Ukraine Import Data of White Portland Cement | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Portland Cement

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of white portland cement collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of white portland cement imports.

White Portland Cement Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Portland Cement

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of white portland cement. Get Ukraine trade data of White Portland Cement imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
27/Apr/20172523210000"1 Portland cement, white, unpainted artificially CEM I 52,5N white net weight 24000 kg (16 sacks politelenovyh type" "Big Bag" "1500kh for each). The manufacturer CRH (Slovensko) as" "Trademark" " CRH "" Country of-Slovakia (SK) origin, Slovakia (SK). "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA305100240003269.736186 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
25/Apr/20172106909890"1 Portland cement, white, unpainted artificially CEM I 52,5N white net weight 24000 kg (16 sacks politelenovyh type" "Big Bag" "1500kh for each). The manufacturer CRH (Slovensko) as" "Trademark" " CRH "" Country of-Slovakia (SK) origin, Slovakia (SK). "SLOVENIA0UA1250301575.74312548.55448
15/Apr/201732149000901.Suhi mix Bolix. Mineral plasters: T.MIN-POLIM BOLIX MP R25 BIALY NEW-852 bags 25khPoroshkopodibna mixture. Him.sklad: Portland cement white, 15% -17%, modifiers, and 3% mineral filler - up to 80%. Used to make decorative and protective thin-layer plasters inside and outside buildings. .POLAND0UA209180213004160.349184
10/Apr/20173214900090"1. Dry mix based on cement, glue (poroshkopo dibna mixture) for fixing ceramic plates facing ing in paper sacks of 15 kg: Mira superfix 3130, white, art.313020 - 3090 kg COMPOSITION: 10% white Portland -60% rinse howl quartz sand - 5% -60% PLASTOPOLIMER - 1% -7% Nevohnetryvki mixture for preparing surfaces facades, interior walls, floors and ceilings (p / e bottle 1 kg): 4180 prime Mira primer, art.418015 - 378 kg, based acrylic floor to prepare Composition: acrylic - 50% -60% water - 30% -40% Country of DK trademark MIRA you obnyk 'MIRA BYGGEPRODUKTER A / S'. "DENMARK0UA10011034682641.675807
10/Apr/20173214900090"1.Budivelni mixture Decorative plaster used in insulation systems pasty packaged in pails po25kh: torh.nazva Unisil-Putz" "K" "2,0mm, weiss 0072502 art.P-25KG-72sht. (Filler content and pigments, 75%), torh.nazva Silakryl Reibeputz "" R "" 2,0mm, weiss, art.P-0074602-25KG 60sht. (filler content, 76.5%, free of pigments) torh.nazva Silakryl Kratzputz "" C "" 1,5mm, weiss, art.P-0074101,5 25KG-74sht. (content of fillers and pigments, 75%); torh.nazva Silakryl Reibeputz "" R "" 3,0mm, weiss, art. P-0074603-25KG 65sht. (filler content, 76.5%, free of pigments) torh.nazva Silakryl Kratzputz "" C "" 2mm, weiss, art.P-0074102-25KG 72sht. (filler content and pi hmentiv-75%), Nevohnetryvka mixture for preparing surfaces: Mineral dry mixture with water-repellent effect, white is used for bonding of organic and mineral insulation boards, powder, put notched trowel, packed in 25 kg bags: torh.nazva Haering KAM weiss , art.G-8400-25KG 84sht. (e glass - Portland, 25.00% white, 54.0% silica sand, silica flour 2.0%, 16.0% limestone flour, plasticizers and reinforcement applications 3.0 %). not in aerosol packaging. Without content prekursoriv.Torh.marka HAERING. "GERMANY0UA209140106758103.607567
07/Apr/20172523210000"1 Portland cement, white, unpainted artificially CEM I 52,5N white net weight 24000 kg (16 sacks politelenovyh type" "Big Bag" "1500kh for each). The manufacturer CRH (Slovensko) as" "Trademark" " CRH "" Country of-Slovakia (SK) origin, Slovakia (SK). "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA305100240003202.115355
04/Apr/20173214900090"1. Dry building mixtures based on cement: adhesive (powder mix) for fixing ceramic tile, in paper lintels of 15 kg: Mira 3130 superfix, white, art 313020 - 3105 kg; COMPOSITION: white portland cement -10% -60 %, Rinse quartz sand - 5% -60%, plaster polymers - 1% -7%; Country of manufacture DK MIRA brand Manufacturer 'MIRA BYGGEPRODUKTER A / S'. "DENMARK0UA10011031051575.65435
04/Apr/20173214101090"Mira supercolour mira" "Mira" trademark containing its cement, dolomite filler, pigments and used to fill and seal the joints between ceramic, clinker tiles and natural stone, in a non-aerosol packaging (powder mix), in Lathes: Mira supercolour 100 big beg, art.105045 - 940 kg, Mira supercolour 115 big beg, art.105236 - 939 kg, Mira supercolour 120 big beg, art.105281 - 942 kg, Mira supercolour 123 big beg, art.105410 - 973 kg, Mira supercolour 135 big beg, art.105786 - 956 kg, Mira supercolour 144 big beg, art.106059 - 981 kg, in bags of 5 kg: Mira supercolour 100, art.105014 - 1000 kg, Mira supercolour 112 , Art.105076 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 120, art.105 311 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 121, art.105342 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 133, art.105717 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 135, art.105779 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 