Ukraine Import Data of White Marble Stone | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Marble Stone

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of white marble stone collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of white marble stone imports.

White Marble Stone Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Marble Stone

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of white marble stone. Get Ukraine trade data of White Marble Stone imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20176908909100"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on the front surface, no signs characteristic for ceramic tiles such as" "SHPALTPLATTEN". "For walls and floors, borders, inserts, decor, panels, baseboards, degree PIDSTUPENOKPLYTKA CERAMIC coated, 1 Quality: -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE WHITE SAIL boards; -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte 30H60, 30H60 -KERAMICHNA TILE SAIL white matte boards, -KERAMICHNA GRAY TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23, 1 beige Vicenza, Vicenza -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H23,1 brown Tions; -KERAMICHNA TILE 40,2H40,2 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20x20 Kaleidoscope brilliant white; -KERAMICHNA TILE 20H50 SAIL brilliant white; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 40,2H40,2 dark marble DVORETS LAPPATOVANYY; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 30H60 Foods beige BRIGHT boards; -KERAMICHNYY GRANITE 50,2H50,2 Trivandrum beige, -KERAMICHNYY GRAY GRANITE VIKING 60x60 boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 25H8 Deir flowers; -KERAMICHNA BOX 9,9H9 9 PYATSETTA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 30X89,5 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H7, 2 Benevento boards; -KERAMICHNYY curb mosaic mosaic 30H4,8 Alexandria GRAY ; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Golden Beach structured light beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 RESIDENCE beige structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE WHITE structured; -KERAMICHNYY curbs 20H9,9 Carnival VENICE BLACK structured; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 BRIGHT structured Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H9,9 GRAY structured; -KERAMICHNA BOX BHILAYI 10x10, 10x10 CHESTNUT BOX -KERAMICHNA; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 ENGLISH Delft fortress - Kera Nomic curb 20H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 30H5,7 Alexandria lighting, curbs -KERAMICHNYY 20H5,7 Alexandria GRAY; -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 GRAY Alexandria, Alexandria -KERAMICHNE panels 40X60 light, a panel of 4 parts 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI PART) - Alexandria ceramic panels 40X60 gray panels IZ 4 of 20x30 (size KAZHNOYI parts; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20 phone booth, guard -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x20, 20x20 -KERAMICHNYY DECOR suite; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20H50 Lazio, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 15X40 Whitehall ; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 tradition -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 TR ADYTSIYA; -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 tradition -KERAMICHNYY TRADITION DECOR 20x30 cells; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 light beige golden beaches, -KERAMICHNE panels 60x50 Lignano FLOWERS, PART 3 20H50 (SIZE OF KAZHDNOYI) - ceramic curb 50H6,3 Lignano, -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 20x30 beige dark golden beaches, -KERAMICHNYY curb 20H5,7 GOLDEN BEACH dark beige, -KERAMICHNYY curb 30H5,7 Golden Beach Light beige; -KERAMICHNYY DECOR 25H40 Kashmir; -KERAMICHNYY curb 60H7,2 VIRDZHYLIANO boards; -KE AMICHNYY curbs 30X12 DANIEL BLACK boards; -KERAMI "RUSSIA11274031UA40815018850.77613328.25477 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
