Ukraine Import Data of X1 | Ukraine Import Statistics of X1

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of x1 collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of x1 imports.

X1 Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of X1

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of x1. Get Ukraine trade data of X1 imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
30/Apr/20178708709990"1.Chastyny ​​to agricultural equipment brand to GASPARDO sowing ROMINA8F70 SPA. G99527033 Rubber V-shaped 1" "X12" "prykotuyuchi wheels (pair) -16sht.G99527032 Rubber V-shaped prykotuyuchi Wheels 2" "X13 (pair) -8sht. Country of origin - ITTorhovelna mark - MASCHIO GASPARDOVyrobnyk - MASCHIO GASPARDO SpA. "ITALY0UA10011090.41599.642023 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/201785258030001. Digital camera and videokamery'Panasonic ': - mod.DMC-FZ1000EE-digital camera, the number -10sht.- mod.HC-X1000EE-4K Digital Camcorder, the number -5sht.- mod.HC-X1EE-Digital 4K Ultra HD Camcorder, the number -4sht.Torhivelna brand: PanasonicVyrobnyk: Panasonic JP CorporationKrayina production.JAPAN19UA10012038.5515865.7852
28/Apr/201784099900001.Parts are intended solely or principally for engines of heading 8407 or 8408: DAF ROLLING INSIDE DAF 130,000X143,000 DAF 130,600 DOLLAR MACHINES 130,000 ROLL-OVER-STRAIGHT MACHINES MAN 108 CROSSROADS RVI FI123 DXI11 PRE. 05- RINGS OF THE PISTON ENGINE MAN PISTON DIVISION. DAF RACK 130,000 X143,000 ROLLS SCANIA 127,000 X3,50 / 2,39 / 3,50 ROLLS. D13A / C FI131 D13A-B, DXI13 FH13 05 ERROR F 131 D12C / D EURO 3 VOLVO 131 VOLVO VOLVO MOTOR UNIT STEERING STEERING ENGINE STOCK STAINLESS STOCK STEERING SCANIA 127,000 KNITTED VOLVO131,000X4,00 / 3,00 / 4,00 VOLVO131,000X4,00 / 3,00 / 4,00 MAN ENGINE 128 HILL VO.D13A / FH13, DXI13FI131 -05R RENAULT ENGINE BLUE RACK 123,035 RENAULT ROLLER ROLLER ROLLER MOTOR ROCK 123,850X3,16 / 2,39 / 4,75.POLAND0UA209140943.40914371.21652
28/Apr/20178421210000"1.Obladnannya filter or clean water: Membrane element atollTW40-1812-50-7sht., Manufacturer: OOO" "Rusfyltr" "Trademark: atoll cartridge El-ton carbon filter atoll EPM-10-25sht. Cartridge Эl- t carbon filter atoll GAC-10-25sht., Of soboyuplastykovyy filter housing is filled elementom.Torhivelna brand: pentekVyrobnyk: PENTAIR mechanical cartridge InLine atoll MK-5633S-1 micron (2.5 '' X12 '' - 1/4 '') - 10pc. , mechanical cartridge InLine atoll MK-5633 C-5 microns (2.5 '' X12 '' - 1/4 '') - 10pc., vuholniy cartridge Inline atoll CK-5633C (2.5 "" x12 "" - 1/4 "") -10sht., vuholniy Postfilter Inlain atoll IC-258 6C (2 "" x10 "" - 1/4) -50sht., vuholny Postfilter Inlain atoll and IC-258 6C (2 "" x10 "" - 3/8) -25sht., Manufacturer: ORGANIC FILTER COTorhivelna Brand: atollKrayina production: TW. "TAIWAN0UA80719056.26583.9800933
28/Apr/20177307991090"1. Production of steel threaded with image: futorok set for central heating radiators civil buildings, size 1/2" "x1" "- 7000kompl .; size 3/4" "x1" "- 3000kompl.Torhovelna mark - KARRO. Country of origin - China, CN. Producer - AKONIT LIMITED, China. "CHINA0UA50006033504790.000149
28/Apr/20178539319000"1.Lamps gas-discharge, fluorescent, with a thermal cathode, single-sided (household, non-explosive, new ones): energy-saving lamp (CFL) of unmounted PUR, voltage 220-240V: DULUX S 7W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A6984630079, EAN: 4050300010571 - 200 lamp; energy saving lamp (CFL) of unmounted DND, voltage 220-240V, power 8,7W, light flux 600Lm, light temperature 4000K, base G23, power consumption 12kWh / 1000h: DULUX S 9 W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008130379 , EAN: 4050300010588 - 100pcs; lamp-energy saving (CFL) without built-in ballasts, voltage 220-240V, power 11W, world flood 900Lm, light temperature HUA 4000K, base G23, power consumption 15kW h / 1000h: DULUX S 11W / 840 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008600279, EAN: 4050300010618 - 50 0pcs; energy saving lamp (CFL) without built-in protection, voltage 220-240V: DU LUX L 24W / 830 2G11 10X1 OSRAM Art. A2917010979, EAN: 4050300010762 - 20pcs; Power saving lamp (CFL) without built-in flash, voltage 220-240V: DU LUX S / E 7W / 8 40 2G7 10X1 OSRAM art.A6983340079, EAN: 4050300020167 - 30pcs .; Energy saving lamp (CFL) without built-in DPS, voltage 220-240V, power consumption 11.8W, light flux 900Lm, light temperature 3000K, base G23, power consumption 15kWh / 1000h: DULUX S 11W / 830 G23 10X1 OSRAM art.A7008480279, EAN : 4050300025759 - 150pcs .;Tubular lamp for general lighting, circular knob, 230V voltage, tube diameter 16mm, power 22,3W, light flux 1900Lm, light temperature 4000K, base 2GX13 (single / double-sided, power consumption 25kWh / 1000h: FC 22W / 840 12X1 OSRAM art. A2992350679, EAN: 405030052846 5 - 12pcs; Tube tubes for general lighting, ring, 230V, tube diameter 16mm, 2GX13 cap type (single / double): FC 22W / 830 12 X1 OSRAM art.A2992410079, EAN: 4050300528489 - 24pcs .; Country of production: IT; Manufacturer: LEDVANCE GmbH; Trademark: OSRAM. "ITALY1036UA12523048.0741076.45107
