Ukraine Import Data of White Clam | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Clam

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of white clam collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of white clam imports.

White Clam Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of White Clam

Lookup Ukraine import statistics of white clam. Get Ukraine trade data of White Clam imports with trading partners and importers name

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20173925908000"1.PLASTMASOVI PVC products for ventilation and the roof gutters: Gutters -CLASSIC 120 3M Ćorić. - VT 1990; -CLASSIC 120 gutters 3M Bill. - VT 570; -CLASSIC 120 connector Zholobova Ćorić. - 1820 VT; -CLASSIC 120 connector Zholobova white - VT 440 ,; -CLASSIC 120 CORNER BROWN troughs 90 ° - 540 VT; -CLASSIC 120 UNIVER.KUT. 60 ° -160 ° Ćorić. - VT 190; -CLASSIC funnel 120 O80 brown - 880 pieces; -CLASSIC funnel 120 O80 WHITE - 200 pieces; -CLASSIC stub 120 chutes brown. - 1240 pieces; -CLASSIC stub 120 chutes WHITE - 280 pieces; -CLASSIC 120 Brackets gutters Ćorić. - VT 11 900 - CLASSIC WHITE Brackets gutters 120 - 2300 VT; -RAINPIPE O80 VODOSTICH.TRUBA 3M CDF YCHN. - VT 1108; -RAINPIPE O80 downspouts 3M WHITE - 236 VT; -RAINPIPE O80 67.5 ° ell brown - 1640 VT; -RAINPIPE O80 ell 67.5 ° WHITE - 260 VT; -RAINPIPE O80 ell 87.5 ° brown - 80 pcs; -RAINPIPE O80 ell 87.5 ° WHITE - 40; -RAINPIPE O80 drain Colin brown - 630 pieces; -RAINPIPE O80 drain Colin White - 70 pieces; -RAINPIPE O80 connectors PIPE BROWN - 666 pieces; -RAINPIPE O80 connectors PIPES WHITE - 144 pieces ,; -RAINPIPE O80 BROWN PIPE clamp - 1 600 units. "BULGARIA0UA4081509603.7732000.62425 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
28/Apr/20173925908000"1. Construction Products from plastic: Chutes - 3 meters diameter 75 mm color is brown - 30 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 100 mm color is brown - 60 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 125 mm color is brown - 1650 m gutter - 4 m. diameter 125 mm color is brown - 1280 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 125 mm white - 300 m gutter - 4 meters. diameter 125 mm white - 200 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 125 mm color graphite - 120 m , gutter - 4 meters. 125 mm diameter graphite color - 120 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 125 mm black - 90 m gutter - 3 meters diameter 125 mm color silver - 90 m, diameter 7 External angle 5mm color is brown - 12 pieces; holder gutter diameter 75 mm color is brown - 120 pieces; holder gutter diameter 100 mm color is brown - 150 pieces; clutch gutter diameter 125 mm color is brown - 1344 pcs, internal angle diameter 125 mm color is brown - 130 pCs, external angle diameter 125 mm color is brown - 260 pieces; holder gutter diameter 125 mm color is brown - 5940 w t; Cap rights diameter 125 mm color is brown - 372 pieces; Cap universal diameter 125 mm color is brown - 48 pieces; Cap left diameter 125 mm color is brown - 372 pieces; M FTA gutter diameter 150 mm color is brown - 22 pieces; Ring nipple diameter 110 mm color is brown - 128 pieces, clamp a pipe diameter of 110 mm color is brown - 180 pieces; Ring nipple diameter 90 mm color is brown - 288 pieces; clamp tube diameter 90 mm color is brown - 360 pcs, 90/90/90 Tee diameter 90 mm