Ukraine Import Data of Wood Door | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Door

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wood door collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wood door imports.

Wood Door Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Door

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wood door. Get Ukraine trade data of Wood Door imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201794033091001.Mebli furniture, wood (particleboard covered with melamine) zavvyshkyponad 80cm in unassembled: -VASD3080 cabinet with door-20pcs-VASD3100 cabinet with doors, 2 pcs-VASD4080 cabinet with door-11sht-VAHD6080 cabinet with door-mark 20shtTorhova HAWORTH. Manufacturer Haworth GmbH. Country of origin DE. .GERMANY0UA100010348011792.9885 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20178544700090"1. Optical cables with z'yednuvalnymyprystroyamy: DLC / UPC, DLC / UPC, Single-mode, 50m, 2 cores, 0.03m / 0.34m, GYFJH-2G.657A2, 7.0mm, 2mm, LSZH, outdoor performance (14,130,645 ) - 400 pieces; DLC / UPC, DLC / UPC, Single-mode, 70m, 2 cores, 0.03m / 0.34m, GYFJH-2G.657A2, 7.0mm, 2mm, LSZH, outdoor performance (14,130,647) - 300 pieces; DLC / UPC, DLC / UPC, Single-mode, 100m, 2 cores, 0.03m / 0.34m, GYFJH-2G.657A2, 7.0mm, 2mm, LSZH, outdoor performance (14,130,648) - 100 pieces; DLC / UPC, DLC / UPC, Single-mode, 150m, 2 cores, 0.03m / 0.34m, GYFJH-2G.657A2, 7.0mm, 2mm, LSZH, outdoor performance (14,130,650) - 20 sht.Postavlyayutsya on plywood piddonah.Vyrobnyk 'Huawei Technologies Co ., Ltd.'Torhivelna mark 'Huawei'Krayina production - CN. "CHINA0UA1000102056.478189.200041
28/Apr/20178517620000"1. Equipment pryymannyaperetvorennya and information without software package: Digital radio relay stantsiyiRTN 320, range 23 GHz, comes rozibranomuvyhlyadi configuration (V100R006, with optychnymypryyomo-peredavachamyOptical Transceiver, antennas A23S03HAC, 23G, diameter 300mm. A23S06HAC and antennas, 23G, 600mm in diameter.) (RTN 320, Full Outdoor Radio Transmission System) - 170 kits, supplied on plywood piddonah.Vyrobnyk 'Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd'Torhivelna mark' Huawei'Krayina production of CN. "CHINA0UA1000106023.53213944.9999
28/Apr/201785444991001. The power cable, 600V / 1000V, ROV-K, 2x4mm2, Black (2 Cores: Blue, Brown), 36A, outdoor performance (Unit: meter) without connecting devices (25,030,581) cores with diameters of 0.51 providnykaponad mm - 26000 m.Postavlyayutsya on plywood piddonah.Vyrobnyk 'Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd.'Torhivelna mark' Huawei'Krayina production of CN.CHINA0UA100010525217159.99987
28/Apr/20173916200090"Profile figured with polyvinyl chloride used for making window and door designs: noviNP0130-225250B the" "dark oak ednyuvach dvustoronniy 12,000 mb / m.p.GP5440-72100SB Shtapik, walnut 120,000 mb / m.p.HP1540-55151S dump door 105 mm golden oak 30,000 mb / m.p.HO1721-72525S dump door dark oak dvustoronnya 65,000 mb / m.p.HO1221-72525S frame, dark oak dvustoronnya 130,000 mb / m.p.GP8440-70000SL Shtapik, 44 mm, brown. Base 300,000 mb / m.p.HO9800-70000SL Shtulp 80 mm, brown. Base 32,500 mb / m.p.HO8520-70000SL dump door 85 mm korychn.baza 65,000 mb / MD m.p.HO9030-70000SL frame 83 mm, brown. Base 65,000 mb / m.p.GP5440-70000SL Shtapik, brown. Base 1 800,000 mb / STV m.p.HO1721-70000S pKa, brown. Base 260,000 mb / m.p.NP8500-2 Extender, 50 mm, white 60,000 mb / m.p.GP8440-20000SB Shtapik 44 mm, white 600,000 mb / m.p.GP8400-20000SB Shtapik 40 mm, white 120,000 mb / m.p.HO9800-20000SL Shtulp 80 mm, white 65,000 mb / m.p.HO9320-20000SL impost, 96 mm, white 65,000 mb / m.p.HO85 20-20000SL dump door 85 mm white 195,000 mb /m.p.HO9020-20000SL frame 73 mm, white 260,000 mb / m.p.NP0190-200000B the "" white ednyuvach 180,000 mb / m.p.HO1721-20000GH dump door, white seal. Gray lichtgrau 572,000 mb / m.p.HO1221-20000GH frame, white seal. Gray lichtgrau 572,000 mb / m.p.HP1720-2 dump door, white 221,000 mb / m.p.HO1221-70000SH frame, brown. base without. seal. 572,000 mb / m.p.HO1721-20070S dump door white / anthracite 117,000 mb / m.p.HO1221-20070S frame white / anthracite 312,000 mb / m.p.HO3020-20070S impost white / anthracite 48,000 mb / m.p.GP5440 -72500SB Shtapik dark oak 240,000 mb / m.p.NP3300-2 extender white, 150 mm 18,000 mb / m.p.HP1220-200000H white frame without the seal. 572,0 mb / m.p.Torhivelna brand Salamander Window & Door Systems SA.Vyrobnyk Salamander Window & Door Systems SA (PL) .10 wooden pallets. "POLAND0UA2050406628.31912444.98823
