Ukraine Import Data of Wooden Dining Table | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Dining Table

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wooden dining table collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wooden dining table imports.

Wooden Dining Table Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Dining Table

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wooden dining table. Get Ukraine trade data of Wooden Dining Table imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli wood for living rooms in a disassembled state for zruchnostitransportuvannya: art.346-242 / 244 (dining table in a disassembled state (tree -horih)) - 1 pc., Art.436-911 (console (wooden frame - poplar, zisklom tabletop, decorative steel towers)) - 1sht.Torhovelna mark: BERNHARDT - CASEGOODS.Vyrobnyk: BERNHARDT - CASEGOODS.Krayina production: CN.. "CHINA0UA1000101861989.754287 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201794039030001.Chastyny ​​wooden furniture: art.5029-75002 (table-top dining table (walnut)) - 1 pc., Art.864-75-001 (Basis dining table (walnut)) - 1sht.Torhovelna Brand: HOOKER.Vyrobnyk: HOOKER .Krayina production: CN. .CHINA0UA1000101271023.929707
26/Apr/201794036010001. Wooden furniture for dining and living rooms, tables in the assortment - 17 pcs.The basis of tables (legs and frame) is made of solid wood, countertop - chipped fiberboard. .POLAND0UA2091809402401.699966
19/Apr/20179403601000"1. Wooden furniture for living rooms: -art.DT-111, table for dining room, MDF painted, glass, beige color (1600/2200 * 900 * 760) - 25pcs; - art.DT-115, Table for a dining room, MDF painted, glass (roz.1400 / 1800 * 800 * 760) - 25pcs; - art.dt-95, table for dining room, MDF painted, metal, white color (1400/2200 * 900 * 750) - 25pcs .; Brand name - BAZHOU XINSONG FURNITURE Producer - BAZHOU XINSONG FURNITURE CO., LTD. The production line is CN. "CHINA0UA100120477010665.67209
13/Apr/201794036010001. Wooden furniture for dining and living rooms, in a disassembled state. Commodity, composition: poplar / rattan mass, quality Basicart.3833206-OURE, size 36 * 76 * 37cm-3pcs. Notebook support, composition: MDF, quality Basicart.3635104 -MERN, size 60 * 23/27 * 34cm-4sht.Police room, composition: Particleboard laminated / bamboo, quality Basicart.3606118-BROBY, size 70 * 150 * 37cm-1pcs. Art.3606119-BROBY, size 35 * 150 * 37cm-1sht.Police room, composition: alder massif, quality Basicart.3609768-UGGERBY, size 90 * 180 * 41cm-1sht.Police hinged, for photos, composition: particleboard laminated, quality Basicart.3672198-PRICE STAR, size 60 * 6 * 7cm-12pcs. Art.3672200-PRICE STAR, size 115 * 6 * 7cm-12pcs. Kitchen, warehouse: Laminated chipboard, size 55 * 100 * 80cm, complete with 2 chairs mart 3699600-PRICE STAR, size 55 * 100 * 80cm-1compl.Style writing, composition: chipboard laminated, quality Basicart.3605301-PRICE STAR, Size 60 * 77 * 42cm-3pcs. Coffee table, composition: Laminated chipboard / bamboo, Price Star series, quality Basicart.3648084-TAPS, size 55 * 55 * 45cm-2pcs. Table to coffee table, composition: chipboard laminated / metal, Quality Goldart.3612351-STEGE, size 60 * 120 * 40cm-1pcs. Tumba for TV, warehouse: Particleboard laminated, quality Plusart.3649150-AAKIRKEBY, size 180 * 38 * 45cm-1pcs. Tumbochka-table bedside, composition: pine mass , Quality Goldart.3674081-STENLILLE, size 31 * 55 * 38cm-1pcs. T rhovelna mark JyskKrayina production CN ChinaCHINA0UA100050212.072437.5436803