color is brown - 24 pc; clamp tube diameter 63 mm color is brown - 30 pieces; clutch gutter diameter 125 mm white - 120 pieces; internal angle diameter 125 mm white - 60 pieces, outer diameter 125 mm angle white - 80 pcs, holder gutter diameter of 125 mm for olir white - 1260 pcs; Cap rights diameter 125 mm white - 96 pieces; Cap left diameter 125 mm white - 96 pcs, clamp the pipe diameter of 110 mm white - 60 pieces; Ring nipple diameter 90 mm white - 160 pieces; clamp tube diameter 90 mm white - 120 pieces; clutch gutter diameter 125 mm color graphite - 24 pieces, outer corner of diameter 125 mm color graphite - 20 pcs, holder gutter diameter 125 mm color graphite - 540 pieces; Cap rights diameter 125 mm color graphite - 36 pcs, left Cap diameter 125 mm graphite color - 36 pieces; nipple Ring diameter 90 mm color graphite - 32; clamp tube diameter 90 mm count g graphite - 60 pieces; clutch gutter diameter 125 mm color green - 48 pieces; exterior angle diameter 125 mm color green - 10 pcs, holder gutter diameter 125 mm color green - 180 pieces; clamp tube diameter 90 mm color green - 60 pieces; Holder gutter diameter 125 mm black - 270 pieces, gutter holder diameter 125 mm color silver - 225 pieces; filter - black tank - 10 units; Supplier: Gamrat SA; Trademark: Gamrat; Country of origin: PL; "POLAND0UA100080465915560.01963
28/Apr/201739263000901.Kripylni products and accessories for plastic design outlets and mistsprodazhu: Big plastic back support BACK-XL art.254206-200sht., Velykaplastykova back support with magnetic base BACK-XL-TM art.270077-150sht., Perforated profile Vstavkav UNITRACK UNI-LINE, art.282020-1000-50sht length 1000 mm., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, color zelenyyart.195023-07-10sht., insert a color list holders cOLOR-INSERT39, kolirchervonyy (RAL 3020) art. 195023-06-13sht., insert a color TsinnykoutrymuvachiCOLOR-INSERT39, color blue (RAL 5010) art.195023-08-9sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm (p / p) art.202140-7 00sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 27 mm, black (p / p) art.202140-10-500sht., Holder CARDHOLDER-VL, 50 mm, black (p / p) art.202141-10-500sht. , Holder transparent CLAMP art.102220-80sht., Holder CLIPLARGE-VL, black art.202009-10-1000sht., Holder frame at an angle of 75 hradusivnastilnyy BASE-75 (A6-A2) art.102095-600sht., holder frame 90 degrees ivnastilnyy BASE-90 (A6-A2) art.102097-1000sht., Holder with variable angle nahyluHINGE art.400031-16-10sht 16 mm., holder plastic tubes STD-12 color siryyart.400075-03- 1300sht., clamp-holder DELI-CL, color prozoryyart.202033-00-400sht., Clam CARDCLAMP-VL art.202013-6400sht., Capture pryamyypoperechnyy SGKLG-00, 25mm art.254 054-200sht., Capture corner camokleyuschiysya SGT-2525h25 art.251018-10000sht mm., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color bilyyart.102181-01-2000sht., Plastic needles DELI-STICK, color chornyyart.102181-10-300sht. , frame for making cassettes prices A4 color chornyyart.501531-10-1000sht., Carman hanging from soft PVC FW A6 art.171063-2000sht., pocket-protector anti-glare plastic PP A3 art.101013-200sht., Karman- PP A4 plastic protector anti-glare art.101014-5000sht., Quick-zamokvelykyy LARGE SNAP-38 art.251066-300sht., B-CLIP Clip art.102195-80sht., KlipsaH-CLIP-SW A6-A2 art.102047-300sht ., plastic Clip