Ukraine Import Data of Zinc Ash | Ukraine Import Statistics of Zinc Ash

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of zinc ash collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of zinc ash imports.

Zinc Ash Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Zinc Ash

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of zinc ash. Get Ukraine trade data of Zinc Ash imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177318155990"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h50mm, art.KMWHT-40050 - 300sht, Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-40070 - 250sht, Universal screws with a secret. TORX4,5h50mm head, art.KMWHT-45050 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,5h80mm, art.KMWHT-45080 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h40mm, art.KMWHT-50040 - 500sht; Screws purpose of potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-50070 - 400sht; 8h100mm with a long dowel with screw rozpornoyuchastynoyu (Chairman. secretly Pozidrive), art.KPR-PIKE-08100SK - 2400sht, washer plug d.8mm with screw 5h60mm, art.KRX-085060 - 2400sht; Dyubelvsestoronnho thrust (nylon) with screw 6h35mm a secret. heads. d.3,5h45mm, art.KW-06045 - 3200sht, Universal dowel washer (nylon) 8h50mm of shurupom4,5h80mm , art.RU-08080- 4800sht, screwing screws into wood with double thread 6h80mm, head iznapresovanoyu washer type TORX, art.WKCP-06080 - 3000sht; Screw with secret. holivkoyuzi drill for window profiles (white zinc) 3,9h32mm, art.WSPCV-B-39032 -10000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyu for fastening in metal roofing coated osnovu4,8h70 DELTA, art.WSR-48070-D - 64000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyudlya roof mounting in metal base coated 4,8h80mm DELTA, art.WSR-48080-D - 12000sht; Screws for mounting on the roof potay.holivkoyu umetalevu basis 4,8h160mm coated DELTA, art.WSR-48160-D - 24000sht.Torhivelna mark "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL. "POLAND0UA10011010613960.896227 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20179503007000"1.Ihrashky presented in sets: Set toy series" "LPS-Small Pet Shop", "a platter. Art.A8229-440sht, set for creativity with clay" "Magazinchik art.B0307-60sht cookies, play set: 1 set Modulus : thrifty fighter series "" nerf "" art.B1534-20sht; toy set: Modulus set 2: Special agent series "" nerf "" art.B1535-20sht, toy set, "" Little doll and fashion accessories '' series "" Disney Princess "," a platter. art.B5327-56sht, toy set, "" Accessories Modulus "" Series "" nerf "" art.B6321-40sht; set toy series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6555 -200sht; toy set series "" Trolls "", in the range art.B6563-21sht; toy set "" Pony with festive hairstyles "," series "" MLP-My little Pony "" a platter. art.B8809-42sht; Set toy '' Pony girlfriend '' series '' MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8924-180sht; toy set "" Pony purse "," series "," MLP My little Pony, "" a platter. art.B8952-60sht, Producer "" Hasbro SA "(the factory" Foshan City Nanhai Forward Winsome Toys Co., Ltd "China) It rhovelna brand HASBRO, Country of origin CN;"CHINA0UA100120126.914429.375296
28/Apr/201739019090901.Spivpolimery ethylene vinyl acetate Naturel Colour EVABased HFFR Granul Plastic art.FR4230 - 3000kg. Isa bezhalohenovyy fireproof cable kompaundvyhotovlenyy polymer containing vinyl acetate monomer and lankyetylenu, adding mineralnohonapovnyuvacha - calcium carbonate and other substances (spolukyalyuminiyu, zinc) in the form of granules (primary form) natural color with a mild ether odor. Masovachastka ash - (45.40 +/- 0.05) wt.%. Content: polimerpoliolefiny - a 20% mineral filler mensh80%. The range of density - 1.1-1.8 g / cm3. Inas raw materials used in the manufacture of cable products. Used in industries: automotive, production of household appliances and footwear, construction, healthcare and more. .TURKEY0UA11015030005534.392035
28/Apr/20177318154190"1. A component of one set of« SPARE PARTS AMIAD / PARTS FOR FILTERS "" AMIAD "" »namely steel bolts, screw-threaded metal cap. Flat Washer M12 DIN125 Zinc Plated C / ST (9) of 50 pcs., threaded bolt, double 1/2 '' 20mm / 12mm in the number of 16 .; pieces. "ISRAEL0UA5080101.2552.49543217
27/Apr/20177318149990"1.Vyroby ferrous metals, zinc, used as spare chastynydo cash register" "Micro-VAMP" ": - Self-tapping screw 2.9 x 13mm, count -500sht.- self-tapping screw 2.2 x 6, 5mm, count -6000sht.- self-tapping screw 2.2 x 5mm, count -4500sht.Torhovelna mark VAMP-MIKROVyrobnyk AO OrhtehnykaKrayina production of BG. "BULGARIA0UA1251002.4227.6064622
27/Apr/201728170000001 Whitewash zinc (zinc oxide) brand A.STO 76967236-003-2010.Vmist basic substance ZnO 99,36% .In a poroshku.Vykorystovuyetsya maslyanyhta in the production of alkyd paints, fillers, asbestos wares. .RUSSIA0UA7020202100051643.97472
27/Apr/201773181699901.Vyroby ferrous metals with chopped threaded holes along the length of a 12mm internal diameter, nuts with two ears, diam.90mm covered with zinc, the weight-25000sht 440hram. nuts, nut Barashkova plate, sheet steel, coated with zinc, 1.4kh weight of one nut-2000sht.Ne for industrial assembly of vehicles. .INDIA0UA1101901370015779.99988
