Ukraine Import Data of Wooden Hook | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Hook

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wooden hook collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wooden hook imports.

Wooden Hook Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Hook

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wooden hook. Get Ukraine trade data of Wooden Hook imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/201782055100001.Instrumenty hand, the working part is not istyt of natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones istyt Nam. Stripper 150 mm for internal retaining rings, curved lips (szhym) art. 183255 -120sht. Stripper 150 mm for external stopornyhkilets direct (razzhym) art.183305-60sht. Stripper 150 mm for vnutrishnihstopornyh rings straight (szhym) art. 183355 -540sht.Torhovelna mark: SPARTA hook for rebar bundles, 210 mm, trees' wooden rukoyatkaart. 84876 -600sht. Hook for mating fittings, 210 mm layers Cova handle art.84879 -300sht.Torhovelna Brand: SYBRTEHKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH.CHINA0UA100130192.541199.532842 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201794039030001.Chastyny ​​wooden furniture: art.5029-75002 (table-top dining table (walnut)) - 1 pc., Art.864-75-001 (Basis dining table (walnut)) - 1sht.Torhovelna Brand: HOOKER.Vyrobnyk: HOOKER .Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1000101271023.929707
24/Apr/201763039290001.Lyalky, which depict people, art.1208 7 WD Frozen Elsa taOlaf Fiver DP-80sht. art.12088 WD Frozen Fiver DP Anna + Olaf-60sht. WD Frozen art.12089 set 2-90sht figures. art.12090 WD Frozen forest in figures 2-90sht. art.12311 WDPryntses and Ariel-84sht. art.12312 WD Ariel in rozh eviy dresses 150sht. art.12313 WDPrynts Erie to-150sht. art.12380 WD-120sht Mowgli. art.12383 King Louis WD WD beautiful 132sht. art.12417 WD-102sht Flynn Reader. art.12418 WDRapuntsel of comb-102sht. Rapunzel art.12424 WD-30sht flowers. art.12425 WDMama Hotel-120sht. Rapunzel art.12426 WD WD-150sh Aladdin WD-Prince 60sht. art.12500 WD Prince Philip (Aurora) -102sht. art.12524 WDPrekrasnyy Prince 90sht. art.12599 WD-150sht Cinderella. art.12650 WD-PiterPen 60sht. art.12651 WD Captain Hook 72sht. art.12760 WD Baz Lightyear, Woody WD-102sht. Jesse art.12762 WD-84sht. art.12825 WD WD Merida, Brave Merida-114sht. art.12830 Cinderella sitting WD-WD Aurora 150 pcs. art.12900 WD-102sht MakStafins Doc. art.12901 WD DokMakStafin with hare-132sht. WD art.12930 Princess Sophia 120sht. art.12931 WD-84sht Sofiyaz book. art.12958 WD-138sht Elza Fiver. Anna Fiver art.12959 WD-120 WD Anna -84sht. WD za art.12961 E-102sht Snow Queen. art.12962WD Christoph 72sht. art.12963 WD-Olaf 102sht. art.12965 WD Sven-120sht. art.12966 WDEl za Queen 102sht. art.12967 WD and Princess Anne 60sht. art.12969 WD-Olaf ukapelyusi 132sht. art.13063 WD Frozen Mini DP-84sht. art.13102 spot WD WD-132sht Butch. art.13182 WD Va wooden para-84sht. art.13185 vailhan WD Demы h Maui 60sht. art.13415 2 WD Arielle figures zaksesuarom-60sht. art.13416 2 WD Cinderella figure with accessory-60sht. art.13417 2 WD Rapunzel figures with accessory-60sht. art.13423 WD Aurora 2-60sht zaksesuarom figures. art.80678 Indyanets-126 units.CHINA831UA10001044.30790.38640949