HM, length 50, consoles b single plastic length 100 mm SINGLE HOOK 100art.254244-100sht., fasteners for plastic pipes 20 mm stand kolirchornyy art.400030-10-6sht., bracket connecting DELI-UNBO 40mm, color bilyyart.102182-01 -200sht., Hook F-CLIP-SW (A6-A2) art.102051-440sht., Hook dlyapidvishuvannya frames UP-CLIP art.102193-700sht., self-adhesive hook-hanger HANGTAB 4-color transparent art.253004-15000sht ., suspended plastic tape CLIPSTRIP-W art.254064-600sht. limiter plastic cutting height of 30 mm ST-profile L-RAIL30-TF, length 1000 mm ext. art.270031-00-1000-100sht cattle. limiter plastic front height 80 mm T-profile L-RAIL80-TF, dovzhyna1250 mm ext. art.270009-00-1250-470sht velocity., 16h20 mm Adapter dlyateleskopichnoyi pipe, black art.400317-10-300sht., loop pidvishuvannyaplastykovoho profile CLICKER HOOK, white art.252040-01-40sht., to hinge PidstavkaFOT Price list holders art.202126-2500sht., Stand FOT dlyasharnirnoho list holders, black art.202126-10-300shRUSSIA0UA1000102972.827594.38928
28/Apr/201739259080001.Vyroby building with plastics -art.80-027 J-profile BRYZA 4m, golden oak -60sht. art.80-022-J-profile BRYZA 4m, brown--150sht. art.80-031 H-profile BRYZA 3m, white--24sht. art.80-001 panel BRYZA 1,22kv.m white -216sht.-art.80-007 panel BRYZA 1,22kv.m, golden oak -90sht.-panel art.80-002 BRYZA 1,22kv.m, brown--216sht. art.80-017 perforated panel BRYZA 1,22kv.m, golden oak -54sht.-art.80-012 perforated panel BRYZA 1,22kv.m brown -432sht. -art.62-011 gutter BRYZA 125mm / 3m, white--130sht. art.62-014 gutter BRYZA 125mm / 3m, graphite--50sht. art.62-016 gutter BRYZA 125mm / 3m brick -10sht. art .62-012 gutter BRYZA 125mm / 3m, brown--390sht. art.61-011 gutter BRYZA 100m m / 3m, white--60sht. art.61-012 gutter BRYZA 100mm / 3m, brown--60sht. art.63-051 internal angle of 90 ° BRYZA 150mm white -16sht.-angle exterior art.63-061 90 ° BRYZA 150mm, white--16sht. art.63-071 BRYZA gutter bracket 150mm white -150sht.-art.61-082 Plug BRYZA gutter right 100 mm, brown--48sht. art.61-071 Kronshtey Mr. gutter BRYZA 100mm white--352sht. art.61-072 BRYZA gutter bracket 100mm, brown--352sht. art.61-091 Plug BRYZA gutter left 100 mm, white -24sht.-art.61-092 Plug BRYZA gutter left 100 mm, brown - 24sht.-art.62-151 clamp pipes (PVC) BRYZA 90mm, white--500sht. art.62-154 clamp pipes (PVC) BRYZA 90mm, graphite--200sht. art.62-152 clamp pipes (PVC ) BRYZA 90mm, brown--1000sht. art.62-071 BRYZA gutter bracket 125mm white -2080sht.-art.62-074 BRYZA gutter bracket 125mm, graphite--325sht. art.62-076 BRYZA gutter bracket 125mm brick -130sht.-art.62-072 BRYZA gutter bracket 125mm, brown -4160sht. art.62-091 Plug-left gutter BRYZA 125mm white -80sht. art.62-094 Plug-left gutter BRYZA 125mm, graphite -20sht. -art.62-092 Plug BRYZA gutter left 125mm, brown--160sht. art.62-081 Plug BRYZA gutter right 125mm white -80sht.-art.62-082 Plug BRYZA gutter right 125mm, brown -160sht. art .62-084 Plug BRYZA gutter right 125mm, graphite--20sht. art.62-061 external angle 90 ° BRYZA 125mm, bi Lei -40sht.-art.62-064 external angle 90 ° BRYZA 125mm, graphite--10sht. art.62-066 external angle 90 ° BRYZA 125mm brick--20sht. art.62-062 external angle 90 ° BRYZA 125mm brown--60sht. art.62-051 internal angle of 90 ° BRYZA 125mm, white--20sht. art.62-054 internal angle of 90 ° BRYZA 125mm, graphite--10sht. art.62-056 internal angle of 90 ° BRYZA 125mm brick--10sht. art.62-052 internal angle of 90 ° BRYZA 125mm, brown -40sht.Vyrobnyk: CELL-FAST Sp. z ooTorhovelna mark: Bryza Country of origin: PLPOLAND0UA1001105172.2215580.51531
