Ukraine Import Data of Welding | Ukraine Import Statistics of Welding

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of welding collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of welding imports.

Welding Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Welding

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
29/Apr/20177229200000"1.Drit coated copper brand HTW-50: -in barrels to 250 kg: diam.0,8mm- 10000kh, diam.1,0mm- 2000kh, diam.1,2mm- 2000kh.-on plast.katushkah (D200) to 5kg diam.1,0mm- 2200kh; -on plast.katushkah (D270) in 15kg diam.1,0mm- 2160kh, diam.1,2mm- 5400kh. (kremniyevomarhantsevoyi of steel, chemical composition: C: 0,06 -0,08%, Mn: 1,46-1,50%, Si: 0,81-0,87%, P: 0,009-0,011%, S: 0.008-0,009%, Cr: 0.020-0,060%, Ni : 0.020%, Cu: 0.11%, Mo: 0.005-0,006%, V: 0.001-0,002%, Al- 0.006-0,010%, Ti + Zr- 0.007-0,008%. lot №564370301, 5067970308.standart: AWS A5. 18: ER70S-6, DIN8559: SG2) .Vyrobnyk: HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO., LTD, country of China.. "CHINA0UA1120802376023387.63984 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
29/Apr/20178545200090"1.Vuhilni brushes made of graphite, for use in general-purpose electrical machines (motors, generators, welding generators): MG YPFA.757421.163-16 8h12,5h32 - 100 sht.ЭH4 YLEA.685241.187 10h25h40 - 100 sht.ЭH2A KLYUS.685241.1228 16h32h40 - 350 sht.ЭH14 KLYUS.685241.314-05 16h32h40 - 100 sht.ЭH74 KLYUS.685241.350-01 12,5h50h64 - 130 sht.ЭH 14 YLEA.685271.019 2 / 12,5h32h57 - 100 sht.ЭH 14 Klyus. 685241.193 25h32h64 - 100 sht.ЭH74 YPFA.685241.1026-02 12,5h32h40 - 269 sht.ЭH61A YLEA.685271.026-02 2 / 12,5h40h52 - 150 sht.ЭH2A YLEA.685271.069 2 / 12,5h32h40 - 300 sht.M1A YPFA. 757421.163-56 10h25h32 - 100 sht.ЭH14 YLEA.685271.068 2 / 15h30h40 - 142 sht.ЭH74 KLYUS.685241.471-02 16 h25h40 - 125 sht.Torhivelna mark "" E "". Producer PAO "" Prozhektornыe uhly ".". "RUSSIA0UA1001101415107.750224
29/Apr/201785159000001.Zapasni parts from composite materials that are used to welding machines, electrode holders, total 34500sht. Trade mark VITA. Manufacturer no data. Country of CN. .CHINA0UA1001101183024251.49991
29/Apr/20172811210000"1. Inorganic and inorganic compounds of oxygen with non-metals: Liquid carbon dioxide (E290) with a bulk of 19120 kg. Amount of carbon dioxide (CO2) -not less than 99.99%. Complies with GOST 8050-85.Partiya No. 81/1. Production - April 27, 2017. It is used to create a protective medium for welding metals, for food purposes in the production of carbonated beverages, dry ice, for cooling, freezing and storage of food products, for welding purposes. The production system is Belarus (BY). Producer- JSC "Grodno Azot" "."BELARUS0UA205040191201455.454811
28/Apr/201769039090001.Vtulky of refractory ceramic burners for welding to the system, to ensure its own production. .CHINA0UA3052000.07530.46688255
28/Apr/20177229200000"1. kremniyevomarhantsevoyi wire of stainless steel coated copper, has pokryttyaabo flux filling material grade steel HTW-50, HTW-711 standard AWSA5.18) on plastic reel and in plastic drums diameter: HTW-50dyam.1,0mm - 5kgspool -2200kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam.0,8mm - 15 kgspool-2160kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,2mm - 15 kgspool-10800kh., HTW-50dyam. 1,0mm - 250 kg / Drum-2500kh., HTW-50dyam. 0.8 - 250 kg / Drum-3000kg., E71T-GSdyam. 0.8 - 1 kgspool-300kg., Comm. mark - "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO.LTD "" Country of -CN.Vyrobnyk: "" HIT WELDING INDUSTRY CO. LTD "". "CHINA0UA1251102312022671.36002
28/Apr/20173920202100"1.PLIVKA polypropylene, oriented BIAKSEALNO" "BIAXPLEN" ", non-porous, NESAMOKLIYNA, reinforced, NESHARUVATA (NELAMINOVANA) without lining and NEPOYEDNANA INSHYMYMATERIALAMY With this method, Polymer POLIPROPILENU.ZAVTOVSHKY no more than a means 0,10MM.VYROBNYTSTVOPLIVKY held SOEKSTRUZIYI (extrusion process two or more RIDKYHPOLIMERIV in multilayer structures) .VYKORYSTOVUYETSYA for packaging diverse PRODUKTSIYI.PROZORA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film sealing LAYERS MARK HGPL, GENERAL PURPOSE Used for high quality printing AND lamination, BOPP film BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,015MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 