 1.5inx3y/rl pdq hts # 5806321040 authentic shipper: big jump industrial co., li mited rm 1405a 14/f lucky centre 165-171 wanchai rd wanchai hong kong evernoble limited, unit g, 1/f., hop hing industrial, building 704 castle peak road, kowloon, hong kong. just play(hk) ltd. 10th floor, mirror tower, no. 61 m ody road, kowloon hong kong silver timing limited 8/f, pioneer place, 33 hoi yuen road, kwuntong, hong kong sun rich limited 8/f unit 14 fu hang industrial bldg., 1 hok yuen east street., hung hom, kowloon, hong kong . producer: kai feng decoration(hui zhou)co., ltd. gongye liu road, huizhou chanye zhuanyi industrial park, longmen country, huizhou city, guangdongprovince, china fourstar group unit a, 8/f ., kaiser estate phase 1, 41 man yue street, hung hom, kowloon, h.k. shipper declared: ther e is no regulated wood packaging materials
type c cable hts # 8544422000 usb car chargerastd colors hts # 8504409580 bubble fun bubb le blower hts # 9503000073 fashion print clipboard hts # 4820300040 mini clip board hts # 4820300040 decorative nautical rope 9.5ft hts# 5607901500 baby blue 9z hot/cold cups 8ct hts # 4823690020 baby pink 9z hot/cold cup 8c t hts # 4823690020 glttr prncss garland swirl7ft hts # 9505904000 cups paper princess 9z 8ct hts # 4823690020 bold bday cups 9z 8ct hts #4823690020 glitter princess tssue cntrpce hts # 9505904000 hot/cold cup-bright bday 9z 8c hts # 4823690020 hot/cold cup-sports 9z 8ct hts # 4823690020 hot/cld cup-diamond bday 9z 8c hts # 4823690020 hot/cold cup-neutrl bby 9z 8ct hts # 4823690020 cup wedding 9z 8ct h ts # 4823690020 hot/cold cup-balloon 9z 8ct hts # 4823690020 glitter princess lttr bnnr 7tf hts # 9505904000 diamond bday cone hat 8pk hts # 9505904000 princess lootbag w/die cut 15c hts # 3923290000 princess tiara 4pk hts # 9505906000 authentic shipper: hongdu plastic product co., ltd. no.6 wangjiao road hengtang village tangxia town, dongguan city, guangdong province, china partyworld workshop ltd flat d1, 13/f., phase 1, kaiser estate, 41 man yue street, hunghom, kowloon, hong kong max creative industrial limited rm 907, 9/f, winfield comm. bidg, 38 prat ave, tsim sha tsui, hong kongwuchuan city yuelian cotton&jute products co ., ltd"
ChinaCharleston12,794CTN37,234.21472,080 *****
30/Jan/2020830910"base ball caps (100% cotton w oven caps) (60%cotton 40%pol yester woven caps) (front an d visor: 100% cotton; back 4 panels: 100% polyester woven caps) ex/uni/4168/2019 dat e: 02.12.2019 contract no.:us 190010st date:25.04.2019 ex p. no.:0968-003989 -2019 date :10.12.2019 schneider logisti cs ilm dept 1555 glory road , green bay, wi 54304 email: tel: 1 (800) 525-9358 damco distrib ution services inc. 5011 ea st firestone place south gate , ca 90280 usa for escalations : 323-568-2526 email: dcm_la@ --gazipur, 1700 bangladesh
BangladeshSavannah1,512CTN4,536**** *****
30/Jan/2020701951"base ball caps (100% polye ster woven caps) (front a nd visor: 100% cotton; bac k 4 panels: 100% polyester woven caps) (88% polyest e r 12% spandex) po#30611(5 612513904) ex/uni/4108/201 9 date:27.11.2019 contract no.:us190021st date:11.09 .2019 exp. no.2859-108836- 2019 date:30.11.2019 schne ider logistics ilm d ept 15 55 glory road, green bay, wi 54304 email: ilmdray=sc tel: 1 (800) 5 25-9358 damco distribution services inc. 5011 east f irestone place south gate, ca 90280 usa for escalatio ns: 323-568-2526 email: dc ==gazipur, 1712 bangladesh
BangladeshSavannah2,219CTN6,657**** *****
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