28/Apr/201785369010001.Z'yednuvachi, dlyaprovodiv contact elements and cables: Clamps (terminals) -400 units, trademark WLVyrobnyk Whitebridge LimitedKrayina production of CN.CHINA0UA12511016822.5738155
28/Apr/20173917400090"1.Fitynhy (connections, elbows, couplings) for plastic plastic pipes, bells ring zuschilnyuyuchym PEHD QS 40 S12,5, art.3258924203-2sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. Ext. .; d32h32 channel / kut45, art.3061430804 -20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-80sht. Funnel drain, d100 / 75; white art.3060242305-28sht. Revision of the VT / PVC, d75, art.3060481805-30sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi sewerage ; d32 / kut45, art.3061330845-360sht. Disqualification of PP vnutrishnoyikanalizatsiyi; d32 / kut67, art.3061330855-40sht. nasuvna Socket class N; d110, art.3062662426-25sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / 45 angle, art .3060341241-1100sht. KolinoROSA d90hkut 67 brown art.3060102254-60sht. Disqualification dvoroztr ubnyy; d90 / kut67; Ćorić, art.3060112254-306sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060112255-240sht. Disqualification dvoroztrubnyy, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060112455-20sht. Tee tees, d90h90 / kut67 ; Ćorić, art.3060172205-6sht. Plug inside, 100 left, brown art.3060202374-4sht. Plug foreign law, d130, Ćorić, art.30 60202604-200sht.Zahlushka outer left, d130, Ćorić, art.3060202694- 300sht. Cap zovnishnyaprava / left d160 (with glue); Brown, art.3060203414-20sht. ROSA pipe clamp d90korychnevyy, art.3060232240-50sht. Funnel drain d100 / 75; Brown, art.3060242304-28sht. Funnel drain, d130 / 90; Ćorić, art.3060242604-108sht.Liyka drain, d130 / 90; white art.3060242605-96sht. Funnel drain d160 / 110, brown art.3060243404-15sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, Ćorić, art.3060252254-300sht. Disqualification with one bell, d90 / kut67, white, art.3060252255-60sht. Disqualification with one bell, d110 / kut67, white, art.3060252455-20sht. Elbow external gutter, d130 / kut90; Ćorić, art.3060262624-40sht. Internal gutter angle, d130 / kut90, brown, art.3060262634-10sht. Internal gutter angle; d130 / kut135, brown, art.3060262657-4sht. Coupling pipe; d110, brown, art.3060302404-24sht. Muftazholoba of the insert (set), d130 Ćorić, art.3060302614-108sht. Coupling zholobaiz liner (set), d130, white, art.3060302615-120sht. Coupling izvkladyshem trough; d160 white art.3060303415-15sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 30 art.3060341231-100sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 88 art.3060341281-100sht. VidvidVT / PVC; d110 / angle 30 art.3060342431-50sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 45 art.3060342441-225sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d110 / angle 88 art.3060342481-20sht. Kutnykzholoba external d130 / kut90, graphite, art.3060352609-2sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut45, art.3060421204-150sht. Tee W / PVC; d50x50 / kut88, art.3060421208-50sht. Tee W / PVC; d110x110 / kut88, art.3060422408-210sht.Triynyk W / PVC; d110x50 / kut45, art.3060422424-40sht. Revision of the VT / PVC; d110, art.3060482405-60sht. Go W / PVC; d110xd50, art.3060542425-50sht. Coupling PVHnasuvna ext. sewer. d110 siryy.VT, art.3060662421-25sht. Disqualification PPvnutrishnoyi drain; d32 / kut88,5, art.3061330885-320sht. Tee PPrivnoprohid. ext. channel.; d32h32 / kut45, art.3061430804-20sht. Disqualification W / PVC; d50 / angle 45 art.3060341241-400sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna brand - "POLAND0UA125110981.693301.742846