140, art.105922 - 1000 kg, Mira Supercolour 144, art.106042 - 500 kg, Mira supercolour 147, art.106103 - 1000 kg. SHEET: white and portland cement - 20-50%, calcium carbonate, magnesium - 30-60%, titanium dioxide - 1-5% .Hydroisolation (Pasty blend) in non-aerosol packaging for surface treatment, in plastic jars: Mira 4400 multicoat, art.440061 - 300 kg; (6 kg);COMPOSITION: polymeric acrylates - 55% -65%, barium sulfate - 25% -35%, titanium dioxide - 1% -5%. Mira supersil "" trademark "Mira" "based on silicone (paste form) For filling seams of ceramic tile, with "" connecting parts of sanitary ware, pipes (plastic tubes of 0,417 kg): Mira supersil nr. 100, art.102853 - 120 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 115, art.102877 - 12 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 120, art.102891 - 36 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 121, art.103010 - 36 pcs, Mira supersil nr.123, art.103034 - 12 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 130, art.102945 - 12 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 131, art.102976 - 48 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 133, art.103133 - 48 pcs., Mira supersil nr. 144, art.103058 - 24 pcs, Mira supersil nr. 147, art.103072 - 24 pcs, Mira supersil nr. Transparent, art.102938 - 12 pcs. EXPLOSION: pigments, polydimethylsiloxane 20-50%, fillers 5-30%, hardening accelerator 2% oksimo-sylan. Production line DK Trade mark MIRA Manufacturer 'MIRA BYGGEPRODUKTER A / S'DENMARK0UA10011012187.998761.483548
04/Apr/20172523210000"1 Portland cement, white, unpainted artificially CEM I 52,5N white net weight 24000 kg (16 sacks politelenovyh type" "Big Bag" "1500kh for each). The manufacturer CRH (Slovensko) as" "Trademark" " CRH "" Country of-Slovakia (SK) origin, Slovakia (SK). "SLOVAK REPUBLIC0UA305100240003201.458861
03/Apr/201732141010901.Budivelna mix for grouting (compaction) joints WIM FUGA, in powder form, multicomponent (nT portlandtseme white -30% quartz sand, 35%, 30% vapnyanyyporoshok, resin metyltsellyulo for pigments 3% .Upakovano in paper po2kh packages: WIM FUGA 1/00 ​​-380sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/11 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/13 2 kg-30sht., WIM FUGA 1/14 -110sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 20 -50sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/29 2kg -100sht., WIM FUGA 1/30 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/31 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/322 kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 1/33 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/34 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA1 / 35 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/42 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/43 2 kg -70sht., WIMFUGA 1/44 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/45 -30sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/46 -20sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/48 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1 / 49 -200sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 1/60 2 kg-20pcs., WIM FUGA 2/16 -10sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/59 -100sht 2 kg., WIM FUGA 2/60 2kg -10sht., WIM FUGA 2/63 2 kg -10sht. - One-component permanently elastic mass uschil nyuyucha based sylikonovohokauchu ku.WIM SILIKON. (Polidimetylsy loksan with hydroxyl groups on kintsyah50-60% polidimetylsyloksan -20-30% -2-5% etyltryatset oksysylan oxide kremniyu5-10%). Used for all mobile joints that are exposed to water vsanitarnyh and kitchen areas, pools, showers as well inazovni space inside, packed into plastic tubes in 310ml neaerozolni: WIMSILIKON 1/11 -3sht., WIM SILIKON 1/14 -3sht. , WIM SILIKON 1/20 -3sht. - decorative two-component epoxy grout mixture (seal) joints, WIM DIAMOND gROUT (quartz sand, 77%, 13% epoxy resin, pigment applications + 10% component B - epoxy smola- 100%) in plastic buckets of 1 kg: WIMDIAMOND gROUT 305 -1sht 1 kG., - mixes for grouting (compaction) joints WIM BROKAT FUGA, to you hlyadiporoshku, multicomponent (-30% white Portland cement, quartz sand 30%, dolomite filler (VAP nyanyy powder) -30% -5% brocade, resin, methyl cellulose, pigments -5% .In paper bags 2 kg: WIM BROKAT FUGA 5/41 2 KG -1sht. - Construction pasty mixture charged ment (seal) joints WIM EPOXYD, two component (13% epoxy resin, quartz sand tion -77% pigment applications 10% Component B: epoxy smola100%) but Packing in plastic buckets 5kg: WIM FUGA EPOKSYDOWA 5KG 1/12 -1sht., Total 1892 pieces. In neaerozolnyh upakovkahSfera application maintenance and constructionPOLAND0UA2091803771.423315.350285
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White Portland Cement Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

White Portland Cement Importer Sample

Date 27/Apr/2017
Importer Name "МПП ""Ідея"""
Importer Address
м.Ужгород, вул.Болгарська, 10б
Exporter Name CRH (Slovensko) a.s.
Product Description
"1 Portland cement, white, unpainted artificially .........
HS Code 2523210000Value 3269.736186
Quantity 0Unit UA305100
Net Weight 24000

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