28/Apr/201782077031001.Instrumenty for milling, for processing metal, with working part zinstrumentalnoyi steel for milling machine, milling tail: 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 3x12xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x Western, kintsevafreza on aluminum (HRC 500) 3F 4x16xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills poalyuminiyu (HRC 500) 2F 6x15xD6x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 2x west, end mills for aluminum (HRC 500) 2F12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2FR1.5x6xD4x50mm-10pc. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R2x8xD4x50mm -10sht. 2hzahidna, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R3x12xD6x50mm -10sht. 2-West, spherical mills for aluminum (HRC600) 2F R4x16xD8x60mm -10sht. 2x Western, sferychnafreza on aluminum (HRC600) 2F R1.0x4xD4x50mm-10pc. 3 Western, end mills for aluminum (HRC600) 3F 8x20xD8x75mm -10sht.Odnozahidni, end mills mo (HRC600) 1F 4x8xD4x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, kintsevifrezy (HRC600) 1F 6x12xD6x50mm -10sht. Odnozahidni, end mills (HRC600) 1F3x7xD4x50mm -10sht. 3 Western, elongated, end mills for aluminum (HRC500) 3F4x16xD6x75mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F4R1.0x11xD4x50mm -3sht. 4-west, end mills with radius (HRC450) 4F6R1.0x15xD5x50mm -10sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F2.5 x7xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 3x8xD4x50mm -8sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 4 x11xD4x50mm -8sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F8x20xD8x60mm -5sht. 4-west, end mills (HRC450) 4F 10x25xD10x75mm -5sht. 4hzahidni, end mills (HRC450) 4F 12x30xD12x75mm -5sht. 4-west, kintsevifrezy (HRC450) 4F 14x40xD14x100mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F 3x8xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F4 x11xD4x50mm -5sht. 3 western, black, aluminum mills on (HRC500) 3F6x15xD6x50mm -5sht. Mill final pravokutna 300R-16x160mm-1am. Ultimate Cutter 300R-12x130mm -2sht. Ultimate Cutter 300R-50-22mm -2sht. Frezatortsova 4Rx20x160 -2sht.Torhovelna Brand: NEW TRADING STARKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: New Trading Star Co., LTDCHINA0UA100110135777.397568
28/Apr/20179619001300"1.Hihiyenichni women odnorazovohovykorystannya tampons, absorbent layer of cellulose yakyhvyhotovleno: KTX Tampon Super24X16 art.1353830-756kor.; KTX ActiveSuper 8x16 art.1353950-891kor.; KTXTampon Super (16 + 8) X24 art.1353640-1008kor.; KTX Tampon Super (8 + 4) X16 art.1353625-2052kor., Country of origin: CZ; The manufacturer: Kimberly-Clark sro; trade mark: Kotex.. "CZECH REPUBLIC0UA1252304978.4435877.20039
28/Apr/201772192300001.Prokat of corrosion-resistant (stainless) steel, of a width more than 600mm., Haryachohoprokatuvannya letters with a mass fraction of nickel, 1,130%, 201 grade steel dimensions: type of surface / thickness x width x length of the sheet (mm.): - NO.1 / 4.0 x1500x3000mm. -52sht.-6704kh.Torhovelna Brand: Baorui.Vyrobnyk: Wenzhou Baorui Steel production Co.Ltd.Krayina: CN.CHINA0UA100110670410700.64791
28/Apr/201785364190901.Rele security type PNOZ X1 24VAC / DC 3n / o 1n / c art.774300-1sht (not mistytradiovyprominyuvalnyh means) .Torhovelna Brand: PILZ.Krayina production: DE.Vyrobnyk: PILZ. .GERMANY0UA1002800.1894.05059678
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Date 30/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Маскіо-Гаспардо Україна"""
Importer Address
04119, м. Київ, вул. Зоологічна, 4А офіс 139
Exporter Name Maschio- Gaspardo S.p.A.,
Product Description
"1.Chastyny ​​to agricultural equipment brand .........
HS Code 8708709990Value 1599.642023
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 90.4
Origin Country ITALY

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