Ukraine Import Data of Wooden Corn | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Corn

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wooden corn collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wooden corn imports.

Wooden Corn Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wooden Corn

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wooden corn. Get Ukraine trade data of Wooden Corn imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
28/Apr/2017702000000"Fresh 1.OVOCHI FOR FOOD NASELNNYA not in immediate packaging: 2017 harvest., Tomatoes, net net weight - 20000KHSpakovano in cardboard boxes on wooden pallets 26, zvirhu and on the corners of corrugated sheets and packaging strichka.VYROBNYK:" "ASZIRVE GIDA TARIM TAS.ITH.IHR. ve TIC.LTD.STI "" trademarks: "" DOMATES "" Country of -TR.. "TURKEY0UA5041802000010999.99989 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
27/Apr/201782055910001.Instrumenty manual for masons, shape valnykiv, tsementuvalnykiv, plasterers, painters and betonnykiv (not part of the working istyt natural and synthetic diamonds, precious stones istyt Nam): The bar for grinding, 125h65 mm rubber art.758105 -100sht. Shpatelna blade stainless steel 4 0 mm wooden ruchkaart. 852065 -240sht. Shpatelna blade of stainless steel 100 mm derev'yanaruchka art. 852185-240sht.Torhovelna mark: SPARTA Iron plastic, 280 x 130 mm art. 8 67219-960sht. Telescopic aluminum handle, 0,75-1,5 of art. 812309 -120sht. Ruchkateleskopichna aluminum, 1.5-3 m art. 812329 -420sht. With stainless steel trowel. Steel, 80 of the 60 60 mm, outer corners, wooden handle art. 863129 -60sht. With stainless steel trowel, 120 x 79 mm, wooden handle art. 863169 -960sht. With stainless steel trowel. steel, 140 x 82 mm, wooden handle art. 863189 -960sht. With stainless steel trowel. steel, 160 x 84mm, wooden handle art. 863209 -960sht.Torhovelna Brand: MTXKrayina production: CNVyrobnyk: MATRIZE Handels-GmbH.CHINA0UA1001301101.873375.183291
24/Apr/201785169000001.Mebli sitting with a wooden frame, upholstered not turn into beds, without rotation, without wheels, without height adjustment (materials: wood, fabric, leather), chair (wood, fabric) - 1pc., Corner sofa (wood, fabric) size 335h225hN63 cm with pillows - 1pc., chair (wood, leather) - 8 pieces. sofa 3 seater corner (wood, fabric) size 326h215hN86 cm - 1 pc., sofa 3 seater corner (tree fabric) size 299h170hN95 cm - 1 pc., size chair (wood, fabric) 48h46hN98 cm - 8 pieces., chair size (wood, fabric) 57h50hN99 cm - 4 pieces., 3 sofa-bed size (Wood, fabric) 140 x 80 x N97 cm - 1 pc., Ottoman (wood, fabric) size 40h35hN49 cm - 1 pc., Ottoman (wood, fabric) D45 x H45 cm - 3pc., Poof (wood, fabric) D120 x H30 cm - 1 pc. (disassembled for transportation condition). .POLAND0UA100230114.97711798
21/Apr/20179401400000"1. Soft seating (for living room) that turn into beds, obbytti with wooden frame (from coniferous trees) and a metal mechanism, with fabric covering sofa corner. 3ML6MR -1sht Malta 1, room 417, Unit 20, a corner sofa. Matyss 2MR6ML -1sht, room 519, Unit 20, a corner sofa. 2ML6MR Infiniti -1sht, number 501, a group of 22 corner sofa. 2ML6MR Infiniti -1sht, number 171, a group of 24 bed Thomas 3M -1sht, nomer519, hrupa20, sofa corner. 2ML6R Butterfly -1sht, number 687, a group of 21 3M -1sht sofa Butterfly, room 687, group 21, couch Sophia 3M -1sht, nomer1000, hrupa21, 3M nmm Astra 2 + 12 12 - 1kompl. (1dyvan, 2krisla) n Mayor 516, a group of 20 bed Perseus 3M -1sht, nomer993, hrupa21, couch Ulыbka 3M -1sht 2, Number 31206, a group of 20 -1sht couch Melyssa 3M, number 31206, a group of 20 couch This 90LT 3M -1sht, a group of 21 , coated with leather sofa corner. Consul-23 3ML902R -1sht, number 1063, a group of 120 + B 2 sofa corner. Consul-3ML902R -1sht 23, 2020, a group of 140 + B-2. ".BELARUS0UA10102019767777.226847
