Ukraine Import Data of Wrist Watches | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wrist Watches

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wrist watches collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wrist watches imports.

Wrist Watches Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wrist Watches

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wrist watches. Get Ukraine trade data of Wrist Watches imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/20179102210000"1. Clock mechanical watches are made of steel and 750 gold, inlaid with precious stones, with automatic pidzavedennyam that have embedded stopwatch included with the packaging box, the cover of the instruction, warranty card, certificate and booklet, strap steel, alligator, rubber, satin, ceramics, clocks steel / rubber / gold 750 gold 4.02 g. 1 hours ser.nomer 265 / 1846.166 / 1846 263-92LE-3C / 923-RG - 2 pcs; Clock wrist steel / rubber / gold 750 gold 4.02 g. 1 hours ser.nomer 155/250, 080/250 263-92 LE-3C / 928-RG - 2 pcs; watches steel / rubber / gold 750 gold 4.02 g. 1 hours ser.nomer 346/1846, 340/1846 263-99LE-3C - 2 pcs; br steel watches .78 stones weighing 1,175 crt 1 hours ser.nomer 0488,0445 3103-125B / 591.3 - 2 pcs; steel watches br.78 stones weighing 1,175 crt 1 hours ser.nomer 0463, 0408 3103-125B / 591 - 2 pcs; Watches steel ser.nomer 0118 3203-136-2 / E3 - 1am, clocks br.9 steel stones weighing 0,075 crt 1 hours ser.nomer 0470 3203-190-3 / 10 - 1am, clocks steel br. 92 stone weighing 0,896 crt 1 hours ser.nomer 1068 3343-222B / 30-07 - 1 piece; trade mark - Ulysse NardinVyrobny "SWITZERLAND13UA12510020.7265658.08508 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/201785045095901. Wrist watches with power supply, equipped with a stopwatch, with mechanical indication only, the cases of which do not contain natural and artificial stones: UPHOLSTERY CLOCK WINTER. Art.2863 / 856 size M - 2 pc.Composition: 45% CINC 45% STAINLESS STEEL 9% BODY 1% EXCLUSIVE HOURS. Art .918 / 856 size M - 2 pc. Composition: 76% CLAMP 17% STAINLESS STEEL 6% BODY 1% ABS-PLASTICTransporter Brand BERSHKABERSHKA BSK ESPANA SACreated by CN.BELARUS0UA1101208253.7436037
20/Apr/20179102120000"1. watches, with opto-electronic display th, do not contain the natural stone chyshtuchnoho not knead incorporates transmitters or transmitters tapryymachiv: Wristwatch TAKE TIME, art, LM112W- 4 pcs .; clocks, art: LM128V - 1 pcs .; clocks, art: LM128B-1 unit .; clocks, art: LM128R -1 pcs .; clocks, art: LM109NWN- 1 pc., Country of origin - CNTorhovelna mark - LexonVyrobnyk - SAS LEXON. "CHINA8UA1001101.28118.9715252
19/Apr/201791022100001. Clock wrist, female, modelBallon Bleu, automatic pidzavedennya, korpus- steel / gold bracelet, steel / gold caseback, steel, diamonds Box (11 pcs. 0,113karat), spinels, gold content of 750 probyu vyrobi- 17.373 grams, ind. nomer3284373683UX, art. WE902031- 1 pc., Watches, men, model Tank Anglaise, automatic pidzavedennya, korpus- steel braslet- steel rear kryshka- steel Box spinels, ind. Number 35113 79746TX, art. W5310009- 1 pcs. Hodynnyknaruchnyy, male model Drive, automatic atychne pidzavedennya, korpus- steel Remy nets of alligator, gold clasp, back kryshka- steel / sapphire crystal, Box spinels, ind. Room 3978121109WX, art. W SNM0008- 1 pc. .SWITZERLAND3UA1251000.310139224.254729
19/Apr/201791139000001.Reminets clock Cartier, shkiraalihatora, art. KD00LS06- 1 pc., To strap watches, shkirakrokodyla, brown, art. KD00LS21- 1pc., Strap wristwatch zishkiry alligator, art. KD00LS05- 1 pc., To strap watches, shiratelyaty, art. KD00LS18- 1 pc. .FRANCE0UA1251000.038430.7777114
19/Apr/201791021100001. Clocks are designed to be worn on themselves - wrist watches with a mechanical indication of time, having a built-in power supply, new in assortment. .CHINA231UA20914019.22578.5000454
19/Apr/201791021100001. Clocks are designed to be worn on themselves - wrist watches with a mechanical indication of time, having a built-in power supply, new in assortment..CHINA50UA2091404.97162.1801695
18/Apr/20179102110000"1.Wrist watches with mechanical indication (battery-bat-rails) of non-precious metals, not containing natural or artificial stone: Women's watch quartz watches Lara art.F6997700-104 pcs (1 cor); Country of production - CN Trade Brand - AVON Producer - Shamtime Watch CO. "CHINA104UA1002106.99519.8605046
