Ukraine Import Data of Wood Comb | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Comb

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wood comb collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wood comb imports.

Wood Comb Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Comb

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wood comb. Get Ukraine trade data of Wood Comb imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201794038900001.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad (aluminum, glass, plastic, wood): 00.02134.82.00/02.02134.1 Pacific kvadratnыy Bolshoi kofeynыy Stol co-glass 1SHT.00.22934.00.00 / 02.22934.1 Brafta Stol kofeynыy color. Morskoy Shell co-1ShT.Vyrobnyk glass - JOENFA SLKrayina production - ID.Torhovelna mark -SKY LINE desidn. .INDONESIA0UA10011045.09679.3899377 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20173920202100"1.Plivka dvohosnooriyentovana polypropylene (biaksealnooriyentovana) BOPP, non-porous, not reinforced, nesharuvata clear, without images and inscriptions without substrate nor zyednana anolohichnym way with other materials, the thickness in mm: BOPP CH 0,020h1060 - 203.5 kg; BOPP CH 0,020h600 - 139.1 kg CH 0,020h700 BOPP - 298 kg CH BOPP 0,020h760 - 365.6 kg CH BOPP 0,020h800 - 548.4 kg CH BOPP 0,020h900 - 1958.3 kg CH BOPP 0,025h700 - 1400.8 kg CH BOPP 0,025h740 - 747.5 kg CH BOPP 0,025h880 - 306.2 kg BOPP 0,040h1000 CH - 3073 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1040 - 205.8 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1120 - 394.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h1140 - 627.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h640 - 1876.9 kg CH BOPP 0,040h700 - 291.6 kg B OPP CH 0,040h740 - 310.1 kg CH BOPP 0,040h760 - 316.4 kg CH BOPP 0,040h840 - 789.2 kg BOPP 0,040h960 CH - 1548 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h1200 - 2061.2 kg BOPP CH1 0,030h600 - 500.2 kh.Sfera use: for food packaging and clothing and other light industrial products, and receiving combined plivochnyh materials. Pa forging, wooden pallets in obreshittsi, rolls, spool for winding a roll of film. Manufacturer: OAO "" Mogilevkhimvolokno "" Country of origin: BY. "BELARUS0UA10215017962.127469.23756
29/Apr/201794038900001.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad (aluminum, glass, plastic, wood): TORINO / FG TORINO Stol 150x90 tehnorotanh co-1ShT.Vyrobnyk glass - PHUFOCUS SLAWOMIR CZAJKOWSKI, trademark -PHUFOCUS SLAWOMIR CZAJKOWSKI, Country of origin - CN. .CHINA0UA10011012.8153.4665542
28/Apr/20178517620000"1. Equipment that vykorystovuyetsyav cellular zv'yazkuoperatora Kyyivstar- switches Ethernet (dlyabezdrotovoyi adapters contain information transmission), a series Quidway: S2309TP-EI Mainframe (8 10/100 BASE-T ports and1 Combo GE (10/100/1000 BASE-T + 100/1000 Base-X) ports and AC 110 / 220V) including power cable, software and licenses for this software (02,351,370) - 200 pieces; S2326TP-EI Mainframe (24 10/100 BASE-T ports and2 Combo GE (10/100/1000 BASE-T +100/1000 Base-X) ports and AC 110 / 220V), including power cable, software and licenses for this software (02,351,366) - 1500 sht.Postavlyayutsya on plywood pallets. Manufacturer 'Huawei Technologies Co., Ltd'Torhivelna mark' Huawei'Krayina production - CN. "CHINA0UA1000105784.96121170
28/Apr/201794038900001.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad (aluminum, glass, plastic, wood): IRM-167 Aperto table 72h72 cm 5sht.IRM-170 Stol Merlo diameter 100 cm 2sht.IRM-112ST-A Onde table prystavnoy-3sht.Vyrobnyk - IRM.Torhovelna mark -IRM Mobile Italiano.Krayina production - CN. .CHINA0UA10013065.5837.8422831
28/Apr/201787019011001.Traktory wheel for agricultural work EXPERT 8HP, with a seat for the driver, with the engine combustion vnutryshnoho with compression ignition (diesel) engine model R180, 8l.s. engine power, the size of the front wheels 4,00-10 size rear 6,00-12 wheels, with a set of spare parts in unassembled for easy transportation: mototraktor - 35sht.Spakovanono made of multilayered plywood, cardboard boxes and a polymer film, individual components without packaging. Packaged in wooden yaschyky.Torhivelna Brand: EXPERT.Krayina production: CN. Manufacturer: LINSHU HONGYUAN MACHINERY CO., LTD. .CHINA35UA5041701338421414.40018
27/Apr/201740103900001.Pasy vulkanizovannoyi of rubber and dlyatsyvilnoho pobutovohovykorystannya: belt drive dokuhonnoho combine, art. KW663943, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Belt drive dohlibopechi, art. KW694643, 48sht, Torh.marka Kenwood. Belt drive dom'yasorubky, art. KW712654, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. .CHINA0UA1250202.7556.3434874