28/Apr/20179403601000"1.Mebli for dining and living rooms, new, assembled and partially disassembled, made of beech and linden wood and chipboard covered with natural veneer, supplied furniture sets and headsets, -model" "FIRENZE" ", a showcase with shelves odnodverna dlyaposudu dimensions: 83x59x214 cm -1 pcs., 1 seat; -model "" FIRENZE "", three-door wardrobe for clothes with a mirror on the door, size: 188h65h225 cm -1 pcs., 3 seats; -model "" CRISTINA "" , writing table with two cabinets, drawers, size: 172h75h79 cm-1 pc., 1 seat; -model "" VENETIA "", four-door closet for clothes with a mirror on the door, Dimensions: 240h69h234 cm-1 pc., 4 seats; -model "" GINO INTARSIE "", dresser with drawers for clothes, size: 123h56h102 cm - 1 pc., 1 seat; -model "" VENETIA LUX "", a showcase odnodverna with drawer dimensions: 86h52h210 cm 2 pcs., 2 seats; -model "" VENETIA LUX "", Buffet TV (plasma) 2-door with a niche dimensions: 181h55h67 cm - 1 pc., 1st place - model "" VENETIA ALB AURIU "", folding table round, size: 120 / 160h1 20h77 sm 1 pcs., 3 seats; "ROMANIA0UA3053108505031.744214
28/Apr/20174418208000"1.Dobies of the door" of the trees "interior (interior) in a disassembled form with built-in locks without handles, loops complete, ТУ5361.002.44181379-2005: 23pcs - double-hinged blocks; 4pcs - single-bloc blocks with double cloth; 9pcs - unipolar units; Which consists of: -Door boxes made of wood-fiber materials (hardwood) varnished, painted for door blocks: Type: KD.07.02.07-10 -6 sets; Type: KD.07.02.11-19 -18 sets; Type : KD.21.02.07-10 -3 sets; Type: KD.50.02.07-10 -4 sets; Type: KD.69.02.11-19 -5 sets; Total: 36 sets of door frames.-Two rni frames with wood-materials (hardwood) lacquered, painted for door units: Type: KN.PY.7023.02.222 -21 kit, Total: 21 set nalychnykiv. door and door trims choice of wood fiber materials (hardwood) lacquered , painted for door units: Type: PY.12014.02.217 / 2 -9 sets; Type: PY.24014.02.218 / 2 -8 sets, total 17 set along selected planok.- door panels of wood fiber materials (hardwood ) lacquered, painted door units for series: 01.06.07-10 -5sht; 01.13.07-10 -6sht; 01.36.07-10 -2sht; 01.62.07-10 -3sht; -10sht 01.97.07-10; 01.99.07-10 -26sht; -1sht 21.28.07-10; 21.37.07-10 -2sht; 34.27.07-10 -8sht; Total: 63 pieces polotnysch.- Stands door with wood-materials (hardwood) lacquered, painted for door units: Type KD.07.02 -36shtuk; Type KD.69.02 -8shtuk, Total risers: 44 pieces. "RUSSIA36UA10103026348171.280118
27/Apr/20174411121000"1 panel boards extruded panels in a door-way embossing, imitating the structure of wood. Not subjected to machining without lining impregnated with chemicals for more physicalproperties," "dry" "mode of production, presovani.Mayut rectangular, figured shape. obrobky.Vykorystovuyutsya require further for revet door, 3mm thick, the range, the total number-4080sht. Packaging - wooden pallets.. "ROMANIA19265UA508070196708348.048635
27/Apr/20179403609000"1.MEBLI Wooden children: Children's Table," "JUNIOR" "Solid wood-pine Color: art.110-631-010-6sht; Toddlers" "BABY" "Solid wood-pine Color: Art .100-631-010-6sht; DRAWER "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF Color: art.019-020-110-2sht; Pelenatory-frame overhead "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF Color: art.019- 500-110-2sht; Pelenatory-frame overhead "" I'GA "" Material: MDF Color: art.018-500-210-1sht, clothes-press 2-door HIGH "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF COLOR : WHITE art.019-042-110-2sht, bookcase SMALL "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF Color: art.019-071-110-1sht, wardrobe BYLYZNY "" MOON "" for 3-door MOTHER L: MDF Color: art.015-041-110-1sht; DRAWER "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF Color: art.019-020-110-1sht, clothes-press "" MARSYLIA "" 2-door Materials: MDF color: art.019-041-110-1sht, ladders Module "" MARSYLIA "" Material: MDF color WHITE art.019-070-110-1sht.Vyrobnyk PPHU "" DREWNOSTYL "" Zenon BlaszakTorhovelna mark " "PINIO / DREWNOSTYL" "Country of Poland PL."POLAND0UA100110678.322051.305967
27/Apr/201748119000001.Papir from cellulose fibers of wood (the fiber content of the obtained chemical is 100%), without the content of wood mass (fiber obtained by mechanical means), one ball, in rolls, painted (colored in the mass), not impregnated with special substances, without coating, Not engraved, without watermarks, calendered, not corrugated, not fastened, not perforated, unsightly, flexible, on one of the doors there is a decorative pattern that imitates a piece of wood cutting: Sonoma Eiche D5194, roll width 2070mm, 70g / m2. Decor Wisnia Oxford D088, roll width 2070mm, 70g / m2 .POLAND0UA2060802290276419.07992
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Wood Door Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ПП ""Магнат Дизайн Центр"""
Importer Address
04073,м.Київ,пр-т.С.Бандеры 16Б
Exporter Name Haworth GmbH
Product Description
1.Mebli furniture, wood (particleboard covered wit.........
HS Code 9403309100Value 11792.9885
Quantity 0Unit UA100010
Net Weight 3480
Origin Country GERMANY

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