19/Apr/201796039091001. Accessories for cleaning domashnomuhospodarstvi (brushes, mops): 00,005,020 dust removal brush, acrylic brush-50sht00005030 web Web web kruhla20sht00005031 brush, bent brush-20sht00005032 removing cobwebs, round-10sht00005502 Brush PVC flooring based naderev'yaniy 80 cm with a metal handle-mount 10pcs 00005505 Schitkadlya Bristle flooring on a wooden base 40 cm with bracket for handle-4 sht00005510 floor brush Coir, 60 cm 70sht 00005555 Brush Susy synthetic zderev'yanoyu handle 110 cm, 50 pcs 00005562 Broom Flo rukoyatkoyu- of 300sht 00005645Plastykovyy set B-Fly (scoop 10 pcs. 50x60 plastic bags, dlyazamitannya scraper, hook for bags, aluminum handle) -6 shtVyrobnyk: TTS CLEANING SRLTorhivelna Brand: TTSKrayina production: IT.ITALY0UA100010233.582216.530858
18/Apr/20179506919000"1. Inventory and accessories for fitness: TRICEPS BAR Griffin for triceps-1p., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS" "Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs" "-1p., RUBBER DOUBLE HANDLE BAR Chrome plated triangle with rubberized handle-1pc ., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS "" Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs "" - 1 pc., Spring stop disk for bars d.50 Spring lock for disc drives diam .50-4pcs., PAIR OF DUMBBELL BAR 50mm Grif for assembly dumbbells 50 Mm, pair-1 piece., LIFT BAND Big cuff for Omnia 8-1-stroke simulator, SOFT LOOP Soft loop for Omnia 8-2-stroke simulator, Waist Belt Omnia 8-1-stroke belt, ANKLE STRAP Mange For ankle for Omnia 8-1 stroke, Spring stop disc for bars d.50 Spring clamping discs for bar diameter 50-6 pts., J-HOOKS - SET A set of J-shaped hooks for the Omnia 8-1 stroke, SHORT HANDLE Omnia 8-2 Stroke, WOODEN RING Short arm for Omnia 8-2p., WOODEN RING Wooden ring for Omnia 8-2 stroke, DUAL LIFT Accessories for Omnia simulator accessories 8-1, DUAL LIFT Accessories for Omnia 8-1 stylus accessories. , OMNI-PULLEY Traction for Omnia 8-1 Masterpiece, CLOSED LOOP ELASTIC Elastic closed loop for Omnia 8-1 machine simulator, HEAVY ROPE RING Heavy Rope for Omnia 8-1 Master Heavy Rope, heavy rope for Omnia 8 simulator -1st., LONG SPORT S BAR Long sporting neck for Omnia 8-1, GENERIC HOOK Universal hook for Omnia 1-stroke simulator, GENERIC HOOK Universal hook for Omnia-1 simulator, PIN SET FOR OMNI-PIVOT (7 PINS) A set of pins for OMNIA ( 7 pcs.) For the Omnia-1 simulator, PIVOT PENDULUM Pendulum-1 pendulum, PLATE TREE Disk for 1 pc., ACCESSORY HOLDER Holder for accessories for the simulator Omnia-1 pc., ADJUSTABLE BENCH Olimpic lava with adjustable tilt-1 pc. ., RUBBER DOUBLE HANDLE BAR Chrome traction triangle with rubberized handle-1p., HORIZONTAL BAR FOR TRICEPS "" Horizontal drawbar for triceps with rotary knobs "" -2pcs., INNOVATIVE SEAT TOP EXCITE 1000 Seat without back for the simulator TOP 1000-1. Producer - "" TEHNOGYM "". Trademark - "" TEHNOGYM "". Country of production - IT. "ITALY0UA1000402201813.233434
12/Apr/201744219098001.Vyroby treated wood for home Wood brackets: art.L5002 15h20cm - 480sht. The wooden plank under the hooks color: art.LB2S-PN with 4 hooks pine 22h7sm - 200sht. art.LB4S-PN with 4 hooks pine 45h7 cm - 200sht. art.LB4S-MH during 4hachka mahogany 45h7 cm - 300sht. Hanger 4 hooks for keys: art.LHK4MH07PBsosna 22h4 cm - 100sht.Torhovelna Brand: LarvijKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: Wise Fidelity International Co Ltd.CHINA0UA100110154.21531.599959
10/Apr/20177019510000"1.Sklositka (fabric) for the production of trees", "wooden hockey sticks impregnated with glue, transparent, designed for external reinforcement hooks, coils, width 10,5-21sm to ensure its own production.."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA3052001071.368403.057463
10/Apr/20177019510000"1.Sklositka (fabric) for the production of trees", "wooden hockey sticks intended for external reinforcement hooks, coils, width 10 cm, to ensure its own production.."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA3052002801275.600073