15x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 908,80KH- thick 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x710 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1042,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x840 TU 316 2245-003-70378591-2015- , 60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x880 TU 2245-003-703 78591-2015- 365,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x890 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 354,90KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1040 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1103, 00KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 20x1200 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1000,00KH TU-thick 0,030MM: (X MARK FILM Thick (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 30x680 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 850,30KH-thick 0,035MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x720 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 161,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x830 FILM THAT FILM 2245-003-70378591-2015- 723,80KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HGPL 35x860 TU-thick 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1074,80KH 0,040 MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x690 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 794,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1654,10KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HGPL 40x800 TU 2245-003-70378591-2015- 1053,60KHMETALIZOVANA BIAKSEALNO oriented polypropylene film TERMOZVARYUVA LNYMY LAYERS MARK HMIL.M with a low threshold welding from standard friction, with long CONSERVATION ACTIVATION used for printing and lamination (metallization process is carried remedy VAKUMNOYI by causing condensation ALUMINUM high purity on one side of the film-based), BOPP FILM BIAXPLEN: -ZAVTOVSHKY 0,020MM: (grade X thickness FILM (MCM) x width (mm)): BOPP film BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x970 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 371,30KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x800 TU 2245- 002-70378591-2016- 662,60KHBOPP FILM BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x880 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 353,90KHBOPP Worthless CA BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x710 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016- 600,00KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x695 FILM THAT FILM 2245-002-70378591-2016- 290,20KHBOPP BIAXPLEN HMIL.M 20x720 TU 2245-002-70378591-2016 - 769,60KHPLIVKA wound on a spool, mounted on chipboard spacers packaged in shrink PLIVKU.TORHIVELNA Brand: BYAKSPLEN. MANUFACTURER: OOO "" BYAKSPLEN "". VYRONYTSTVA Country: RU. "RUSSIA0UA11011014451.423670.83263
28/Apr/20177307939100"1. Fittings for butt welding, pipe stamped parts, without carving, with nekoroziynostiykoyi steel pipelines to connect using the argument back to back. Pipes bending angle of 180 degrees. The maximum outer diameter of 1420 mm: removal of CO 45-1420 (23, 2 K60) -7,5-0,6-5 DN-3550/3550 UHL-RYSP TU = 8,4MPa 1469-016-01395041-2008 -1sht. The manufacturer: ZAO Torgovyj dom "" Lyskymontazhkonstruktsyya. ' "Country production: RU.Torhovelna brand: Lyskymontazhkonstruktsyya.. "RUSSIA0UA401010780221094.66665
28/Apr/201783111000901.Elektrody coated for arc welding, of base metal, tungsten for its own production. .THAILAND0UA3052000.2983.23951235
28/Apr/20177320208190"1.Springs of compression spiral steel of autoloaders moving at a speed of not more than 25 km / h, new: VOLTAGE RELATIVE CALCULATION № YDS30.058 = 1pc, SPEED LOADING CATALOG NO. YDS30059 = 1pc, SPEED LOAD CALCINARY NUMBER YDS30062 = 2pcs , WELDING MACHINE, YDS30063 = 2pcs, SPEED LOADING YELLOW, YDS30050 = 1pc, Manufacturer: No data Country of manufacture China Trademark: "" TVH "". "CHINA0UA1250200.17623.76632995
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Date 29/Apr/2017
Importer Name "ТОВ ""САЛЮД"""
Importer Address
69118 м.Запоріжжя вул.Чапаєва 201 Україна.
Product Description
"1.Drit coated copper brand HTW-50: -in barrels to.........
HS Code 7229200000Value 23387.63984
Quantity 0Unit UA112080
Net Weight 23760
Origin Country CHINA

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