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DateHTS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryUnloading PortQuantityUnitWeightTotal Value [USD] Importer Name
31/Jan/20205513421500 master cartons of indian origin frozen raw hlso treate d vannamei block shrimps tal assa brand packing: 6 x 4 lbs per m/cs. scientific name : litopenaeus vannamei nett wt: 36000.000lbs/16329.312kgs. gr oss wt:56217.923lbs/25500.000k gs. s.b. no: 8660706 dt : 02. 12.2019 falcon s importer of record no: 054601-00043. falc on s us fda bioterrorism regis tration no: 16443909644 one thousand five hundred master c artons only. freight prepaid including ddc prepaid.
SingaporeNew York/newark Area Newark1,500CTN25,500.03****** ***** 30 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
31/Jan/20200306171, 425 master cartons of fro zen headless shell on black ti ger shrimps packing: block 6 x 4 lbs / mctn brand go lden bay origin: india dd p newark , usa invoice no:sae/ 2322-19 dt. 23/10/2019 po no : 1767 date: 27.08.2019 h.s code:03061790 fda regn no- 12033396960 nett wt. 3 4, 200.000 lbs / 15, 526.800 kgs gross wt. 54, 962.250 lbs / 24, 937.500 kgs importer o f record: s.a.exports(1447013 2058) 548-jessore road, kolka ta 700 055, west bengal , ind ia fourteen hundred twenty f ive master cartons only conta iner set at the shipper s req uested carrying temperatur e of (-22) degrees celsius
Sri LankaNew York/newark Area Newark1,425CTN24,937.57****** *****
31/Jan/20200306133240 cartons 1720 cartons of frozen raw peeled and deveine d tail on vannamei shrimps (l itopenaeus vannamei), iqf, pac king: 5 x 2 lbs, iqf, net weig ht/ net count, 13/15 400 no n-phosphate. 16/20 400 non-p hosphate. 21/25 120 non-phos phate. 26/30 50 non-phosphat e 1470 cartons of frozen raw peeled and deveined tail off vannamei shrimps (litopenaeus vannamei), iqf, 26/30 120 non-phosphate 31/40 50 non-p hosphate 50 cartons of frozen raw headless shell on vannam ei shrimps (litopenaeus vannam ei), block packing: 6 x 4 lbs , block, net weight/ net count , brand : gordon choice g. total : 3240 cartons net weig ht : 33100.00 lbs/ 15, 207.40 kgs sb no : 9235384 dt : 26.12.2019 gross wt : 19, 402. 00 kgs origin of product: ind ia importer of record: m/s. penver products limited, no. ap ii/688, industrial estate, aroor, alappuzha, kerala - 68 8 534, india. bond nr. 18c000 wjc delivery address : deliv ery to : gfs taunton 630 john hancock, rd taunton ma 02780, u.s.a. contact : eric finn, tel. 774-226-1604. goods ar e stowed in a refrigerated co ntainer at minus 18 degree c o r lower freight prepaid
RomaniaNew York/newark Area Newark3,240CTN19,402.29****** *****
31/Jan/20208302491040 carton 15729.7 kgs 46.9 cbm hndl tele w/gr hngrs 28qt isl brz rlr/ 52qt quantum rlr hs code:8302496085 30 package 750 kgs 2.16 cbm keeper cord 8 snap lock white
ChinaHouston1,070PCS20,379****** *****
31/Jan/20202932991750 cartons of frozen b aby octopus whole cleaned ( octopus membranaceus ), packing : 12 x 2 lbs ( 24 lbs ) block net weight per master carton, india n origin. net weight : 420 00.00 lbs / 19, 068.000 kg s gross wt : 2 3, 625.000 k gs importer of record: a & v sea food investments ll c, as agent for sterling s eafood corp., 324 harris p lace, new milford, nj 0764 6, usa s.b no. 9276500 dt d.28.12 .2019 freight prepa id the temperature to be s et at minus 21 degree celc ius in accordance with shi pper s instruction
IndiaNew York/newark Area Newark1,750CTN23,625****** *****
