Ukraine Import Data of Web Roller | Ukraine Import Statistics of Web Roller

Find latest 2017 Ukraine import data of web roller collected from Ukraine customs. Check Ukraine trade statistics of web roller imports.

Web Roller Import Data of Ukraine | Ukraine Import Statistics of Web Roller

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DateHS CodeProduct DescriptionOrigin CountryQuantityUnitNet WeightTotal Value [USD]
24/Apr/20176307901000"1 of cylindrical roller bearings, bearing N4U 65X100X60, art.06.32839-0022 - 1 sht.Torhivelna mark -" "manroland web" "Brand -" "manroland web systems GmbH" "."FINLAND0UA3052000.122.439327298 16 More Columns Available along with Company Name and Other Details etc.
13/Apr/20179032890000"1.Pryladdya to automatically adjust the industrial ventsystemamy: KontrolerCorrigo E15 8vh. / 7vyh. Art.E151-3-3sht RS485, controller Corrigo E15 8vh. / 7vyh. Zdyspleyem, RS485 art.E151D-3-10sht, Corrigo E15 Controller 8vh. / 7vyh. display, TCP / IP-art.E151DW 3-2sht, controller Corrigo E 16vh. / 12vyh., RS-485art.E281-3-3sht, controller Corrigo E 16vh. / 12vyh., RS-485 with dyspleyemart.E281D-3-6sht; Corrigo E controller 16vh. / 12vyh., display, TCP / IP, WEBart.E281DW-3-2sht; External display for Corrigo E / EXOcompact, without kabelyaart.E3-DSP-6 pieces; Country of origin - SE Trademark - ReginVyrobnyk - AB Regin. "SWEDEN0UA1250209.4233341.294437
11/Apr/20178420918000"1.Valky: stamping -Val 1 pc., Used the machine for the production of paper napkins ISM 240 format, the Turkish company" "MAKINA" ". The shaft is metal part stamping machine node IMS. Structurally metal shaft works together with a paper shaft stamping. The working surface of the shaft metal has design (engraving, photography). to work shaft metal rolled shaft paper and thus design (picture) is transferred to the paper shaft. Further, in the process of paper web is passed between two rollers (metal and paper) and design (m alyunok) vidtyskayetsya on paper polotni.Rozmiry shaft: diameter work surface, 151.8 mm length of the working surface - 483 mm diameter necks shaft bearings 50 mm total length of the shaft, 740 mm. Material: Stainless steel. Weight: 44 kh.Torhova brand: no danyh.Vyrobnyk: ICM Makina Ve Muhendislik Ltd.TR.. "TURKEY0UA205090442652.167261
06/Apr/20178443999090"I 1.Chastyny ​​accessories copiers. Plate division: FILM: MANUALFEED: LEFT art.D245-2743 -3sht. Plate excretion: FILM: MANUAL FEED: RIGHTart.D245-2744 -3sht. Friction lining: FRICTION PAD art.B039 -2711 -1sht Rolykpodachi paper: pAPER FEED ROLLER art.B039-2740 -1sht. drum: PCU - ASS'Yart.B259-2210 -3sht. Battery shaft: ROLLER: CHARGE: APPLY art.AD02-7012 -1sht. Kryshkakorobky: RIGHT COVER art.A232-3940 -1sht. Node treatment: CLEANER: REGISTRATIONROLLER: ASS'Y art.B082-2603 -1sht. toner supply unit: tONER sUPPLY UNITart.B082-3209 -2sht. Block developing endoral: DEVELOPMENT uNIT art.B213 -3010 -1sht. Chystyachelezo: cLEANING bLADE: TRANSFER BELT art.B213-3831 -1sht. cleaning blade: CLEANINGBLADE art.B291-2354 -1sht. Roller pidhv Ata paper: PICKUP ROLLER art.B351-2126-1sht. Input sealing gasket: SEAL: EXIT: BELT CLEANING art.AA15-2483 -1sht.Zaryadnyy shaft: ROLLER: CHARGE: APPLY art.AD02-7012 -5sht. Cleaning Blade: CLEANINGBLADE - TRANSFER BELT art.AD04-1135 -1sht. Pryzhymnyy shaft: PRESSURE ROLLERart.AE02-0 164 -2sht. Pryzhymnoho shaft sleeve: PRESSURE ROLLER BUSHINGart.AE03-1035 -3sht. Cleaning blade: CLEANING ROLLER - OIL SUPPLY ROLLERart.AE04-0066 -1sht. Cleaning towel: CLEANING WEB art.AE04-5099 -2sht. Trymachtuby: BOTTLE CHUCK art.A134-3180 -1sht. Cleaning blade: CLEANING BLADEart.B039-2289 -5sht. Fingers separation drum: PICKOFF PAWL art.B039-2335-2sht. Friction lining: FRICTION PAD art.B039-2711 -10sht. Roller podachipaperu: PAPER FEED ROLLER art.B039-2740 -2sht. Rip plate: GUIDEPLATE: FUSING EXIT art.B238-4281 -1sht. Cleaning blade: CLEANING BLADE art.D009-2351-3sht. Fryktsina plate: FRICTION PAD: ADHESION art.D067-2710 -5sht. Drum: PCU art.D127-2110 -3sht. Pryzhymnoho shaft sleeve: PLAIN SHAFT BEARING: PRESSUREROLLER art.D158-4174 -4sht.Torhovelna mark - "" RICOH "" Country of origin - CN.Vyrobnyk - "" RICOH International BV "" "CHINA0UA1001307.70621534.432234