10/Apr/20177019590000"1.Sklositka (fabric) for the production of trees", "wooden hockey sticks impregnated with glue, transparent, designed for external reinforcement hooks, coils, width 35cm, to ensure its own production.."CZECH REPUBLIC0UA305200155.92114.434662
03/Apr/20178302420090"1.Armatura fasteners and fittings of base metal for furniture: Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, Right, Hook locking, D = 6 mm tsamak, nickel, left, of the Bar stopper smooth running 170 mm Art., nick., human Bar .; stopper with smooth running 170 mm, p. nick., left, Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 400mm; Handle relynh-D12 / 500h35 mm stainless. steel, matt, handle furniture zinc chrome polished 32mm 40h24h8mm drill, socket dull nickel matte Rellinhy for MOOVIT silver-gray 500 mm Rod dressing for tapes LED 2029/37/43/45 3013/15 alu It color: silver 2500mm, Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver lock 11h18h2500mm milk, stainless steel pipe Color: Chrome PVD 2500mm D25mm thickness of 1.3mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" f / size 8-10 mm tsamak color .; coupling rear wall 14h19.6mm galvanized steel, profile holder 833.74.835 stainless steel, color: silver, door handles kit PC 8 with stainless tal stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; WC Set of door handles stainless steel 8 stainless steel. matt steel model Modell LDH 2189; Handle-aluminum bracket Color: silver 400 mm; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 204h32 mm; Metalboks 350mm H 86mm steel color: white RAL9010; Holder glasses 100h400 mm stainless steel mat; Plugs for pipes tsamak color chrome 25 mm; Rip groove ball under 310mm (0.8mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver 19h21h2500mm corner milk; Set LDH 2171 PC handles stainless steel matt 8mm; 8-12mm glass holder brass polished chrome rounded; Handle-button zinc polished chrome / plastic color green 40h28 mm; Leg corner for trym. folding wooden lid; Furniture Handle tsamak nickel 215h30 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color .; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" d / size of 8-10 mm, tsamak color stainless steel. steel; ; Console flap white 60 kg 430h410mm; Console without fastening 250mm white aluminum; Retractable swivel frame for shoes with steel shelves 800h1680h365mm color: gray; Bus perforated 1st row. 17x12x1495 mm steel, white aluminum; Handle-button D15h22 mm aluminum. anodov. silvery; Handle polished brass mortise 38h99h14mm; Rod dressing for tapes LED 2013/2015 aluminum color: silver 2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 lock aluminum color: silver 18h8.5h2500mm; Profile for LED strips 2013/2015/3013/3015 aluminum color: silver matt 14h28h2500mm corner; Polytsetrymach glass, steel, galvanized, d7 mm hole d = 5 mm; Polytsetrymach "" Pelican "" size is 4-23mm zinc, color: white aluminum RAL 9006; Console 200h150h36 mm, load 50 kg / pair Ćorić .; Elbow external doors for STARTEC 30 IF galvanized steel; Rip groove ball under 182mm (1.0mm) vysuv partial load: 10kg; Mounting plate stainless steel (to Item 833.74.812); "CHINA0UA209140543.144196.710464
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Wooden Hook Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wooden Hook Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Світ Інструменту Україна"""
Importer Address
м.Київ, вул.Cім'ї Стешенків, буд.1 Україна
Exporter Name MATRIZE Handels-GmbH
Product Description
1.Instrumenty hand, the working part is not istyt .........
HS Code 8205510000Value 1199.532842
Quantity 0Unit UA100130
Net Weight 192.54
Origin Country CHINA

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