31/Jan/2020200190Plastics and articles thereof, tableware oth er household articles etc, plastics, othersanitary towels pads and tampons, diapers and diaper liners for babies and similar articles, of any materialwadding, felt and nonwovens; special yarns; twine, cordage, ropes and cablesand articles thereof, text wadding articles , text fibers nov 5 mm, etc, wadding; other articles of waddingpaper and paperboard; articles of paper pulp, of paper or of paperboard, filter blocks, slabs and plates, of paper pulp, filter blocks, slabs and plates, of paper pulpmiscellaneous edible preparations, food preparations nesoi, otherpreparations of cereals, flour, starch or milk; pastrycooks products, b read, pastry cakes etc: comm wafers, empty caps etc, sweet biscuits; waffles and waferspreparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants, jams, fruit jellies, marmalades etc, cooked, otherpreparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants, vegetables nesoi prepared etc nesoi, not frozen, beans vigna spp., phaseolus spp.preparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of pl ants, fruit, nuts etc prepared or preserved nesoi, nuts, peanuts ground-nuts and other seeds, whether or not mixed togetherpreparations of vegetables, fruit, nuts or other parts of plants, tomatoes prepared or preserved nesoi, tomatoes, whole or in piecesresidues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fod der, preparations used in animal feeding, dog or cat food, put up for retail salecoffee, tea, mat and spices, coffee, coffee husks etc, substitutes with coffee, coffee, roastedmiscellaneous edible preparations, sauces prep, mixed condiments, mustard flour etc, mustardflour a nd meal and prepared mustardpreparations of meat, of fish or of crustaceans, molluscs or o ther aquatic invertebrates, prep or pres fish, caviar caviar substitutes, tunas, skipjack and bonitosarda spp.residues and waste from the food industries; prepared animal fodder, preparations used in animal feeding, dog or cat food, put up for retail saleedible fruit and nuts; peel of citrus fruit or melons, dates, figs, pineapples, avocados etc, fr or dried, fi gsbeverages, spirits and vinegar, waters, sweetened etc other nonalc beverages nesoi, othe rmiscellaneous edible preparations, food preparations nesoi, otherbeverages, spirits and vinegar, waters, natural etc, not sweetened etc, ice snow, mineral waters and aerated waters
FranceNew York2,879PKG24,666****** *****
31/Jan/2020210690Cargo is stowed in refrigerated containers at the shipper s requested carrying temperature of minus 20 degrees celcius shippers load stow & count freight prepaid 1703 cartons of indian origin frozen raw vannamei pd tail-off iqf, raw hlso vannamei block, &raw hlso vannamei pv iqf shrimps brand certi-fresh annexure attached packed in 10 x 2 lbs , 6 x 4 lbs & 3 x 4 lbs net wt per master cartons. scientific name : litopenaeus vannamei. net weight : 34048.00 lbs/15457.792 kgs gross weight:39000.00 lbs/17706.000 kgs dt.23/12/2019 po # 0042055 shipment terms:ddp long beach ca / usa cy/cy dt.23.12.2019 importer on record wellcome fisheries limited freight prepaid including ddc charges trade terms declared by the shipper: shipment terms:ddp long beach ca / usa these terms are applicable only to the partieto the trade and the carrier under this bill of lading shall not be subject thereto in anyway whatsoever. agent address:- 1200 pier e street long beach ca. 90802, 1-562-435-8235 fax: 1-562-432-6430 container loaded in to pre carriage vessel name: hyundai prestige v068e sailing dt: 27.12.2019 ===========end of mbl==========
IndiaLong Beach1,703CTN17,706****** *****