27/Apr/201785099000901.Zapasni parts for household tehnikyz embedded elektrodvyhunomdlya civil and pobutovohovykorystannya: to cover juicers, art. AT6186002000, 3pc, Torh.markaAriete. Tube roller for rozkochuvannyatista to food processors, art.AWAT970A01, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood.Kryshka to juicers, art.BR81345951, 5pcs, Torh.marka Braun. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW630790, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW652994, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment (mix vach) to the blender, art. KW653015, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW658534, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. The body of the screw to the grinder, art. KW65854 6, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW662224, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. The capacity of the knife and the lid to the food processor, art. KW681153, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the food processor, art. KW684480, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Venchik to food processors, art. KW706783, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Electronic Control eh fashion to food processors, art. KW710359, 1sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW710720, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Reduction of the knife to the blender, art. KW710730, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Hook-juicer attachment to a food processor, art. KW710904, 2 pcs, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Metallic tube to the grinder, art. KW711850, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Attachment to the grinder, art. KW711857, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Cover gear to food processors, art. KW712147, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Nozzle (2 pcs.) For the sausages to the grinder, art. KW712671, 2 pcs, pKa Kenwood. Ring nut (nut tube) to the grinder, art. KW712680, 2sh t Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to food processors, art. KW712832, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712961, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Attachment to the blender, art. KW712999, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduit ktor to the grinder, art. KW713376, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Pusher juice to ovyzhymalky, art. KW713440, 2 pcs, Comm. brand Kenwood. Filter holder to sokovyzh ymalky, art. KW713682, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The axis of the cup to the blender, art. KW7 13,783, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to blender, art. KW713790, 1pc, Torh.m arch Kenwood. Lock the lid with a spring (2 pieces) for juicers, art. KW714273, 3 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Knife sieve into the juicer, art. KW714279, 1pc, trade .marka Kenwood. Attachment (grid) to the grinder, art. KW714428, 1pc, pKa Kenwood. , Art. KW714430, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. The capacity to handle up to food processors, art. KW714982, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of venchikamy to food processors, art. KW714991, 6 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood. Capacity to ovyzhymalky juice, art. KW715015, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Electronic board to combine kitchens tion, art. KW715256, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Reduction of kuhonnoh to combine, art. KW715259, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Cover the capacity to combine at kuhonoh, art. KW715329, 9sht, Comm. brand Kenwood. Screw to the grinder, art. KW715552, 2 pcs, Comm.CHINA0UA12502018481.4618715
27/Apr/201784839089901.Zubchasti wheels, chain sprockets gears andother items for civilian use tapobutovoho: Gear dokuhonnoho combine, art. KW674590, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Gear dom'yasorubky, art. KW681658, 2 pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. Gear to the mixer, art.KW706628, 4 pieces, Torh.marka Kenwood.Peredavalnyy shaft gear dokuhonnoho combine, art. KW711657, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Gear to m`yasorubky, art. KW712652, 1pc, Comm. brand Kenwood. Gear to food processors, art. KW713106, 1pc, Torh.mark and Kenwood. Gear to the grinder, art. KW713378, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Pole ernya to juicers, art. KW713680, 3pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. Drive shaft to the food processor, art. KW714989, 5pcs, Torh.marka Kenwood. .CHINA0UA1250200.7161.68519497
27/Apr/201740169300901.Uschilnyuvach not cellular rubber, dlyatsyvilnoho and pobutovohovykorystannya: rubber seals dokavovarky, art. 7313285849, 4pcs, Torh.marka DeLonghi. Dokavovarky rubber rings, art. AT4025590600, 5pcs, rubber ring (3pc) to the grinder, art. KW676756, 4 pieces, rubber rings dokuhonnoho combine, art. KW714233, 1pc, Torh.marka Kenwood. .CHINA0UA1250200.0665.41015724
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Wood Comb Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wood Comb Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Товариство з обмеженою відповідальністю ""ІНТ ГРУП"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name IG Handel sp.z.o.o
Product Description
1.Mebli combined with various materialivnapryklad .........
HS Code 9403890000Value 679.3899377
Quantity 0Unit UA100110
Net Weight 45.09
Origin Country INDONESIA

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