28/Apr/20173925908000"1.Vyroby for construction of rainwater drainage plastic: Clamp zholobaiz PP; d130; white art.3060232605-41sht. Polypropylene tube clamp, d90, brown., Art.3060752240-148sht. Leader, the size (diameter, length in mm) 100x4000, brown, art.3060042344-52sht. Leader, the size (diameter, length in mm) 130h3000, brown, art.3060042633-280sht. Leader, the size (diameter, length in mm) 130h3000, white, art .3060042635-80sht. Zholobvodostichnyy size (diameter length in mm) 130h4000; Ćorić, art.3060042643-400sht. Leader, the size (diameter, length in mm) 130h4000, white, art.3060042645-16 0sht. Leader Rosa (size diameter length mm) 125h4000 brown art.3060042844-40sht. Leader, the size (diameter, length in mm) 160x3000 white art.3060043435-8sht. Clamp trough d100; white art.3060232305 -120sht. clamp trough of claims; d130; brown art.3060232604-820sht. clamp trough of claims; d130; white art.3060232605-240sht.Homut frontal trough ROSA d125 for orychnevyy, art.3060232814-320sht. Clamp zholobad160 brown art.3060233404-140sht. Clamp trough d160, white, art.3060233405-70sht. Polypropylene pipe clamp, d90, brown., Art.3060752240-1036sht. Polypropylene pipe clamp, d90, White., Art.3060752250-148sht. Polypropylene tube clamp; d110; brown., art.3060752440-120sht. Polypropylene tube clamp; d110; white., art.3060752450-120sht.Krayina production - PLTorhovelna mark - WavinVyrobnyk - Wavin Polska SA "POLAND0UA1251103078.36842.257559
27/Apr/20173925908000"1. Construction Products from plastics gutter INES 120mm 3m brown art. 67-002 -2106sht .; gutter INES 120mm 3m White Ref. 67-001 -234sht .; gutter INES 120mm 3m, red art. 67-003 - 468sht .; Bracket markets you INES 120mm white art. 67-071-1176sht., gutter bracket INES 120mm, brown and art. 67-072 -8190sht., gutter bracket INES 120mm red art. -2352sht 67-073.; Zahlushkauniversalna INES 120mm, white ground art. 67-081 -120sht .; universal Plug cial INES120mm brown art. 67-082-840sht .; universal Plug INES 120m of red art. 67-083 -240sht .; Kutuniversalnyy 90 INES 120mm white art. 67-051 -36sht .; universal angle 90 INES120mm brown art. 67-052 -204sht .; universal angle 90 INES 120mm, chervonyyart. 67-053 -72sht .; clamp pipe 80mm INES white art. 67-151 -280sht .; Homuttruby INES 80mm brown art. -1960sht 67-152. ; pipe clamp 80mm INES red art. 67-153 -560sht.. "POLAND0UA2091805438.03817856.01843