14/Apr/20179102110000"1. Wrist watches with power supply with mechanical indication, do not contain in your radio equipment, transmitter and / or receivers (article - number): 3183-1 -1, and 3183-2 - 1;CHINA2UA1251000.1689.59988362
13/Apr/20179102190000"1. Clock quartz watches are made of steel with dual display with built-Yakin stopwatch without inlay stones, complete zupakovochnoyu box, warranty and instructions: -Clock wrist AEQ-110W-2AVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist AEQ- 200W-9AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-S800W-1BVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-S800W-1B2VEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist AQ-S810W-1AVEF, -25 pc; -Clock wrist AQ-160W-1BVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-180WB-5BVEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist AQ-180WD-1BVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-180WD-7BVEF, -5 pieces - Watches AQ-180W-1BVEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist AQ- 230A-1DUQ, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-230A-7BMQ, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AQ-230GA-9D, -7 units; -Clock wrist AW-48H-7BVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AW-80D-1AVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist AW-80D-2AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AW-80D-7AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AW-80-1AVEF, -40 pieces - Watches AW-80-7AVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist AW-81D- 1AVEF, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist AW-82D-1AVEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist AW-82D-7AVEF, -5 pieces ; -Clock wrist BABY-G BA-110GA-7A1ER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist BABY-G BA-110-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist BABY-G BA-110-7A1ER, -35 pieces - Watches BABY-G BA-111-3AER, -15 pc; -Clock wrist BABY-G BA-125-7AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist BABY-G BGA-220G-7AER, -15 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFA-120D-1AVEF, -25 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFA-120L-1A1VEF, -10 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFA-121D- 1AVEF, -50 pc; -Clock wrist EDIFICE EFA-131PB-1AVEF, -15 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK AW-590-1AER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK AW-591-2AER, -25 pieces, wrist -Clock G-SHOCK AW-591-4AER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GAX-100A-7AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GAX-100B-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GAX-100B-7AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-100B-4AER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-100MB-1AER, -25 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-100-1A1ER, -40 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-100-1A2ER, -40 pc; -Hod ynnyk wrist G-SHOCK GA-100-1A4ER, -20 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-110DB-7AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-110MB-1AER, -15 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-110RG-1AER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-110TS-1A4ER, -10 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-1100-1A3ER, -4 pieces; -Clock wrist G- SHOCK GA-110-1AER, -5 pieces; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-110-1BER, -30 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA-150-1AER, -25 pc; -Clock wrist G-SHOCK GA -200-1AER, -25 pc; Trademark: CASIO; Manufacturer: CASIO COMPUTER CO, LTD, CN. "CHINA726UA205020140.9466512.219918
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Wrist Watches Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wrist Watches Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""НОБЛЕСС"""
Importer Address
01004, м.Київ, вул.Червоноармійська, буд.2
Product Description
"1. Clock mechanical watches are made of steel and.........
HS Code 9102210000Value 65658.08508
Quantity 13Unit UA125100
Net Weight 20.72
Origin Country SWITZERLAND

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