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Find detailed US import data of cotton baby suit contains shipper and consignee name, value, quantity, weight and more trade statistics based on US customs bill of lading database.

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39 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020620443Dress girl woven skirt girl w oven trousers infant woven b odysuit babies cotton t-shirt girl cotton tanktop girl co tton trousers babies cotton gift set babies knitted t-shi rt girl knitted shirt men wov en trousers girl woven t-sh irt ladies knitted t-shirt me n knitted trousers men woven shirt women woven dress wom en woven blouse ladies woven shirt boy woven shirt men kn itted leggings girl knitted tanktop women knitted teatow el _ woven t-shirt women knit ted t-shirt boy knitted body suit girl cotton earring wom en iron cushion cover _ woven romper baby/girl woven trou sers baby/girl woven sets bab y/girl woven top girl knitte d trousers boy woven trouser s babies knitted bodysuit bab y/girl knitted bodysuit babie s knitted hts code: 6204430 0, 62045200, 62092000 61112000, 61091000, 61142000 62052000, 62 046300, 62034200 62063000, 6204 4390, 62044220 61051000, 61046 200, 63049260 71179090, 6304928 9 --o/b: various shippers s hipper: first garment manufac turing co no 4 135 aruppukott ai main roa valayankulam
RomaniaNew York/newark Area Newark689CTN7,945.71157,653 ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
31/Jan/2020620920Hs code 62092000 baby boys 100 cotton wove baby boys 100 cotton woven short, baby boys 100 cotton woven play suite
Sri LankaNew York/newark Area Newark26CTN306****** *****
31/Jan/2020551332Po# 8337480 baby girls bodysu it and skirtall 2pc set body suit: 60% cotton 40% recycled polyester knit skirtall: 10 0% cotton woven pid# 562491 dpc item # carton sets 2060 84889 92 1104 206084890 145 1 740 206084891 151 1812 2060 84892 126 1512 206084893 78 9 36 206084894 57 684 total qt y: 7788 sets export referen ce: po#8337480 deptno:206 c ont./targetseal msku6360910/t gt1335194 damco seal#3 01056 7
CambodiaLong Beach649CTN1,268.27****** *****
31/Jan/2020640419Medicaments nesoi, mixed or not, in dosage etc fm, other:toys nesoi, scale models etc, puzzles, parts etc, inflatable toy balls, balloonsand punchballs, of rubbertelevision receivers incl monitors proj receivers, other, color: seats except babed linen, table linen, toiletlinen kitchen linen, of othertextile materi alsstructures nesoi parts thereof, of iron or steel, other:furniture nesoisurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances:baby carriages inc strollers and parts thereof, baby carriages including strollers and partsthereofarticles of plastics inc polymers resins nesoi, other:art icles equip for sports etc nesoi, pools, pt s, other:articles of plastics inc polymers r esins nesoi, other:printing machinery, machines ancil to printing, pt, other:trailers etc, other vehicles, not mech propelled, pt, other vehicles:womens or girls suits, ensemb etc, knit or croch, of cottonblankets and traveling rugs, blankets other than electric blankets andtraveling rugs, of cottont-shirts, singlets, tank tops etc, knit or crochet, of other text ile materials:parts access for motor vehicl es head 8701-8705, other:medical, surgical, dental or vet inst, no elec, pt, other instruments andappliances and parts and accessorielectric motors and generators no sets, motors of an output not exceedelec water, space soil h eaters, hair etc dry, pt, otherheadgear nesoi, whether or not lined or trimmed, of other mat erials:soap, organic surface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishingor scouring preparationslabels of paper or p aperboard, printed or not, other:air or vacuumpumps, compr fans, hoods fans, pts, other , except parts:made-up articles of textile ma terials nesoi, other:glassware for table, kitchen, toilet etc use nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole upper rubber or plastic nesoi, other :lamps lightingprinted matter nesoi, incl p rint pictures photos, other:elec water, spac e soil heaters, hair etc dry, pt, electrothe rmic hairdarticles of zinc nesoi, other articles of zinc:x-ray etc apparatus, tubes, panels , screen etc, pt, other, for dental usesfood preparations nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other: machines etc having individual functions nesoi, pt, other:articles of aluminum nesoi, other:household articles parts, iron st, ir or steel wool etc, other:containers