18/Apr/20171005101500"1. Corn seeds for sowing, treated with chemicals" "Maxim XL" "and" "Poncho600 FS" "(one bag of seeds 80000). DKS5007 simple hybrid - 485 mishkiv.partiya H-17-050 / 0402. Net weight - 12755.50 kg. Packaged in 485 paperovyhmishkiv 14 wooden pallets.. "SERBIA0UA12526012755.544556.95009
18/Apr/20179403601000"1. Wooden (pine) for dining and living rooms for retailers. In unassembled complete with accessories and fasteners, cupboard," "Boston 1000h405" "/ Handling - white wax + Colonial / art.90312741 -10sht., cupboard, "" Boston 1000h405 "" / Handling - white wax + gray / art.90313741 -10sht., cupboard, "" Boston 1000h405 "" / Handling - white + antique wax / art.90311741 -10sht., TV chest "" Boston 01 "" / Handling - white + antique wax / art.90311710 - 10pc, Vanity "" Helsinki "" / Handling - white wax + Colonial / art.60412710 - 30sht.Komod "" Milano "" / Processing white wax / art.11487 - 20shtShafa corner "" Milano "" / Handling - white wax / art.11490 - 10sht.Shafa 3 Door "" Milan "" / Processing white wax / art.11489 - 15shtTorhovelna brand SP "," IYC "" Producer SP "," IYC "" OOOKrayina production BY. "BELARUS0UA100080492313733.29716
14/Apr/20171005101500"1. Corn seeds for sowing, treated Agrochemicals" "Maxim XL" "(in odnomumishku 80,000 seeds). DKS3795 simple hybrid - 1275 bags. Batch of H-17-050 / 0419- 891 bags, party H-17-050 / 0423 - 384 bags. Net weight - 30056.10 kh.Upakovano paper bags in 1275, 41 wooden pallets.. "ROMANIA0UA12526030056.1102229.4999
14/Apr/20171005101500"1. Corn seeds for sowing, treated with chemicals" "Maxim XL" "and" "Poncho600 FS" "(one bag of seeds 80000). DKS4717 simple hybrid - 568 mishkiv.partiya H-17-050 / 0220. Net weight - 12609.60 kg. Packaged in 568 paperovyhmishkiv 15 wooden pallets.. "HUNGARY0UA12526012609.652182.15991
14/Apr/20171005101500"1. Corn seeds for sowing, treated with chemicals" "Maxim XL" "and" "Poncho600 FS" "(one bag of seeds 80000). DKS3511 simple hybrid - 2991 mishkiv.partiya H-17-001 / 0199 - 920 bags, Party H-17-001 / 0200 - 917 bags partiyaH-17-001 / 0199 - 237 bags, party H-17-001 / 0200 - 917 bags. -64,952.70 Net weight kg. packed in paper bags in 2991, 71 wooden pallets.. "SERBIA0UA12526064952.7274783.1701
14/Apr/20173916200090"1.Kutyky for interior decoration as external corners to form shapes, manufactured by extrusion of PVC with a constant cross-section over 1 mm angles white size: 10h10mm; 15h15mm; 20h20mm, 25x25 mm 30h30mm; 40h40mm; angles white arched size: 20h10 mm angles plain size: 10h10mm; 15h15mm; 20h20mm, corners textured size: 15h15mm; 20h20mm, 30x30 mm 40h40mm, corners textured arch size: 20h10 mm -zapakovani in polyethylene 100 pcs., 50 pcs. 25 pcs. and placed on wooden pallets.. "RUSSIA0UA5003902903.855243.537228
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Wooden Corn Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wooden Corn Importer Sample

Date 28/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ЛА БЕЛА ІСПАНЬОЛА"""
Importer Address
04107,Україна, м.Київ,вул.Татарська. буд.21,літера А
Product Description
"Fresh 1.OVOCHI FOR FOOD NASELNNYA not in immediat.........
HS Code 702000000Value 10999.99989
Quantity 0Unit UA504180
Net Weight 20000
Origin Country TURKEY

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