18/Apr/20172517410000"1.POROSHOK Marble MARK CAROLITH 0-0.2 AJ. Product as fine POWDER white, colored, made of marble by physical treatment (breaking and grinding stone marble rock). There are calcium carbonate CONTAINS minor amounts of magnesium carbonate. MASS SHARE calcium carbonate is 98%, the content MGCO3 - 1.4%. binder ORGANIC OR ORGANIC COATINGS methods used were found. PRODUCT not subjected to chemical treatment in the production and was not processed repellent Substances. FIBERS or included OTHER MATERIALS were found. NAPOVNYUVACHAPOLIVINILHLORYDNYH used as pastes AT VYROBNYTSTVIPOKRYTTYA floor PVC - 22050 KG, manufacturer "" OMYA VENCAC DOO "" Country of SERBIA SR. "SERBIA0UA206070220502623.950015
11/Apr/201769089091001.Plytka coated with ceramic stone, interior finish, wall tapidlohy. Ceramic Art. CALABRIA BLANCO 15x15 -2m2. Ceramic art.DECOR REGIONALE 15x15 -9m2. Ceramic Art. BLANCO BRILLO 20x20 -50m2.Plytka ceramic art. BLANCO MATE 15x15 -80m2. Ceramic Art. BOLONIABLANCO 20x20 -100m2. Ceramic Art. BOLONIA COTTO 20x20 -50m2. Plytkakeramichna art. BOLONIA OCRE 20x20-100m2. Ceramic Art. BOMBATO BEIGE 15x15 -63m2. Ceramic art.BOMBATO BLANCO 15x15 -63m2. Ceramic Art. COBALTO 15x20 -48m2. Plytkakeramichna art. DECOR DAVINCI 15x15 -31,5m2. Ceramic Art. DECOR ENZO15x15 -31,5m2. Ceramic Art. DECOR MEDIEVO 20x20-100m2. Ceramic Art. DECOR SAN MARCO 20x20 -50m2. Ceramic art.DECOR SONATA 20x20 -50m2. Ceramic Art. LUSITANIA 15x20 -48m2. Plytkakeramichna art. M-22 20x20 -50m2. Ceramic Art. PAV.LIVORNO BLU 20x20-80m2. Ceramic Art. PAV.PRESTON 20x20 -48m2. Ceramic tile ichna art. SOHOBLANCO 15x15 -63m2. Ceramic Art. SOHO MIX 15x15-63m2. Ceramic Art. VERONA VIOLA 20x20 -50m2. Ceramic art.DECOR DERBY 15x15 -0,5m2. Ceramic Art. DECOR YORK 15x15 -4m2. Plytkakeramichna art. C-24 15x20 -1m2. Ceramic Art. EVORA MARRON 15x20-3m2. Ceramic Art. MELADO-M 15x20 -2m2. Ceramic Art. CENTROAZAHAR 20x20 -2m2. Ceramic Art. DECOR DERBY 15x15 -1,5m2. Plytkakeramichna art. LIVORNO BLU 20x20 -50m2. Ceramic Art. CORDON COBALTO03x20 -2,31m2. Ceramic Art. MLD.RVE COBALTO 05x20 -0,56m2. Plytkakeramichna art. MOLDURA COBALTO 05x20-1,28m2. Ceramic Art. MOLDURA MELADO-M 05x20 -0,25m2.Torhovelna mark: Manufactura Industrial production AzulejeraKrayina: ESVyrobnyk: Manufactura Industrial Azulejera SL Ceramic Art. ROSETONMARBLE 90x90 -2,43m2. Ceramic Art. MARBLE BEIGE 45x45-38,88m2. Ceramic Art. MONOCOLOR NARANJA BISELADO BRILLO 10x30-2,04m2. Ceramic Art. NARANJA BISELADO BRILLO 10x10 -1m2. Plytkakeramichna art. DECOR MIX CUBE MIRAGE 10x10 -0,38m2. Ceramic art.MONOCOLOR ROJO BISELADO BRILLO 10x30-2,04m2. Ceramic Art. BOHEMIA BLACK 23,5x23,5 -0,99m2. Facing keramichnaart. BOHEMIA BLUE 23,5x23,5-0,99m2. Ceramic Art. BOHEMIA GREEN 23,5x23,5 -0,99m2. Facing keramichnaart. BOHEMIA BROWN 23,5x23,5-0,99m2. Ceramic Art. BOHEMIA WHITE 23,5x23,5 -0,99m2. Facing keramichnaart. BOHEMIA BORDEAUX 23,5x23,5 -0,99m2. Ceramic Art. VINTAGE DECORBLANCO 15x45 -2m2. Ceramic Art. VINTAGE DECOR BLANCO 15x45 -1,69m2.Plytka ceramic art. DECOR KITCHEN 15x45 -0,07m2. Ceramic Art. SAMPLESCERAMIC TILES-6,05m2.Torhovelna brand: Absolut KeramikaKrayina production: ESVyrobnyk: Absolut Keramika, SL Ceramic Art. INSERTO VERNAZZA 9x12-0,08m2. Ceramic Art. EXCLUSIVE GOLD 23,5x58 -1,36m2. Facing keramichnaart. EXCLUSIVE SILVER 23,5x58 -1,36m2. Ceramic Art. EXCLUSIVE WHITER2SPAIN144242UA100020207878587.109884
