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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
30/Jan/2020160414"foodstuff - dry century tuna ( eoe cans) 250 cases 48/180g flakes in vegetable oil 250 cases 48/180g flakes hot & spicy 180 cases 48/180g flakes with calamansi 100 cases 48/180g flakes in brine 50 cases 48/180g flakes in adobo 50 cases 48/180g tuna in caldereta 50 cases 48/180g flakes mechado 200 cases 48/184g tuna in chunks spanish style 100 cases 48/184g tuna in chunks in water 200 cases 48/184g tuna in chunks in oil 555 tuna 50 cases 12/140g flakes adobo 125 cases 12/140g flakes afritada 125 cases 12/140g flakes caldereta century gourmet bangus 50 cases 48/184g bangus fillet in oil 50 cases 48/184g bangus fillet and black beans 50 cases 48/184g bangus fillet in smoked style 111 cases 48/225g bangus chunks spanish style century corned tuna 75 cases 48/180g corned tuna 75 cases 48/180g chili corned tuna 2, 141 cases brand century / 555 tuna vvvvvvvvvvv tariff number 1604.14.10 (tuna) tariff number 1604.19.10 (bangus) u.s. fda reg no. 10672247976
BrazilLos Angeles2,141CAS20,146**** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020960310Coyol palm (acrocomia aculeata) whole in syrup 12x32 oz (coyol en miel) 24 bx salvadorean pickled salad (shredded vegetables) in brine 12x32 oz (curtido salvadore o c/verdura) 8 bx spanish plum (jocote) in light syrup whole 12x32 oz (jocote en almibar) 8 bx nance in syrup (byrsonima crassifolia) whole 12x32 oz (nance en almibar) 224 bx nance in syrup (byrsonima crassifolia) whole 24x16 oz (nance en almibar) 21 bx pacaya in brine (chamaedorea tepejeliote) whole 12x32 oz (pacaya en salmuera) 112 bx pacaya in brine (chamaedorea tepejeliote) whole 24x16 oz (pacaya en salmuera) 7 bx whole black beans 12x24 oz (frijol negro) 8 bx red whole beans 12x24 oz (frijol piloy rojo) 40 bx tortilla corn chips spicy 32x180 grs (frituras de maiz) 147 bx tortilla corn chips barbecue 32x180 grs (frituras de maiz barbacoa) 98 bx tortilla corn chips lemon 32x180 grs (frituras de maiz limon) 196 bx tortilla corn chips twist 32x180 grs (frituras de maiz twist) 98 bx tortilla corn chips beans 96x32 grs (frituras de maiz frijol) 98 bx partial with bl koslguapev18060 bl koslguapev18061 bl koslguapev18062
GuatemalaPort Everglades1,089PCS11,999.99**** *****
30/Jan/2020110313"boxes containing corn chips, juices, sodas, oatmeal, spices, soap, noodles pasta, donut shape cookies, lima beans
GuatemalaMiami2,166BOX22,525.78**** *****
30/Jan/2020151610Boxes with 1194 bxs. of fresh green french beans 2708 kgs nt. w. 304 bxs. of fresh snow peas 1379 kgs nt. w. 109 bxs. of fresh baby green zuchini 608 kgs nt. w. 80 bxs. of fresh baby corn 109 kgs nt. w. 1870 bxs. of fresh baby carrots 4178 kgs nt. w. 821 bxs. of fresh rainbow baby carrot 1839 kgs nt. w. 936 bxs. of fresh sugar snap peas 4246 kgs nt. w.
GuatemalaMiami5,314BOX17,121.13**** *****
30/Jan/2020151610Boxes with 1939 bxs. of fresh green french beans 6931 kgs nt. w. 70 bxs. of fresh baby green zuchini 95 kgs nt. w. 250 bxs. of fresh baby corn 340 kgs nt. w. 975 bxs. of fresh baby carrots 4702 kgs nt. w. 71 bxs. of fresh mix green beans yellow beans 97 kgs nt. w.
GuatemalaMiami3,305BOX14,224.90**** *****
30/Jan/2020200490Boxes containing french beans 1405 baby corn 22 english peas 351 sugar snaps 350 mini orange carrots 290
GuatemalaMiami2,418BOX13,341.74**** *****
29/Jan/2020210310"cartons in total. coconut milk, pepper sauce, juices soya sauce, sauce, corn, vinegar, ketchup, seasoning, beans, coconut water, mackerel, peas, kidney po# pr-0127
JamaicaMiami2,420PCS26,512.471 *****
28/Jan/2020210690"processed foods juices, c/water, corned beef, sardines, tuna, mixed veg, corn, peas, beans, c.milk, saltfish fritter, c/milk powder, soup, pepper sauce, browning, ketchup, cheese . (1559 cartons in total) . p.o.#: 12112019odb-bond .
JamaicaSan Juan Puerto Rico1,559CTN16,056**** *****
28/Jan/2020110100"beans, wheat groats, spelt , rosehip, white mulberry molasses, wheat flour, swe et corn sticks, sunflower seeds, granulated sugar, t atarboraki, clay box, drie d fruits - 1001 pieces gro ss weight: 11380 kg
GeorgiaLong Beach1,001PKG11,380**** *****
28/Jan/2020200490Grocery supermarket 1x40 rhc container swlac: 561 boxes frozen corn tamale cof/tamal de elote 173 boxes frozen corn tamale dch/tamal de elote 167 boxes frozen red mombin cof/jocote rojo 205 boxes red mombin dhc 64 onz/jocote rojo 36 boxes frozen red mombin dch 16onz/jocote rojo 6 boxes stuffed beans and cheese corn tortilla dch/ pupusas de frijol con queso congelada 75 boxes frozen refried beans/frijol refrito congelado temperature 0 f ventilation 0% freight collect freight collect
El SalvadorWilmington1,223BOX19,780**** *****
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