26/Apr/20173925908000"1. Products made of plastic: RYNZA BRYZA 125mm / 3m, red art.62-013-220p; Angle internal 90 BRYZA 125mm, corrugated art 62-052 -50pcs; Inner inner and 90 BRYZA 125mm, brick art. 62-056 - 10pcs; External angle 90 BRYZA125mm; Black art 62-063 -10; Bracket rinv and BRYZA 125mm; White art.62-071 -65p; Armature bracket BRYZA 125mm; Green art 62-075 -845p.; The stopper of the right bank of the B RYZA 125mm, the red art 62-083 -80p; the plunger BRYZA 125mm, the crimson art 62-092-320p; the stub of the left wing BRYZA125mm, the brick art 62-096 - 80pcs BRYZA Rinva 125mm / 3m, white art 62-011-45; Rinva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, green art 62-015 -445pcs; Ku External 90BRYZA 125mm, brown art 62-062 - 50pcs; external angle 90 BRYZA 125mm, green art 62-065 -10; BRYZA 125mm ridge bracket, red art 62-073-195pcs; BRYZA right crown 125mm , White art 62-081 -10; Zaglushkarinvi priava BRYZA 125mm; green art 62-085 -12 0pcs; plumb line for levibrisaBRYZA 1 25mm, g raffit art. 62-094 -50; Clamp of pipe B RYZA 90мм, коричневаяарт. 62-152 -1100s tons; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, brick art. 62-156 -150pcs; Rynva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, brown art. 62-012 -840s .; Rinva BR YZA 125mm / 3m, brick art. 62-016 -195s t .; Angle internal 90 BRYZA 125mm, green art art.62-055 -10;The angle is 90 BRYZA 125 mm, brick art.62-066 -20p. ; Armature bracket BRYZA 125mm, graphite ar. 62-074-260; The stroke of the right mantleBRYZA 125mm, brown art. 62-082-320 pcs .; BRYZA plugs of 125mm, right now. 62-086 -60; Blind rin you left BRYZA 125mm, white art.62-091 - 10pcs .; Ribbon plunger left BRYZA 125mm, green art. 62-095 -120pcs; BRYZA pipe clamp 90mm, red art. 62-153 -150 pcs. ; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, graphite art. 62-154 -100pcs .; Rynva BRYZA 125mm / 3m, graph of art. 62-014 -70s .; Angle internal90 BRYZA 125mm, red art. 62-053 -10pcs ; Bracket BRYZA 125mm, brown and art. 62-072 -1625;Bracket BRYZA girdle 125mm, brick art.62-076-325pcs; BRYZA 125mm Mine Right Bracket, Fiat Art Game. 62-084 -50pcs; BRYZA 125mm red ribbon, red art. 62-093 -8 0pcs .; Clamp tube BRIZA 90mm, white art. 62-151 -50; Clamp of BRYZA pipe 90mm, green art.62-155 -650pcs. "POLAND0UA2091804375.5512268.24613
25/Apr/20173926100000"1. Accessory office plastic, clip-Planck 6mm, black art.31213-01 - 20000sht; Planck-clamp 6mm, blue art.31213-02 - 20000sht; Planck-clamp 6mm, red art.31213-03 - 45000sht; Planck-clamp 6mm, green art.31213-04 - 45000sht; Planck-clamp 6mm, yellow art.31213-05 - 45000sht; Planck-clamp 10mm, black art.31214-01 - 32000sht; Planck-clamp 10mm, blue art. 31214-02 - 36000sht; Planck-clamp 10mm, red art.31214-03 - 36000sht; Planck-clamp 10mm, green art.31214-04 - 36000sht; Planck-clamp 10mm, yellow art.31214-05 - 36000sht; Planka- clamp 15mm, black art.31215-01 - 15000sht; Planck-clamp 15mm, blue art.31215-02 - 15000sht; Planck-clamp 15mm, red art.31215-03 - 15000sht, Pla NCA-clamp 15mm, green art.31215-04 - 15000sht; Planck-clamp 15mm, yellow art.31215-05 - 15000sht; Planck-clamp 15mm, white art.31215-14 - 15000sht; Total: 441000sht.Krayina production: CN .Torhivelna brand: Economix.Vyrobnyk: YADA ENTERPRISE CO., LTD ... "CHINA0UA1251104512.510468.99985
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White Clam Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

White Clam Importer Sample

Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Address
01103, м.Київ, вул. Проф.Підвисоцького/ Драгомирова, буд. 10/10, кім.60-61
Exporter Name DEVOREX PLC
Product Description
"1.PLASTMASOVI PVC products for ventilation and th.........
HS Code 3925908000Value 32000.62425
Quantity 0Unit UA408150
Net Weight 9603.77
Origin Country BULGARIA

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