boxes, bags etc, closurers etc, plast, boxes, cases, crates and similar articlesfootwear, outer sole u pper rubber or plastic nesoi, other:footwear, outer sole rub, plastic or lea upper tex, ot her:lamps lighting - alcohols nos imo 3- un 1987- fp13c- gw 7 kgsinsecticides, rodentici des, fungicides etc, retail, other - env haz substance liquid nos imo 9- un 3082- gw 157, 200 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, range f etc, pts, other instruments and appliances -lithium metal batteries imo 9- un 3090- gw 1 , 800 kgssurvey, hydrogr, meteoro etc inst, rangef etc, pts, other instruments and appliances - lithium metal batteries contained in equipment imo 9- un 3091 - gw 24 kgssoap, organicsurface-active agents, washing preparations, lubricating preparations, artificial waxes, prepared waxes, polishing or scouring preparations - corrosive liquid acidic inorganic nosimo 8- un 3264- gw 31, 50 kgs
FranceNew York397PKG10,257****** *****
29/Jan/2020871500Cotton knitted baby sleepsuits
Sri LankaNew York/newark Area Newark22CTN179**** *****
25/Jan/2020611120"tanktop men knitted shipper quantum knits 3 a unit of kpr avinashi main rd thekkalur () tanktop men knitted tanktop men knitted trousers boy woven shipper shahi exports pvt ltd ambalipura, belandur gate sarjapur main road, bangalore trousers boy woven 80% cotton 19% polyester trousers men woven 98% cotton 2% elastane 58x40x40 po no. 242896-5656 us invoice no. 19061840 s.b no/dt. 8964913 2019-12-14 t-shirt men knitted shipper quantum knits 3 a unit of kpr avinashi main rd thekkalur () t-shirt men knitted maa1363939 blouse ladies woven shipper shahi exports pvt ltd ambalipura, belandur gate sarjapur main road, bangalore blouse ladies woven 88% cotton 12% linen 100%organic cotton shipper network clothing company pvt l 2/641, mangalam road, ncc house andipalayam (post), tirupur-64 bodysuit baby/girl knitted bodysuit baby/girl knitted curtain shipper asian fabricx private limited sf no 746/1&2 751/1&2 747/a, b, manmangalam village, semmadai, product gender description curtain - live tea towel product gender description tea towel - eat product composition 100% bci cotton powerloom tea towel fabric printed pallet dimensions 30x20x20 tanktop mens knitted s.b no/dt. 8967266 2019-12-14 xxo/b various shippers 1%elastane 58x40x40 po no. 243419-7956 us invoice no. 19063902 s.b no/dt. 8978988 2019-12-16 t-shirt men knitted t-shirt mens knitted s.b no/dt. 8967336 2019-12-14 58x40x40 po no. 229858-1510 us invoice no. 19061218 s.b no/dt. 8964945 2019-12-14 100%organic cotton hs code 61112000& 61142000 ctn. mmt. 58x35x40, 58x35x30 po no. 239109/1-2020 product id 0345830 qty 5943 packs, 2457 packs ( 1pack=2pcs) colour pink dusty light country code us-usw022, usw025 invoice no. ncc/2274 , 2275/19-20 date 09/12/2019 s.b no/dt. 8920832 2019-12-12 product composition 100% polyester powerloom curtain - yarn dyed pallet dimensions 58x40x30 no. of inner cartons na inner carton dimensions na order no 222851-9180 invoice no 2019103537 dt 12.12.2019 total 23 sets hs code 63039200 country code us net wt 105.8 kgs no. of inner cartons na inner carton dimensions na order no 216065-9212 invoice no 2019103538 dt 12.12.2019 total 44 pcs hs code 63029190 country code us net wt 3.74 kgs
IndiaNew York/newark Area Newark786PCS12,179**** *****
25/Jan/2020611120"hairclip women iron earring w omen iron table cloth _ woven t-shirt men knitted blouse ladies woven dress ladies kn itted t-shirt boy knitted ta nktop women knitted necklace woman iron t-shirt girl knitt ed necklace women iron body suit girl cotton shirt men wo ven shirt girl woven blouse baby/girl woven trousers men woven gift set babies knitte d shirt women woven shirt bo y knitted trousers women wove n top girl knitted bodysuit baby/boy knitted dress girl woven shirt men knitted dres s girl knitted pants men wov en shorts men woven trousers infant woven chair pad _ wov en teatowel _ woven shirt b oy woven pants boy woven sho rts infant woven bodysuit bab ies cotton trousers girl cott on shorts men knitted trous ers boy woven romper baby/gir l woven sets baby/girl woven trousers baby/girl woven pa nty girl cotton bodysuit boy cotton t-shirt women knitted trousers babies knitted t-sh irt ladies knitted hts code: 71179090, 63049249, 61091000 62063000, 61044200, 610910 6114 20, 6111200000, 62052000 620640 00, 62092000, 62034200 620342, 611120, 62044220 62046300, 6205 3000, 62044200 61051000, 610442 , 61112000 610510, 94049099, 630 29190 62046200, 61071100, 61082 10000 --o/b: various