Ukraine Import Data of Wood Chair | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Chair

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of wood chair collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of wood chair imports.

Wood Chair Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Wood Chair

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of wood chair. Get Ukraine trade data of Wood Chair imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/201794016900001.Mebli seating, terraced, made of wood, complete with pillows, in part rozibrannomu condition: 7sht chair, di Van-bed 2-20pcs, dyvan3-seater-12 units, packaged in boxes kartonni.Torhivelna marka- SinoVyrobnyk-Sinoresource IMP & EXP Co., LimitedKrayina production-CN.CHINA0UA50009019124818.239891 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20177318155990"1.Kripylni ferrous metals: Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h50mm, art.KMWHT-40050 - 300sht, Universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-40070 - 250sht, Universal screws with a secret. TORX4,5h50mm head, art.KMWHT-45050 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX4,5h80mm, art.KMWHT-45080 - 250sht, universal screws from potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h40mm, art.KMWHT-50040 - 500sht; Screws purpose of potay.holivkoyu TORX5,0h70mm, art.KMWHT-50070 - 400sht; 8h100mm with a long dowel with screw rozpornoyuchastynoyu (Chairman. secretly Pozidrive), art.KPR-PIKE-08100SK - 2400sht, washer plug d.8mm with screw 5h60mm, art.KRX-085060 - 2400sht; Dyubelvsestoronnho thrust (nylon) with screw 6h35mm a secret. heads. d.3,5h45mm, art.KW-06045 - 3200sht, Universal dowel washer (nylon) 8h50mm of shurupom4,5h80mm , art.RU-08080- 4800sht, screwing screws into wood with double thread 6h80mm, head iznapresovanoyu washer type TORX, art.WKCP-06080 - 3000sht; Screw with secret. holivkoyuzi drill for window profiles (white zinc) 3,9h32mm, art.WSPCV-B-39032 -10000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyu for fastening in metal roofing coated osnovu4,8h70 DELTA, art.WSR-48070-D - 64000sht; Screws with potay.holivkoyudlya roof mounting in metal base coated 4,8h80mm DELTA, art.WSR-48080-D - 12000sht; Screws for mounting on the roof potay.holivkoyu umetalevu basis 4,8h160mm coated DELTA, art.WSR-48160-D - 24000sht.Torhivelna mark "" Wkret-Met "". Producer KLIMAS WKRET-MET Spolka z oo manufacturing country of the PL. "POLAND0UA10011010613960.896227
28/Apr/20179401690000"1.Mebli for sidinnya with a wooden frame Chairs neobbyti unpainted -8sht B-4100; Country of PLTorhovelna mark PAGED MEBLEVyrobnyk PAGED MEBLE SA, Poland."POLAND0UA10012048406.0403022
28/Apr/20179401610000"1.Mebli for sidinnya with a wooden frame, upholstered chairs tkanynoyuB-2920 UXI Light 007, Hugo -60sht 08, Country of PLTorhovelna mark PAGED MEBLEVyrobnyk PAGED MEBLE SA, Poland."POLAND0UA1001207204263.359146
28/Apr/201794016900001. Furniture sitting on a wooden base (without upholstery, without features height adjustment and rotation) folding chair, composition: Solid birch-JUVRE Basicart.3644643 quality, size 39.5 * 52 * 77cm-mark 4sht.Torhovelna UA Ukraine JyskKrayina production.UKRAINE0UA10005011.07426.72207807
28/Apr/201794016100001. Furniture sitting on a wooden base, chairs (upholstered without height adjustment function and rotating) chair, composition: base array oak / Upholstery Textiles, quality Plusart.3658157-KAPPEL, size 70 * 78 * 60cm, 6 pcs .Krislo, composition, array-based pine / Upholstery textiles, quality Basicart.3658169-EGEDAL, size 84 * 82 * 81sm-1sht.Lavka with drawers, composition: base array poplar / Upholstery textiles, quality Basicart.3833106-OURE, size 95 * 44 *, size 95 * 44 * 35cm-2sht.Lavka, composition, array-based pine / Upholstery textiles, quality Basicart.3609889-EJDRUP, size 95 * 47 * 47cm-2sht.Sofa irreducible, composition, array-based pine / v yvka textiles, Basicart.3658170-EGEDAL quality, size 170 * 82 * 81sm, 2.5 person-mark 4sht.Torhovelna JyskKrayina CN China production.CHINA0UA209140334.671216.792919