13/Apr/201794036010001. Wooden furniture (with chipboard) for dining and living rooms: tea table. .CHINA0UA500090131.3263.9130387
12/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli wood: wooden furniture for dining rooms tazhytlovyh: Rack mounted series AVINION DSP, MDFart.AXDB02-D50-3sht, Locker, Series AVINION DSP, MDFart.RETK24-D50-2sht; art.RETK25- D50-2sht; art.RETK28-D50-2sht, Extension arm showcase for komodivRETK24, RETK25 series AVINION chipboard, MDF, skloart.RETN25-D50-2sht, Closet wardrobe series AVINION chipboard, MDF art.RETS82-D50-1sht; Kitchen teleradio series AVINION chipboard, MDF art.RETT15-D50-1sht; art.RETT16-D50-2sht; folding dining table series AVINIONDSP, MDF art.RETT30-D50-2sht, coffee tables, series AVINION chipboard, MDF art .RETT40-D50-2sht, Showcase series AVINION chipboard, MDF, glass-art.RETV80 D50-2sht, Locker, series DS BASSANO MDF art.BSNK221-L89-2sht, Kitchen teleradio series BASSANO chipboard, MDF art.BSNT131-L89-3sht, coffee tables, DSP series BASSANO art.BSNT511-D55-2sht, Chest showcase series BASSANO chipboard, MDF glass-art.BSNV235 L89-2sht, Showcase series BASSANO chipboard, MDF, glass-art.BSNV625R L89-2sht; art.BSNV711-L89-2sht, Frame for Wardrobe. (Roof and Boko fault) series DSP BASSANO , LED illumination art.BSNZ01B-Z90-1sht, bedside tables, set of 2 pcs., series KASHMIR chipboard, MDF art.KSMK021ST-D43-2sht, Locker, series KASHMIR chipboard, MDF art.KSMK26-D43-1sht, bedside cupboard, TIZIANO series chipboard, MDF art.TZMK02-P82-2sht, Locker, series RONDINO chipboard, MDF art.RDIK221-T30-2sht, wardrobe cabinet series RONDINO chipboard, MDF art.RDNS827E1-T30-1sht, Frame for Wardrobe. (Roof and sidewalls) RONDINO DSP series, LED illumination art.NPLZ02B-D41-1sht; Case law series GENETIC chipboard, MDF art.GNTS521-P82-2sht, a coffee table, a series GENETIC chipboard, MDF art.GNTT501-D39- 3pc; liva Showcase series DURO chipboard, glass (facade) art.DURV521L-T75-5sht, Stil folding dining series dINING TABLES DSP-art.EST41 D30-3sht; "POLAND0UA1000102802.74776.979886
12/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli wood: wooden furniture for dining rooms tazhytlovyh: MADRAS TYP 01L Showcase dublatte 2D / shanpan metallic DSP + MDF + GLASS -2sht; MADRASTYP 19 cabinet oak latte 1D / shanpan metallic DSP + MDFart.-2 pcs; MADRAS TYP 30 Chest high dublatte 4D / shanpan metallic chipboard MDF + art.-4 pieces; MADRAS TYP 4D 31Vitryna low oak latte / shanpan metalikDSP + MDF + GLASS art.-1am; MADRAS TYP 32 2S-1D Chest dublatte / shanpan metallic DSP + MDF art.-3pc; MADRAS TYP 4D 43Komod latte oak / metallic shanpan DSP + MDFart.-2 pcs; MADRAS TYP 51 Chest RTI 2D latte oak / metallic shanpan chipboard MDF + 5pcs art.-; MADRAS TYP 61 large oak shelf latte / shanpan Metallic chipboard and MDF + TV-2 pcs; MADRAS TYP 2D 165 22 Case sliding oak latte / shanpan metallic DSP + MDF + MIRROR art.-4 pieces; MADRAS TYP 11 Foam latte oak / metallic shanpan chipboard MDF + art.-2 pcs; MADRAS TYP 95 Stand to bed P latte oak / metallic shanpan chipboard MDF + art.-6 pieces; MADRAS TYP 95 L Stand to bed latte oak / metallic shanpan chipboard MDF + art.-6 pieces; PELLO Typ 01 Showcase 1D-3S pine Laredo DSP + GLASS art.-14sht ; PELLO Typ 11 Pins al 3S Laredo pine particleboard art.-1am; PELLO Typ 31 Chest 5S (80) pine Laredo art. DSP-4 pieces; PELLO Typ 32 Chest 5S (40) pine Laredo DSP-5pcs art.; PELLO Typ 41 Chest 2D-4S (130) pine Laredo DSP-art. 3pc; PELLO Typ 42 pine Chest 3D Laredo DSP + GLASS art.-7sht; PELLO Typ 95 liters to Stand zhka 2S pine Laredo art. DSP-6 pieces; SHETLAND TYP 01 Showcase 1D1S Shetland oak / gray chipboard MDF + + GLASS art.