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28 Shipments Records (Demo)

DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/2020450410Agglomerated cork sheets 1433 cartobns on 32 pallets hs code 45041091
PortugalBoston1,433PKG19,784****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
30/Jan/2020450410Agglomerated cork sheets on 46 pallets hs c
PortugalSavannah1,288PKG22,700454,000 *****
30/Jan/2020450410Agglomerated cork sheets
PortugalSavannah1,296PKG22,700454,000 *****
26/Jan/2020960810, 39261017 cartons description: perma nent marker 2pk pen carded tr ured po: bpm685 po: 11069200 sku: 24376604 sku: tr54522 -us hts code: 9608200000 no swpm 61 cartons description: retra ctable gel pen bp 0.5mm 5pk b lack trured sbu po: bpt134 o rder no: 11071095 sku: 24377 016 sku: tr54486-us hs code: 9608100000 no solid wood pack ing material 35 cartons des 7 cartons description: jumbo vinyl coated paper clips gree n 50pk po: brr763 po: 110931 43 sku: 922888 sku: 20930-u s hts:7319409000 no swpm 14 cartons description: pen b p stick med 1.0 black 12pk p o: brt429 po: 11093496 sku: 24328149 sku: tr52861-us ht s code:960810 no swpm 16 cartons po#11082480 expan ding file 7pkt ltr size grey tru red po: 11082480 sku: 6 32889 sku: tr51821-us hs cod e:3926100000 no swmp 23 cart ons expanding file w doc cas e 7pkt ltr size black tru red 83 cartons po#11086991 mini bound sheet protector 5x8 10 sheets po: 11086991 sku: 11 6906 sku: 23746-us hs code:3 926100000 no swmp 29 cartons swglk rprt cvrs 5 clr clr po: bre495 po: 11086991 sku 47 cartons stpls 4x6 graph ru led index cards 100 ct po 11 095992 sku 50997-us hs code 481190 it is stated by the s hipper that no wood packaging materials used in this ship ment 94 cartons stpls 5x8 l 29 cartons bulletin board nat ural cork 17x23 po 11098254 sku 50068-us hs code 442199 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging mater ials used in this shipment 13 cartons cork roll agglomer 5 cartons bottle moistener p o 11098257 sku 160788-us hs code 392610 it is stated by the shipper that no wood pack aging materials used in this shipment 1 cartons pencil sharpener w vacuum mount po 11098260 sk u 27671-us hs code 847290 i t is stated by the shipper th at no wood packaging material s used in this shipment 3 c artons aura style pen rubberi 18 cartons black tape dispens er standard po 11098753 sku 10566-us hs code 392610 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging materials used in this shipment 4 cart ons high end dispenser with 2 cartons call bell po 11098 756 sku 10592-us hs code 830 610 it is stated by the ship per that no wood packaging m aterials used in this shipmen t 21 cartons paper tape lg dis 48mmx40m po 11098756 sku 2 cartons pres bk 12 slv clea r frt wht po 11098788 sku 21 621-us hs code 392610 it is stated by the shipper that n o wood packaging materials us ed in this shipment cription: stick gel pen bp 0. 7mm 5pk black trured sbu po: bpt134 order no: 11071095 sk u: 24377017 sku: tr54476-us hs code:9608100000 no solid wood packing material 61 cart ons description: retractable gel pen bp 0.7mm 5pk black t rured sbu po: bpt134 order n o: 11071095 sku: 24377035 sk u: tr54494-us hs code:960810 0000 no solid wood packing ma terial tru red po: bqt696 po: 110 82480 sku: 2756966 sku: tr5 1820-us hs code:3926100000 n o swmp 21 cartons expanding file 13pkt ltr size black tr u red po: bqt696 po: 1108248 0 sku: 2756967 sku: tr51819 -us hs code:3926100000 no sw mp 22 cartons expanding fabr ic file 7pkt ltr size blk t ruChinaBaltimore4,287CTN27,069.03**** *****
25/Jan/202045041021 pallets agglomerated cork sheets
PortugalNew York/newark Area Newark546CTN9,760195,200 *****
23/Jan/2020450490Freight prepaid 180 rolls - agglomerated cork rolls - g.w. 42120 cartons - agglomerated cork sheets - g.w.4920 kg
PortugalSavannah300PCS12,850**** *****
20/Jan/2020450410Composition and insulation cork 256 crts on 12 skids + 525 sheets on 3 skids 31 rolls hs code 45041091
PortugalLong Beach812PKG11,554**** *****