04/Apr/201725174100001.Marmure crushed in the form of a crystalline powder (fraction 0,02-0,03 mm), mark OMYACARB 40-VA, according to the chemical composition is calcium carbonate, which containssmall amounts of magnesium carbonate (CaCO3 + MgCO3 at least 98.0%, natural impurities - Fe2O3 maximum 0.1%, insoluble residue in HCl at a maximum of 2%), hydrophobic treatment and organic substances were not detected. OMYACARB 40-VA -20400kg (408 paper packages of 50kg). Marble Powder: the brand OMYACARB15-VA, in the form of a fine powder of white color, unpainted, made of marble by the method of physical treatment (dilution and grinding of stones of a marble rock). The chemical composition is calcium carbonate (98,1%), containing a small amount of carbonate Magnesium (0.7%), the content of Fe2O3- no more than 0.1%. Organic binders of their substances or organic coatings by their methods have not been revealed. The product was not chemically treated in the manufacturing process and was not treated with hydrophobic substances. Volatility or other materials in the other materials were not detected. OM YACARB 15-VA, diameter not less than 13 micrometers, but not more than 19 micrometers - 32400 kg (648 paper packages of 50 kg).CZECH REPUBLIC0UA209180528006863.999922
03/Apr/20173921903000"1.Dekoratyvnyy paper laminate (DPSHP) letters, the first hatunkutovschynoyu 0.5 mm in size 3050 * 1320mm, for decor: -art.4026" "Alambra" "stone 1702132- 201,300m2; -art.4040" "Antares "" Crystal 1702061- 80,520m2; -art.2027 "" Beech Rhineland "" Crystal 1702102-805,200m2; -art.2029 "" Cherry Portofino "" Crystal 1702072-80,520m2; -art.4018 "" Galaxy "" Kristall 1701231- 80,520m2; -art.3022 "" Sardinian Granite Svetliy "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,702,162; -art.2025 "" Hretskyy Walnut Alley "" Crystal -20,130m2 1,610,252; -art.4024 "" Jeans "" Crystal 1505132 - 40,260m2; -art.4051 "" Ytalyanskaya mosaics "" Crystal -8,052m2 1,702,172; -art.4046 "" Castillo temnыy "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,702,281; -ar t.2021 "" root teen "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,701,242; -art.4021 "" Lucca "" Crystal 1702091 - 40,260m2; -art.4050 "" Luxor "" Crystal 1701201 - 80,520m2; -art.3013 " "Marokkanskyy stone" "Crystal 1701201-40,260m2; -art.4013" "Morskoy trostnyk" "Crystal 1702212-80,520m2; -art.3020" "marbles bezhevыy" "Crystal 1703151-402,600m2; -art.3014" "marbles Carrara "" Crystal 1701 201 -120,780m2.-art.3028 "" white marble Markvyna "" Crystal 1702162 -201,300m2.-art.2049 "" Virginia Walnut Alley "" Crystal 1701242 -20,130m2.-art.2033 "" Rigoletto temnыy "" mykrolynyya 1702171 -40,260m2.-art.3043 "" Semolyna Seraiah "" Crystal -201,300m2 1,701,122. Dekoratyvnyypaperovo laminate (DPSHP) letters, first grade thickness of 0,6 mm, the size of 3050 * 1320mm, for decor: -art. 3020 GL "" marbles bezhevыy "" hlyanets- 40,260m2; Decorative paper-sharuvatyyplastyk (DPSHP) coils, 1320, tovschynoy 0,4mm BU, the first brand-art.3014 "" Carrara marble "" Crystal, 1703211r120-633,600m2.-art.3040 "" Safaga "" Crystal, 1703211r120- 158,400m2. (DPSHP- bahatosharovineporysti sheets of pressed under the influence of temperature and pressure impregnated sharivpaperu product obtained by polycondensation (zovnishnohodekoratyvnoho one layer based on paper impregnated melamino- formaldehyde resin (0.1 mm) and inside shnih layers based on paper impregnated fenoloformaldehidnoyusmoloyu (0,4mm) , tar more than 50% is used for surface treatment of furniture parts ikromok destination using the method nastupnohoformuvannya and exploitation etsya indoors. Without Mr. liruva ting) .Vyrobnyk- company "" Samarskij plastics factory sloystыh "" trademark - "" ARCOBALENO "" Country of origin - "" RU "" "RUSSIA0UA807170237014299.19274
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White Marble Stone Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

White Marble Stone Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "Приватне акціонерне товариство ""Край Керама"""
Importer Address
Exporter Name "ООО ""Керама Экспорт"""
Product Description
"1.PLYTKA WITH stoneware, glazed with coating on t.........
HS Code 6908909100Value 13328.25477
Quantity 11274031Unit UA408150
Net Weight 18850.776
Origin Country RUSSIA

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