shipper s -- tax id: ham120221p51 dl --_hym_aave hs code: 61112000& 61142000 ctn. mmt. : 58-30-4 0 po no. 143019/1-2020 produ ct id: 0832367 qty: 13 packs (1pack=3pcs) colour: pink dus ty light country code: ld-mx w251 invoice no. ncc/2147/19- 20 date: 02/12/2019 gift set babies knitted (bodysuit, tr ousers, hat) 100%organic cot ton & 95%organic cotton 5%ela stane hs code:61112000 & 6505 0090 carton dimension 58-35- 40, 58-35-30, 58-35-20 po no: 239049/1-2020 product id:0754 107 qty:409 pack(1pack=3pcs) colour: yellow medium countr y code: mxw071 invoice no:nc c/2157/19-20 date:02/12/2019 shipper: radium creation li mited survey no77&169/1/3, vil lage tu tal umbergaon, lsad, guj
SpainMiami830CTN10,600.18210,321 *****
19/Jan/2020711790"earring women iron hairclip w oman iron hairclip women iron t-shirt women knitted neckl ace women iron shirt babies woven cushion cover _ woven t-shirt ladies knitted bodysu it girl cotton shirt men wove n shorts men knitted dress ladies woven t-shirt men knit ted trousers men woven towel _ cotton shirt boy knitted blouse girl woven t-shirt gi rl knitted jumpsuit girl wove n t-shirt boy knitted hood jacket ladies knitted sweatsh irt ladies knitted dress girl woven shirt ladies woven sh irt women woven trousers lad ies woven sets baby/girl wove n bodysuit boy cotton t-shir t girl cotton tanktop girl co tton tee babies knitted bod ysuit babies cotton bodysuit babies knitted dress girl kni tted table cloth _ woven ha t _ woven trousers girl woven pajama baby/girl knitted dr ess babies woven dress baby/g irl woven briefs girl knitte d shirt girl woven trousers baby/girl woven jumper men kn itted blouse baby/girl woven jacket girl woven shirt men knitted romper baby/girl wov en pants boy woven briefs bo y knitted trousers baby/boy knitted curtain _ woven hts code: 71179090, 610910, 6209200 0 63049280, 61091000, 611120000 0 94049099, 62052000, 61071100 62044390, 620342, 630260 6105 1000, 62063000, 63049289 621143 00, 61043200, 61109000 620444, 6 2044200, 620640 620462, 611420 00, 61112000 61044200, 63049249 , 65050090 62046300, 61082100, 6 10821 62064000, 61102000, 61051 0 62044220, 620433, 620630 62 034200, 63039200 --o/b: variou s shippers -- tax id: ham1202 21p51 --_h ym_aave shipper: quantum knits 3 a unit of kp r avinashi main rd thekkalur ()
SpainMiami889CTN9,422.18186,948 *****
15/Jan/2020620442"dress girl woven t-shirt wome n knitted romper baby/girl wo ven dress baby/girl woven ta ble cloth _ woven teatowel _ woven shorts men knitted tr ousers men woven trousers bab y/boy knitted t-shirt ladies knitted chair pad _ woven p ants boy woven briefs boy kni tted trousers boy woven legg ings girl knitted panty girl cotton trousers girl woven trousers ladies woven jacket boy woven dress girl knitted shirt women woven shirt men knitted t-shirt men knitted tee babies knitted shirt men woven shirt babies woven j umpsuit girl woven bodysuit b abies knitted gift set babies knitted blouse girl woven hts code: 62044220, 61091000, 6 2092000 63049249, 63029190, 610 71100 62034200, 61112000, 94049 099 61152900, 62046300, 6204620 0 62033200, 61044200, 61051000 62063000, 62052000, 62114300 62044200 --o/b: various shipp ers shipper: asian fabricx private limited sf no 746/1&2 751/1&2 747/a, b, manmangalam village, semmadai,
RomaniaNew York/newark Area Newark697CTN7,519.33149,193 *****
14/Jan/2020610910"t-shirt men knitted cushion c over _ woven hairclip women i ron earring women iron shirt ladies woven earring woman iron t-shirt girl cotton bri efs women knitted t-shirt lad ies knitted dress girl woven trousers babies cotton blou se girl woven bodysuit babies cotton trousers boy woven t -shirt women knitted dress g irl knitted pants girl woven shirt women woven shirt men woven towel _ cotton blouse girl cotton bodysuit boy cot ton sets baby/girl woven bod ysuit girl cotton shirt babie s woven jacket boy woven sh irt boy knitted t-shirt boy k nitted pants boy woven ring woman iron trousers ladies w oven duvet _ cotton hts code : 61091000, 63049289, 71179090 62082100, 61082100, 62044300 61112000, 62064000, 620342 6109 10, 61044200, 62046200 62044220 , 62052000, 610442 630260, 61046 20000, 6111200000 62092000, 620 42990, 62033200 62034200, 6105 10, 62063000 620462, 6302219050 --o/b: various shippers -- tax id: ham120221p51 dlimpex- --_hym_aave @goms shipper: nandan terry private limited 357/a/6, kha rati to dholi road rupgadh, d holi integrated spin
SpainMiami590CTN9,160.45181,755 *****
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