05/Apr/20178537109100"1. The memory controller with programmable for voltage 90-265V AC, programmable logic controllers PLK110-220.32.R M [M02] 3 pcs Prohramovanyylohichnyy controller PLK110-220.60.R M [M02] 3 pcs programmable logic kontrolerPLK154-220.A-M 1 pc Panel programmable logic controller SPK107 1 shtPanelnyy programmable logic controller SPK207-24.03.00-CS-WEB [M04] 1 shtVykorystovuyutsya to create automated control tehnolohichnymobladnannyam in various industries. The product memory, postiynoyinapruhy range 21 ... 27V, designed to obudovy simple control systems and dlyazminy relay protection and control systems. Do not contain in its composition peredavachita pryymachi.Torhivelna mark "" ARIES "." Manufacturer: LLC "" Plant number 423 "." Country of origin: RU.. "RUSSIA0UA8071708.461715.692343
03/Apr/20178517620000"1.Equipment for switching networks, contains radio equipment: D-LinkDWA-131 802.11n (N150) D-LinkDWA-131 802.11n (N150) DSP-DWA-131, -867 KVM switch DKVM-4U 4port, w / USB D-Link DSR-500 art. -DKVM-4U, -50pcs. KVM-switch D-Link KVM-121 2port w / cables w / audio art.-KVM-121, -30p. D-Link DSR-500 artwork switch (multi-service gateway). -DSR-500, -5pcs D-Link DES-1100-16 16port 10/100 Unmng art-DES-1100-16, -20p. D-Link DES-1100-26 24 ports 10 / D-Link DES-1210-28 24port 10/100 2x1GE, 2x1GE / SFP, WebSmart Art.-DES-1210, 100, 1 Combo10 / 100 / 1000BaseT / SFP Art.-DES-1100-26, -10p. -28, -20p. Network Switched Controlled D-Link DES-1210-28 / ME Art.-DES-1210-28 / ME, -144pcs D-Link DES-1210-28P-Art-DES-1210-28P, -20p. D-Link DES-3200-18 network controller-DES-3200-18, -20p. Network controller controlled D-Link DES-3200-28 24Port 10/100, 2x1GE / SFP, 2xSFP, L2 Art.-DES-3200-28, -90pcs. D-Link DES-3200-28P 24port 10/100 PoE, 2x1GE , 2x1GE / SFP, L2 art.-DES-3200-28P, -5 pcs. The network switch is controlled by D-Link DES-3200-52 48port 10/100, 2x1GE / SFP, 2xSFP, L2 art.-DES-3200-52, -5 pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DES-3200-52P art.-DES-3200-52P, -1 pc. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-05 5port 1G Easy Smart Art-DGS-1100-05, -10pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-08 8port Gigabit Art-DGS-1100-08, -25pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-16 16port 1GE, EasySmart, 11 "" art.-DGS-1100-16, -17pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-16 / ME 16x1GE Metro Ethernet art.-DGS-1100-16 / ME, -5 pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-18 16x1GE, 2xSFP, EasySmart art.-DGS-1100-18, -5pcs.The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-18 / ME 16x1GE, 2xSFP (1G) MetroEthernet art-DGS-1100-18 / ME, -5 pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1100-26 24x1GE, 2xSFP EasySmart art.-DGS-1100-26, -15pcs. The network switch is controlled by D-Link DGS-1100-26 / ME 24x1GE, 2xSFP (1G) MetroEthernet art.-DGS-1100-26 / ME, -10pcs. D-Link DGS-1100-26MP 24x1GE w / PoE, 2xSFP / 1GE Combo, PoE 370W, EasySmart Art-DGS-1100-26MP, 3 pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-10 / C 8x1GE, 2xSFP Smart III art-DGS-1210-10, -20pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-20 16port 1GE, 4xSFP, WebSmart art-DGS-1210-20, -20pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-28 24port 1GE, 4xSFP, WebSmart Art-DGS-1210-28, -30pcs.The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-28 / ME 24x1G, 4xSFP art-DGS-1210-28 / ME, -20p. The network switch is controlled by the D-Link DGS-1210-28P 24port 1GE PoE, 4x1GE / SFP, WebSmart Art-DGS-1210-28P, -14pcs. The network switch is controlled by D-Link DGS-1210-28XS / ME 24xSFP (100M / 1G), 4x10G SFP + art-DGS-1210-28XS / ME, -30pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-52 48Port Gbit, 4SFP, Smart Art-DGS-1210-52, -20pcs. The network switch is managed by D-Link DGS-1210-52 / ME 48port 1GE, 4xSFP / 1GE, WebSmart, Metro Art-DGS-1210-52 / ME, -5pcs. Network Switch Managed D-Link DGS "CHINA0UA2092003283.15163475.5605
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Web Roller Import Data Sample with Importer and Exporter Name

Web Roller Importer Sample

Date 24/Apr/2017
Importer Name "УАП ТОВ ""Фішер-Мукачево"""
Importer Address
м.Мукачево, вул.Індустріальна, 16
Exporter Name Fischer Sports GmbH
Product Description
"1 of cylindrical roller bearings, bearing N4U 65X.........
HS Code 6307901000Value 2.439327298
Quantity 0Unit UA305200
Net Weight 0.12
Origin Country FINLAND

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