19/Jan/2020852990"plates, sheets and strip, of po 70150845 (sacramento) svc s18nne505 hd display easel 35.62x61.22 plastic bl in out mag dry erase brd 24x36 silver fr bk. smartbox 230x100x45 slim encl. fabric bullet.brd 28x38 al cs combo dry erase cork brd 36x18 silver fr lacq st mag dry erase brd 36x48 s w lacq st mag dry erase brd 48x72 silv whi mag brd accessories push pin assort 6 pk combo dry erase cork brd 48x18 silver fr porc. dry erase brd 48x96 white al frame mag wet erase brd 27x34 blackcherry wood wet erase brd 27x34 black al frame fabric bullet.brd 24x18 black fabric&fra combo bullet.brd dry erase 24x18 gray fr in out mag dry erase brd 36x24 silver fr mag weekly planner 36x24 al frame cork bullet.brd w/ al frame 36x48 natur melamine dry erase brd 24x36 white al fr mag plan brd 1x2 grid 36x24 white silver plan brd w/ accessor. 1x2 grid 36x24 w s 3in1 calendar plan dry erase brd 36x24sv mag dry erase brd 24x36 white al frame mag plan brd 48x36 2x3 grid white silver mag dry erase brd 48x96 white al frame mtv.bk.f.mag.wb.2400x1200 earth cork brd 24x36 al frame earth cork brd 36x48 al frame mag dry erase brd 11x14 black plastic fr ceramic dry erase brd 24x36 white al fra frs.mag.tile wb.1150x750 x
PortugalOakland546PCS4,610**** *****
17/Jan/2020940320Adjustable height sign holder holds letter size sign po 11093707 sku 28069-cc hs code 940320 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging managers chair mcallum gray bonded leather po 11093923 sku 51474-cc hs code 940130 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging 5pk staples 25000 pc po 11094037 sku 10807-cc hs code 830520 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging materials used in this stapler eco full strip stand up po 11094037 sku 54050-cc hs code 847290 3 no.2 magnetic bulldog clips po 11094037 sku 10602-cc hs code 850519 wrist coil black 5pk poly bag po 11094037 sku 22156-cc hs code 732620 medium binder clips 12 pk box po 11094037 sku 720500-qcc hs code 830590 binderclips small 144ct po 11094037 sku 32002-cc hs code 830590 full strip stapler value pk w remover 1250 ct staples po 11094037 sku 24548-cc hs code 847290 100 ct push pins clear po 11094037 sku 11172-qcc hs code 731940 premium one hole punch po 11094037 sku 11514-qcc hs code 820340 hd 3 hole adj punch 30 sheets po 11094037 sku 24549-cc hs code 847290 high capacity 60 sheet staples 3000 pcs po 11094037 sku 12025-cc hs code 830520 executive stapler with flat style staple remover black po 11094037 sku 13427-cc hs code 847290 high end adjustable 3 hole punch po 11094037 sku 35707-qcc hs code 847290 power assisted 3 hole punch - 45 sheet po 11094037 sku 20268-cc hs code 847290 clip barrel no.1 1.25 magnetic 18pk po 11094037 sku 17694-cc hs code 850519 letter opener plas rzr 2pk po 11094037 sku 18006-cc hs code 821410 lge binderclips 12ct po 11094037 sku 10669-cc hs code 830590 clipboard storage box black po 11094037 sku 28543-cc hs code 392610 legal size aluminum clipboard po 11094037 sku 28524-cc hs code 761699 portable clipboard with calculator black and gray po 11094037 sku 28545-cc hs code 392610 fasteners premium set 2in po 11094037 sku 44405-cc hs code 830590 loose leaf rings 1in 100pk po 11094037 sku 44418-cc hs code 732620 loose leaf rings 3in 10pk po 11094037 sku 44417-cc hs code 732620 paper clips translucent pvc coated asst 600pk po 11094037 sku 28702-cc hs code 830590 magnets hd asst 30pk po 11094037 sku 28699-cc hs code 850519 staples 12in magnifying plastic ruler po 11094037 sku 51905-cc hs code 901780 shredder 14 sheet cross cut po 11094095 sku nx140p-cc hs code 847290 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging materials used in this shredder 8 sheet cross cut po 11094095 sku nx80p-cc hs code 847290 expanding file black po 11094249 sku 10759-cc hs code 392610 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging materials used in this staples expanding fabric file 7pkt letter size blk po 11094249 sku 51818-cc hs code 392610 snap envelope letter size asst po 11094249 sku 51798-cc hs code 392610 board eraser po 11094507 sku 13612-cc hs code 630790 it is stated by the shipper that no wood packaging materials used in this standard cork bulletin board oak finish frame 8w x 4h po 11094507 sku 52465-cc hs code 442199 standard steel whiteboard black aluChinaJacksonville1,309PCS10,746**** *****
12/Jan/2020450490In 21 pallets with agglomerated cork sheets agglomerated cork rolls self-adhesive agglomerated cork tiles agglomerate cork coasters po#p3972 4503 status n
PortugalHouston900CTN9,580**** *****
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