28/Apr/201794036010001. wood furniture for dining and living rooms, disassembled staniVishalka for clothing, composition, tree-ADSLEV Goldart.3811518 quality, size 178 * 44 * 44sm-4sht.Komod composition: Solid poplar / rattan, quality Basicart. OURE-3833309, the size of 94 * 76 *, size 64 * 76 * 37cm 2sht.Polytsi-room, warehouse, laminated chipboard / bamboo-BROBY Basicart.3606117 quality, size 70 * 78 *, size 150 * 70 *, size 150 * 35 * 37cm-room 4sht.Polytsi composition: Solid poplar Basicart.3600003-OURE quality, size 100 * 30 * 20cm-dining 2sht.Stil composition: laminated chipboard / metal quality Basicart.3680052-BALLERUP, he zmir 120 * 76 * 72cm-dining 2sht.Stil composition: laminated chipboard / metal-Goldart.3648109 OMME quality, size 160 * 90 * 76cm-dining 2sht.Stil composition: Solid pine, size 118 * 75 * 73cm, complete with 4 chairs, series Price Starart.3698908-TYLSTRUP, 75/42 * 118/42 * 73 /, 75/42 * 118/42 * 73 / 85cm-3kompl. table writing, composition: laminated chipboard, quality Basicart.3605301-PRICE STAR, size 60 * 77 * 42cm-8sht.Tumbochka-bedside table, structure: laminated chipboard / poplar wood, quality Basicart.3674074-OURE, size 36 * 30 * 37cm 4sht.Tumbochka-bedside-table, structure: laminated chipboard, quality Plusart.3100084-AULUM, size 50 * 45 * 48sm-7sht.Torho Elnya mark JyskKrayina production CN ChinaCHINA0UA209140638.0191319.915712
28/Apr/20179401610000"1.Mebli seating for dining and welcoming rooms, new, assembled with a beech wood frame covered with walnut tone, which is a layer of soft, upholstered, supplied furniture sets and headsets, -model" "FIRENZE" ", a chair with armrests, upholstered with fabric (velvet), dimensions: 96h82h100 cm - 2 pcs., 2 seats;".ROMANIA0UA305310114833.4847061
28/Apr/201794017100001. Furniture sitting on a metal-based chairs (upholstered without features height adjustment and rotation) Bedroom Set composition: metal / wood, complete, indivisible sofa 184 * 64 * 79cm, table 79 * 79 * 45cm series Jutlandiaart.3779140-LEVANGER, with pillows, 1kompl.Komplekt Bedroom, structure: metal / Petani, complete, indivisible sofa 135 * 78 * 71cm, 2 chairs 59 * 78 * 71cm, table 67 * 120 * 65smart. 3791100-INGSTRUP with pillows 1kompl.Sektsiya modular set-Bedroom composition: metal / Petani series Jutlandiaart.3780700-EBBESKOV, size 83 * 83 * 65cm, corner module with pillows, 2sht.Stilets poor composition: metal / Upholstery artificial leather, quality Basicart.3644345-TOREBY, size 44 * 99 * 52cm-dining 8sht.Stilets composition: metal / Upholstery artificial leather, quality Plusart.3644328-KLARUP, size 49 * 85 * 53cm, size 57 * 62 *, size 51 * 86 * 53cm 18sht.Stilets-folding, structure: metal / Upholstery PVC / foam series Star Price, quality Basic rt.3626641-VIG, size 44 * 81 * 47cm 20sht.Torhovelna-grade production JyskKrayina CN ChinaCHINA0UA209140363.4821088.602571
28/Apr/20179401610000"1. Furniture for seating with wooden frame, upholstered in part rozibrannomu form for ease of transportation, article: -Vogue chair (wood-frame, upholstery, leather) - 38 sht.-seat Vogue (frame-tree obbyvka- leather) - 24 sht.-Dallas chair (wood-frame, upholstery-fabric) - 24 sht.-n / m stool (frame-wood + leather) - 48 sht.-n / m chair (wood-frame, obbyvka- cloth) - 90 sht.-n / m chair (wood-frame, upholstery-fabric) - 16 sht.-n / m chair (wood-frame, upholstery-fabric) - 16 sht.Vyrobnyk: "" ANJI HUIYE PLASTICS PRODUCTS CO., LTD "", Kytay.Krayina production: CNTorhova mark : No data. "CHINA0UA1000101584.633977.421123
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Wood Chair Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Wood Chair Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""ТІНІ КОМПАНІ"""
Importer Address
010,м.Київ, вул. М. Коцюбинського, б.4Б, офіс 17/1
Product Description
1.Mebli seating, terraced, made of wood, complete .........
HS Code 9401690000Value 4818.239891
Quantity 0Unit UA500090
Net Weight 1912
Origin Country CHINA

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