30/Jan/20203926900164d rhin multi 3mm hts 3926 90 4000 18 count velvet ring display hts 4420 90 8 2 ply 20lb jute 6oz 400ft hts 5307 20 0000 2pk wht jewel box hts 4819 50 4040 3 25x2 5in ear card w blk vlvt ctn hts 482 3 5 wht jewel box w fill hts 4819 50 4040 34in flock bead board hts 3924 90 5650 3ply 28 nat ju 5ske hts 5307 20 0000 6 strand fine hemp twine bright x20 0 ft hts 6 strnd fine hemp 200ft hts 5308 20 0000 6mm rnd wood bead hts 4421 99 9780 6pk 3x3 silv emb jewel box with fil l hts 7in strand 8mm spiral rnd crystal a b hts 7in strnd 3x4mm rondell crystal bd sapp hts 7in strng resin rhinstn beads 12mm whta hts 7in strung glass beads 8mm rnd oran ge hts 8mm glass pearls x12 in gold hts 7018 10 1 8x2 wht jewel box w fill hts 4819 50 4040 9in velvet jewelry stand hts 9618 00 0000 adhesive paper butterfly tag hts 4821 90 2 black hematite 6mm spacer hts 7116 20 300 brwn rounded rectangle hts 9601 90 2000 cntr mtl flgr x6 loop ang hts 7117 19 9000 fimo multi flower bds hts 3926 90 3500 floss keeper hts 3926 90 9990 gold crystal butterfly hts 7117 90 9000 jewelry dsply 6x6x13 in copper hts 7323 99 large yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 locker hook tool hts 7616 99 5190 medium yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 metallic cord silver hts 5605 00 9000 orange flat glass bead hts 9601 90 2000 pndt mtl leaf gld hts 7117 90 9000 pvc velvet earring card w vlvt hts 3923 90 recloseable bags 3x4 hts 3923 29 0000 silver feather chain hts 7117 90 9000 silver plated metal celtic hts 7117 90 900 small jwlry hang tags pb upc stckr hts 482 small yarn container hts 3924 90 5650 spinning top jtree hts 7323 99 9080 str 14 in bd mtl tube strp brz sil hts 830 str 14in bd clay asst mlt hts 6914 90 8000 str 14in chn mtl rope twst oxc hts 7117 19 str 14in gls sd bd mu lim hts 7018 10 5000 str 7in bd cer 8mm flw blk wht hts 6914 90 str 7in bd gls 4mm fct bur hts 7018 10 500 str 7in bd mtl 10mm l hl gld hts 8308 90 3 str 7in bd mtl 10mm l hl sil hts 8308 90 3 str acrylic connectors clear hts 7117 90 9 str bd 14 cntr mtl gears mult hts 7117 90 str bd 7 gls sq grn gold hts 7018 10 5000 str bd 7 mtl hrts mlt ans hts 8308 90 3000 str bd 7 mtl scr fwr mult hts 8308 90 3000 str bd 7 pls rose red hts 3926 90 3500 str bd 7in pls 14mm strp wht rd hts 3926 9 str bd mtl bird oxc hts 8308 90 3000 str bd mtl buddah head ans hts 8308 90 300 str bd mtl music notes oxs hts 8308 90 300 str ceramic yin yang hts 6914 90 8000 str cntr 7 mtl flgre leaf gold hts 7117 90 str glass xl teardrop clear ab hts 7117 90 str gls dia red hts 3926 90 3500 str lmp flt rnd bds red wwht dot hts 7018 str mtl ltrn bds hts 8308 90 3000 str turquoise drop circle rondelle hts 392 strand fiesta fish multi 7in hts 7116 20 3 strnd 10mm gld wings asst hts 7018 10 5000 strnd 10mm rnd grn jasper hts 7116 20 3000 strnd 10mm silv wings lt sapph hts 7018 1 strnd 10mm silv wings crystl hts 7018 10 strnd 20mm gld wings crystl hts 7018 10 50 strnd 21mm silv wings crystl hts 7018 10 strnd 4mm natural pearls hts 7116 10 2500 strnd 6mm rnd amthChinaLos Angeles1,271CTN4,68193,620 *****
30/Jan/2020292145Bike rack po#11192019/#50058/hitch lock with 5/8 and 1/2 pins for 1-1/4 , 2 and 2-1/2 hitch receivers service cart as per buyer s order no.:18foekeu po#po-nh-mg-07302019 electric cords with connectors rope carrier trailer light
ChinaLong Beach800CTN9,600****** *****
29/Jan/2020481730"aluminum snap hook auto fuse assortments bolts and nuts assortment cutting disc e-clip asst elastic cord fuel filter hose clamp impact magnetic nut setter impact power extension metal battery terminal plastic locking nut assortment plastic tool holder tray quick link rivets, springs & grommet assortments roll pin asst rubber vacuum cap shim set asst steel ball assortment straight brass lock- on tire chuck telescoping mirror terminal assortment kit tire repair tool - no chemicals wire brush
ChinaNew York/newark Area Newark1,207CTN15,247**** *****
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