-3pc; SHETLAND TYP 31 Foam 1D4S Shetland oak / gray chipboard MDF + art.-1am; SHETLAND TYP 42 Chest 1D5S Shetland oak / gray chipboard MDF + art.-1am; SHETLAND TYP 52 Chest RTI 1D3S Shetland oak / gray chipboard MDF + art.-2 pcs; SHETLAND TYP 61 shelf oak Shetland / gray chipboard MDF + art.-2 pcs; SHETLAND TYP 71 Shetland oak coffee table / gray chipboard MDF + art.-1am; IMPERIAL 2 Ctinka walnut furniture Imperial DSP + MDF + GLASS art.-2 pcs; IMPERIAL Typ 01 Showcase 1D2S imperial walnut chipboard MDF + + GLASS art.-2 pcs; IMPERIAL Typ 111 Imperial Hall walnut chipboard MDF + + MIRROR art.-1am; art.-1am; IMPERIAL NEW Typ 31 Showcase 2D3S truffle oak chipboard MDF + + GLASS art.-2 pcs; IMPERIAL Typ 42 3D Chest Nut Imperial DSP + MDF + GLASS art.-1am; art.-2 pcs; IMPERIAL Typ 61 Rack Nut Imperial chipboard MDF + art.-2 pcs; IMPERIAL Typ 70 Imperial Coffee table walnut chipboard MDF + art.-1am; Linate TYP 01 P LTV03 Showcase 3D white / Truffle DSP + MDF + GLASS Art .-2 pcs; Linate TYP 40 LTK03 Chest 3D2S white / truffle chipboard MDF + art.-1am; Linate TYP 71 coffee table white / truffle chipboard MDF + 3pc-art.; Linate TYP 4D 23 Case white / truffle DSP + MDF + MIRROR art.-1am; Linate TYP 95 Stand the bed white / truffle chipboard MDF + art.-10pc; Linate TYP 121 panel with mirror white / truffle DSP + MDF + mIRROR art.-1am; Linate TYP 122 panel with mirror white / truffle DSP + MDF + MIRROR art.-3pc; VENTI / MAJOO TYP 75 wenge dining table Amara DSP MDF + art.-1am; VENTI TYP 12 Foam 1D-1S wenge Amara chipboard MDF + art.-1am; VENTI TYP 20 Box 2D-2S wenge Amara chipboard MDF + art.-4 pieces; VENTI TYP 30 3D-3S Chest wenge Amara DSP + MDF + GLASS art.-4 pieces; TORONTO / MILANO TOK 01 Chest RTI 2D-1S white / san Remo chipboard MDF + art.-1am; TORONTO / MILANO TOK Chest 09 3D white / san Remo chipboard MDF + 1pc-art. ; TORONTO / MILANO TOV "POLAND0UA10001072559278.191969
12/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli wood: wooden furniture for dining rooms tazhytlovyh: CORANO 2497EP06 Showcase 2dv right white (BI) particle / MDF / glass-1am; CORANO 2497EP02 Polytsyanavisna white (BI) particle / MDF 2 pcs; CORANO mounted 2497EP03Panel glass shelves white (BI) particle / MDF / glass -1sht; CORANO 2497EP42 Chest high 2dv white (BI) particle / MDF / glass-1pc, dining table S1001 24WAER82bilyy / black (BI / CZ) particle board / veneer / wood / glass -1sht; Stilobidniy S1002 2497ER81 white (BI) particle board / veneer / wood / glass-1am; CORANO 2497EP18 Case 2 IR white (BI) particle / MDF / mirror-1pc; CORANO 2497EP35 Chest TV 3shuhl white (BI) particle / MDF - 1pc; CORANO 2497EP22 cupboard bed-white (BI) particle / MDF 2 pcs; ".POLAND0UA1000106421640.665678
12/Apr/201794036010001.Mebli Wooden Room: dining table LENNA, 102x120 / 150xH75.5 cm MDF / rubber wood dark walnut color -4741243132283art.13228-1sht.Krayina production MYTorhovelna mark MY Home4youVyrobnyk no data on demand Evelekt Hulgi OU.MALAYSIA0UA10008039172.2241774
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Wooden Dining Table Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wooden Dining Table Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""Дизайн Тайм"""
Importer Address
01103, м. Київ бульвар Дружби народів, 8
Product Description
"1.Mebli wood for living rooms in a disassembled s.........
HS Code 9403601000Value 1989.754287
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 186
Origin Country CHINA

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