26/Apr/20172309909610"1. The products used for animal feed. Premixes: art.412182 premix" "PX PCLT 1% 5000PHYT" "(HRP PSLT 1% FIT 5000) -13650kh (455mish); partiyi0004083136 number, date of manufacture -04.2017r., shelf life - 10.2017r .; It is a premix as poroshkopodibnoyisypuchoyi substances from cream to korychnovoho color of zelenkuvatymvidtinkom with slices and korychnovoho blue color with a specific smell, without the smell of mold and putrefaction, added to feed pigs weighing from 14 to 27kh. Dosage: 10kg of feed to 1m (1.0%) to balance feed for at thus a key vitamins, macro and micro elements, including components: vitamins - A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, B12; folic acid, niacin, calcium pantothenate, Choline Chloride - 30000mh / kg Trace elements: calcium, iron, chlorine, sulfur, iodine, cobalt, copper, magnesium, zinc, selenium, silicon, biotin, phytase, art.412445 premix "" PX TRUIE HYPER 1% "" (HRP True HIPER 1%) -6300kh (210mish.), number -0004083137 batch, date of production -04. 2017, expiration date -10.2017r; It is a premix in the form of powdered solids cream-colored slices of white, blue and dark gray, with a specific smell, without the smell of mold and putrefaction, which is added to the feed the sows during lactation and pregnancy. Dosage: 10kg of feed to 1m (1.0%), to balance the feed by major vitamins, macro and micro elements; Contains components: ash - 89.8%; vitamins - A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, B12; folic acid, niacin, calcium pantothenate, calcium carbonate, biotin, betaine, choline chloride - 12000mh / kg phytase ES3.1.3.26; Trace minerals: calcium, chlorine, zinc, iron, manganese, silicon, copper, sulfur, iodine, cobalt and selenium; art.412860 premix "" PX PORC 0.5% "" (HRP flogging 0.5%) -2100kh (70mish). ; -0004083143 batch number, date of manufacture - 04.2017r., Shelf life -10.2017r .; It is a premix in the form of powdered solids cream with the transition to korychnovoho color with slices of yellow, blue, orange and dark gray color with a specific smell, without the smell of mold and putrefaction, added to feed pigs and piglets weighing from 27kh to inbattle. Dosage: 5kg to feed 1m (0.5%) to balance the ration of pigs and piglets in key vitamins and minerals; Contains components: ash -85%; Vitamins: A, D3, E, K3, B1, B2, B6, B12; niacin, calcium pantothenate, calcium carbonate, choline chloride -40000mh / kg; Trace minerals: calcium, zinc, iron, chlorine, copper, magnesium, iodine and selenium; Premixes not have in their composition: starch, protein and other amino acids, maltodextrin, maltodextrin syrup, glucose, lactose (milk sugar) and milk fat. Premixes are combined pharmacological properties of the individual components (vitamins, minerals) that contribute to the normalization of metabolism in the organism, positively affect the growth and development of pigs, improve digestion and provide good feed digestibility and animal health remain. "FRANCE0UA1101802205034172.84962
26/Apr/201719011000001. Mix baby milk organic №1 (from birth) 400g, Holle. Composition of the product: skim milk ** (Germany), dry serum * partially demineralized, vegetable oils * (palm oil *, rapeseed oil *, sunflower oil *), maltodextrin *, calcium carbonate, potassium chloride, sodium chloride, vitamin C, vitamin E, lactate of iron, zinc sulfate, niacin, calcium D-pantothenate, copper sulfate, vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, folic acid, vitamin K, sodium selenate, vitamin D * from organic production ** From biodynamic productionMakes milk, take up to -30.06.2018, packed in -10 boxes, general Flax number of units of goods -60pcs, total net weight -24,000kg. Mixture of baby from goat's milk №1 organic (from birth) 400g, Holle.Ingredients: dry whole milk of goat milk * 41%, maltodextrin *, lactose *, vegetable oils * (palm oil * rape seed oil *, sunflower oil *), calcium carbonate, L-tryptophan, sodium citrate, choline bitartrate, vitamin C, L True L-methionine, L-isoleucine, iron lactate, vitamin E, zinc sulfate, calcium D-pantothenate, niacin, copper sulfate, riboflavin, vitamin A, thiamine, vitamin B6, manganese sulfate, potassium iodate, folic acid, Vitamin K, sodium selenate, biotin, vitamin D, vitamin B12 * from organic production Contains milk, taken up to -30/05/2018, packed in -1 0yashikiv, the total number of units of goods -40pcs, the total net weight is -16,000kg. Production countriesDTorecommercial mark Holle Producer Holle baby food GmbHGERMANY0UA10023040543.025354
26/Apr/201732141090901. Putties antykoroziynaz reinforcing filler packaged dlyarozdribnoyi trade without mistytozonoruynuyuchyh substances, aerozolniyupakovtsi: Anti-corrosion primer avtomobilnashvydkosohnucha, all polished gray typivfarby to 311 g / RUST STOP PRIMERSANDABLE GRAY (12 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) Art.HG5726 -1kart.kor.Antykoroziyna primer avtomobilnashvydkosohnucha, ground for all types of black ink to 311 g / RUST STOP PRIMERSANDABLE bLACK (24 pcs, 12 pcs. In corr.) Art.HG5730-2kart.kor. ZN-HruntAvtomobilnyy epoxy for quick-steel body panels izvarnyh seams with zinc to 397 g / EPOXY ZN PRIMER (12 pc, 12 pc. In corr.) Art.HG5742-1kart.kor.Krayina production USVyrobnyk HI-GEAR PRODUCTS Inc.Torhovelna brand Hi-Gear.UNITED STATES0UA1001101645.2800243
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Zinc Ash Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Zinc Ash Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Анкора Трейд"""
Importer Address
ю.а. вул.Червонопрапорна,34 м.Киів, 03083
Exporter Name KLIMAS Sp. z o.o.
Product Description
"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Universal screws from .........
HS Code 7318155990Value 3960.896227
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 1061
Origin Country POLAND

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